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Eclipse Workbench User Guide
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Help view

The Help view provides user assistance inside the workbench. The view consists of several pages. Each page presents help in a different fashion. Hyper links at the bottom of the help view allow switching among pages, and clicking any topic will display its contents.

Related Topics

Related Topics

The Related Topics page shows description and help topics related to the current workbench context. The About section shows context help specific to your current context, and the Search link allows you to search for more results based on the name of the view or dialog that has focus. The Related Topics page tracks changes in the workbench and continuously updates displayed information.


All Topics

The Contents page shows the table of contents. It is a hierarchy of all help topics arranged in a tree. The tree branches can be expanded to browse topics that can be displayed using a single mouse click.



The Search page allows locating local topics, cheat sheets, welcome content, remote documents, and other documents given a search query. Links to search hits are displayed along with a summary of topic contents. Search scope controls a subset of documentation being searched. Multiple search scopes can be configured, each defining a custom set of resources from among local documentation, additional local search engines or remote engines on the web.



The Index page provides an index of keywords that direct the user to specific help topics, similar to indexes found at the back of a book. As you type in the text field, the best match will automatically be highlighted in the list of keywords. Pressing enter or clicking on a keyword will display the given topic.

Note: The index page will only appear when index content is available in the workbench.



The Bookmarks shows topics marked as personal bookmarks.


The toolbar of the Help view contains the following buttons. The available buttons depends on the currently displayed page.

Displays the page or the topic that was displayed immediately prior to the current display.
Displays the page or the topic was displayed immediately after the current display.
Collapse All
Collapses the tree expansion state of all topics on the page.
Show All Topics
When filtering of workbench elements is enabled, the buttons enables displaying topics for disabled elements.
Show Result Categories
Switches between sorting search results by relevance and by logical containers for example books.
Show Result Descriptions
Displays short description of each search hit, when available.
Provides menu items that allow you switching help view pages.


The following icons can appear in the various pages of the Help view.



Open project icon Book (closed)
Folder icon Book (open)
File icon Topic (container)
File icon Topic
File icon Search of local help
File icon Search of remote info-center
File icon Search of web engine
File icon Highlight search terms
File icon Open link in a help window
File icon Bookmark document
File icon Bookmarked document

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  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire