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Eclipse Workbench User Guide
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Eclipse Workbench (Galileo) User Guide

Eclipse Workbench (Galileo) User Guide

Table of Contents

Workbench User Guide

Eclipse platform overview

Getting started

Basic tutorial

The Workbench

Editors and views



A simple project

Using the File menu

Using the popup

Using the New button

Closing an editor

Navigating resources

Opening resources in the Project Explorer

Go To


Exporting files

Importing files

Drag and drop or copy and paste

Import wizard

Deleting resources

Working with other editors

External editors

Embedded editors

Editing files outside the Workbench

Copying, renaming and moving





Starting a search

The Search view

Tasks and markers

Unassociated tasks

Associated tasks

Opening files


Adding and viewing bookmarks

Using bookmarks

Removing bookmarks

Rearranging views and editors

Drop cursors

Rearranging views

Tiling editors

Rearranging tabbed views

Maximizing and minimizing


New perspectives

New windows

Saving perspectives

Hiding Menu and Tool Bar Items


Simple compare

Understanding the comparison

Working with the comparison

Local history

Responsive UI

Exiting the Workbench

Team CVS tutorial

Setting up a CVS repository

Starting offline

Sharing the project

Specifying a repository location

Repository locations

Sharing a project

Working with another user

Checking out a project

Another user making changes

Making our own changes

Working with conflicting changes


Versioning a project

A quick review

Working With CVS History

Ant & external tools tutorial

Eclipse Ant basics

Creating Ant buildfiles

Editing Ant buildfiles

Running Ant buildfiles

Saving & Reusing Ant options

Using the Ant view

Ant buildfiles as project builders

Creating a project builder Ant buildfile

Executing project builders

External tools

Non-Ant project builders

Stand-alone external tools



The Workbench


Resource hierarchies

Linked resources

Path variables

Working sets


Local history


Editors and the editor area

Ant editor

External editors


Fast views

Detached views

Ant View

Project Explorer view

Help view

Tasks view (concept)

Problems view (concept)

Outline view

Properties view

Search view

Toolbars in the Workbench



Label decorations


Ant & External tools

Ant support

External tools

Team programming with CVS



CVS Repositories

Three way comparisons

Synchronizing with a CVS repository

CVS Watch/Edit

Accessibility features for Eclipse

Navigating the user interface using the keyboard

Fonts and colors in Eclipse



Running Eclipse

Upgrading Eclipse

Working with perspectives

Switching between perspectives

Specifying the default perspective

Opening perspectives

Changing where perspectives open

Showing and hiding menu items and toolbar buttons

Configuring perspective command groups

Configuring perspective shortcuts

Saving a user defined perspective

Deleting a user defined perspective

Resetting perspectives

Working with views and editors

Opening views

Moving and docking views

Rearranging tabbed views

Creating fast views

Working with fast views

Detaching views

Opening files for editing

Associating editors with file types

Editing files outside the Workbench

Tiling editors

Customizing the Workbench

Customizing Welcome

Customize Welcome Dialog

Rearranging the main toolbar

Changing the key bindings

Changing fonts and colors

Changing the placement of the tabs

Controlling single and double click behavior

Importing and exporting preferences

Working with projects, folders and resources

Creating a project

Closing projects

Deleting projects

Creating a folder

Creating a file

Creating linked resources

Moving resources

Copying resources

Renaming resources

Deleting resources

Viewing resource properties

Navigating and finding resources

Finding a resource quickly

Searching for files

Searching for text within a file

Showing or hiding files in the Project Explorer view

Linking the Project Explorer view to the active editor

Problems, bookmarks, tasks and other markers

Creating a bookmark within a file

Creating a bookmark for an entire file

Deleting a bookmark

Adding line items in the Tasks view

Associating a task with a resource

Deleting tasks

Filtering the Tasks and Problems views

Automatically fixing problems

Comparing resources

Setting preferences for comparing files

Understanding the comparison

Merging changes in the compare editor

Working with local history

Comparing resources with the local history

Replacing a resource with local history

Restoring deleted resources from local history

Setting local history preferences


Importing existing projects

Importing resources from the file system

Importing resources from an Archive file


Exporting resources to the file system

Exporting resources to an Archive file

Building resources

Performing builds automatically

Performing builds manually

Saving resources automatically before a manual build

Changing build order

Running external tools

Running Ant buildfiles

Modifying the Ant classpath

Using a different version of Ant

Adding new Ant tasks and types

Accessing Help

Navigating help topics

Searching help

Accessing context-sensitive help

Help display settings

Help accessibility

Working in the team environment

Working with a CVS repository

Creating a CVS repository location

Connecting and configuring CVS with SSH

Password Management

Discarding a CVS repository location

Refreshing the CVS Repositories view

Discovering branch and version tags

Changing the properties of a CVS repository location

Changing the encoding of a CVS repository location

Setting the content type of a file extension

Working with projects shared with CVS

Enabling the CVS resource decorations

Sharing a new project using CVS

Project checked out with another CVS tool

Checking out a project from a CVS repository

Checking out a module from a CVS repository

Checking out a folder into an existing project

Disconnecting a project from CVS

Setting the CVS keyword substitution mode

Filtering CVS Revisions in the History View

Changing the sharing of a project

Sharing your workspace setup using Project Sets

Synchronizing with the repository



Version control life cycle: adding and ignoring resources

Creating a global ignore pattern

Authoring the CVS .cvsignore file

Overriding or removing resource ignore patterns

Resolving conflicts


Merging from a branch

Viewing a file's revision history


Creating a version of a project

Versioning projects in the repository

Comparing resources with repository versions

Working with patches

Replacing resources in the Workbench

Finding out who's working on what: watch/edit

Determining who last modified a line with the Annotate command

Quick Diff: showing changes in a text editor

Changing CVS team settings

Restoring deleted files from the repository

Reverting a branch to a previous version

Moving version tags

Running the CVS command-line client outside of Eclipse

Updating and installing software

Updating the installation

Installing software using the Install wizard

Updating software using the Available Updates wizard

Uninstalling software

Installation Details

Installation Details for Plug-ins

Installation Details for Features

Installation Details for the Configuration

Adding a new software site

Working with the Available Software sites

Reverting to a previous install configuration

Scheduling automatic updates

Using the classic update manager

Inspecting the current configuration

Updating features with the update manager

Restoring a saved configuration

Installing new features with the update manager

Enabling, disabling, and uninstalling features

Controlling the Eclipse update policy


Minimizing data loss from crashes


Accessibility preference page

Annotations preference page

General Ant Preferences

Ant Content Assist Preferences

Ant Editor Preferences

Ant Formatter Preferences

Ant Runtime Preferences

Ant Templates Preference

Appearance preference page

Automatic updates

Available Software Sites

Build Order


Colors and Fonts


Content Types preference page


CVS Annotate

CVS Comment Templates

CVS Console

CVS Ext Connection Method

CVS Labels Decorations

CVS Synchronize/Compare

CVS Update/Merge

CVS Watch/Edit

Editors preference page

External Tools

File Associations


Help preferences

Help Content preferences



Label Decorations

Linked Resources

Local History

Network Connections


Quick Diff Preference Page


Secure storage preference page

Spelling preference page


Startup and Shutdown

Startup and Shutdown, Workspaces


Team File Content

Ignored Resources

Team Models

Text Editors preference page

Web Browser preferences


Team support with CVS


CVS Checkout wizard

CVS Console

CVS History View

CVS Repositories view

CVS Workspace Synchronization

CVS Merge Synchronization

Merge wizard

Add CVS Repository wizard

CVS Sharing wizard

CVS Label Decorations

Ignoring resources from version control

Secure storage

How secure storage works

Password recovery

Life of a master password

Secure storage runtime options

User interface information

Development environment

Workbench toolbar

Perspective bar

Fast View bar

View toolbars



Local history

Switching workspaces

Views and editors

Workbench window layout

Editor area

Compare editor

Search view

Project Explorer view

Bookmarks view

Properties view

Outline view

CVS views

Tasks view (reference)

Problems view (reference)


New Project wizard

New Folder wizard

New File wizard

CVS Wizards

Import wizard

Export wizard

Help contents

Workbench User Guide

Working with cheat sheets

Working with composite cheat sheets


File search

Workbench menus

File menu

Edit menu

Navigate menu

Project menu

Window menu

Help menu

Icons and buttons

Project Explorer view icons

Editor area marker bar

Tasks view

Toolbar buttons

External Tools and Ant icons

Platform Tips and Tricks

Eclipse Platform What's New in 3.5

Legal Notices

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire