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Eclipse Workbench User Guide
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The Search view 

Now that the search for "it" has been completed, the Search view is visible. The title of the Search view shows that four matches were found. 

Search view. Four matches for the word it found in the Workspace.  

Within the Search view two files are shown and within each file there were 2 matches found. 

  1. Click the Show Next Match button Show next match buttonto navigate to the first match of the search expression ("it").
    Notice that the file JanesFile.txt is automatically selected and opened in the editor area.
    Click Show Next Match button two more times. Once again the Search view automatically opens the file (JanesText.txt).
  2. It is sometimes useful to remove uninteresting matches from the search results. The Search view's popup menu allows you to do this using Remove Selected Matches which removes any selected file entries (and all matches in them) from the Search view. Note that this only removes the entries in the Search view, it does not effect the files themselves. Select JanesFile.txt and choose Remove Selected Matches from the popup menu. The Search view now shows only the matches for JanesText.txt
    Search view. One match in Workspace.
  3. Perform a second search for "that" by clicking on the Search button Search button in the Workbench's toolbar.
  4. The Search view updates to show the results of the new search.
    Use the drop down button on the Search view's toolbar to move back and forth between the two search results.
    Search view. Drop down button.
  5. In the drop down button choose 'it' - 1 match in workspace. The Search view switches back to show the original search. On the context menu choose Search Again to repeat the initial search. Notice that once again there are four matches.

So far you have seen how to manage your search results and how to switch between different searches. However, it might happen that you do not want the search view to change even if further searches are performed. For this you can pin the search view, which causes subsequent searches to be shown in a second Search view.

Search view. Pin button

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