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Eclipse Workbench User Guide
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Team File Content

On the Team > File Content preference page, you can associate file names or extensions with the type of data the file contains. The two choices for file content type are ASCII and Binary. Repository providers such as CVS can then use this information to provide content type appropriate behavior. For example, for ASCII files, CVS ensures that line terminators conform to those of the OS platform.

Entries are added to the File Content page in two ways. The first is through contributions from workbench plug-ins. Tools integrated into the workbench provide the workbench with the file content types for file extensions specific to the tool. The workbench itself also defines the file content type for file extensions that are common and appear frequently in the workbench (e.g. html,.png, etc.).

The second method is for users to add file content types explicitly on the File Content preference page. To do so, you can simply click on the Add Extension button and enter an extension or click on the Add Name button and add a name.. Following this, you can toggle the type associated with the name or extension by selecting the entry for the extension in the table and clicking Change. Entries can be removed from the list by selecting them and clicking Remove. Only those entries that were manually added can be removed. Entries contributed through the plug-in manifest can only be changed.

Here is what the Team File Content preference pages looks like:

Team File Content preference page

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