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Eclipse Workbench User Guide
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A build is a process that derives new resources from existing ones, updates existing resources, or both. 

In the Workbench, different builders are invoked for different types of projects. For example, when a build is triggered for a Java project, a Java builder converts each Java source file (.java files) into one or more executable class files (.class files). Builders usually enforce the constraints of some domain. For example, a Web link builder could update links to files whose name/location changes.

There are two kinds of builds: 

  • An incremental build leverages a previously built state and applies the transforms of the configured builders to the resources that have changed since the previous state was computed (that is, since the last build).

  • A clean build discards any problems and previously built state. The next build after a clean will transform all resources according to the domain rules of the configured builders.

Incremental and clean builds can be done over a specific set of projects or the workspace as a whole. Specific files and folders cannot be built. There are two ways that builds can be performed:

  • Automatic builds are performed as resources are saved. Automatic builds are always incremental and always operate over the entire workspace. You can configure your preferences Window > Preferences > General > Workspace ) to perform builds automatically on resource modification. 
  • Manual builds are initiated when you explicitly select a menu item or press the equivalent shortcut key. Manual builds can be either clean or incremental and can operate over collections of projects or the entire workspace.

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