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Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Constant Field Values


org.eclipse.ant.core. AntCorePlugin
public static final  String ANT_BUILDFILE_CONTENT_TYPE "org.eclipse.ant.core.antBuildFile"
public static final  String CLASS "class"
public static final  String ECLIPSE_PROGRESS_MONITOR "eclipse.progress.monitor"
public static final  String ECLIPSE_RUNTIME "eclipseRuntime"
public static final int ERROR_LIBRARY_NOT_SPECIFIED 3
public static final int ERROR_MALFORMED_URL 2
public static final int ERROR_RUNNING_BUILD 1
public static final  String HEADLESS "headless"
public static final int INTERNAL_ERROR 120
public static final  String LIBRARY "library"
public static final  String NAME "name"
public static final  String PI_ANTCORE "org.eclipse.ant.core"
public static final  String PT_EXTRA_CLASSPATH "extraClasspathEntries"
public static final  String PT_PROPERTIES "antProperties"
public static final  String PT_TASKS "antTasks"
public static final  String PT_TYPES "antTypes"
public static final  String URI "uri"
public static final  String VALUE "value" CompareConfiguration
public static final  String USE_OUTLINE_VIEW "USE_OUTLINE_VIEW" CompareEditorInput
public static final  String DIRTY_STATE "DIRTY_STATE" CompareUI
public static final  String COMPARE_VIEWER_TITLE ""
public static final  String PLUGIN_ID ""
public static final  String PREFERENCE_PAGE_ID "" INavigatable
public static final int FIRST_CHANGE 3
public static final int LAST_CHANGE 4
public static final  String NAVIGATOR_PROPERTY ""
public static final int NEXT_CHANGE 1
public static final int PREVIOUS_CHANGE 2 IStreamMerger
public static final int CONFLICT 1
public static final int INTERNAL_ERROR 2
public static final int OK 0 ITypedElement
public static final  String FOLDER_TYPE "FOLDER"
public static final  String TEXT_TYPE "txt"
public static final  String UNKNOWN_TYPE "???" IDocumentRange
public static final  String RANGE_CATEGORY "DocumentRangeCategory" IFilePatch
public static final long DATE_UNKNOWN 0L IFilePatch2
public static final long DATE_UNKNOWN 0L PatchBuilder
public static final char ADDITION_PREFIX 43
public static final char CONTEXT_PREFIX 32
public static final char REMOVAL_PREFIX 45 RangeDifference
public static final int ANCESTOR 4
public static final int CHANGE 2
public static final int CONFLICT 1
public static final int ERROR 5
public static final int LEFT 3
public static final int NOCHANGE 0
public static final int RIGHT 2 Differencer
public static final int ADDITION 1
public static final int CHANGE 3
public static final int CHANGE_TYPE_MASK 3
public static final int CONFLICTING 12
public static final int DELETION 2
public static final int DIRECTION_MASK 12
public static final int LEFT 4
public static final int NO_CHANGE 0
public static final int PSEUDO_CONFLICT 16
public static final int RIGHT 8 StructureRootNode
public static final  String ROOT_ID "root"
public static final int ROOT_TYPE 0

org.eclipse.core.commands. CommandManager
public static final  String AUTOGENERATED_CATEGORY_ID "org.eclipse.core.commands.categories.autogenerated"

org.eclipse.core.commands. IHandlerAttributes
public static final  String ATTRIBUTE_HANDLED "handled"

org.eclipse.core.commands. INamedHandleStateIds
public static final  String DESCRIPTION "DESCRIPTION"
public static final  String NAME "NAME"

org.eclipse.core.commands. ParameterizedCommand
public static final int INDEX_PARAMETER_ID 0
public static final int INDEX_PARAMETER_NAME 1
public static final int INDEX_PARAMETER_VALUE_NAME 2
public static final int INDEX_PARAMETER_VALUE_VALUE 3

org.eclipse.core.commands.common. AbstractHandleObjectEvent
protected static final int CHANGED_DEFINED 1
protected static final int LAST_BIT_USED_ABSTRACT_HANDLE 1

org.eclipse.core.commands.common. AbstractNamedHandleEvent
protected static final int CHANGED_DESCRIPTION 2
protected static final int CHANGED_NAME 2
protected static final int LAST_USED_BIT 2

org.eclipse.core.commands.operations. IOperationHistory
public static final int EXECUTE 1
public static final int REDO 3
public static final int UNDO 2

org.eclipse.core.commands.operations. OperationHistoryEvent
public static final int ABOUT_TO_EXECUTE 1
public static final int ABOUT_TO_REDO 2
public static final int ABOUT_TO_UNDO 3
public static final int DONE 4
public static final int OPERATION_ADDED 5
public static final int OPERATION_CHANGED 6
public static final int OPERATION_NOT_OK 7
public static final int OPERATION_REMOVED 8
public static final int REDONE 9
public static final int UNDONE 10

org.eclipse.core.commands.operations. OperationStatus
public static final int NOTHING_TO_REDO 1
public static final int NOTHING_TO_UNDO 2
public static final int OPERATION_INVALID 3

org.eclipse.core.databinding. AggregateValidationStatus
public static final int MAX_SEVERITY 2
public static final int MERGED 1

org.eclipse.core.databinding.beans. BeansObservables
public static final boolean DEBUG true

org.eclipse.core.databinding.util. Policy
public static final boolean DEFAULT false
public static final  String JFACE_DATABINDING "org.eclipse.core.databinding"

org.eclipse.core.expressions. Expression
protected static final  String ATT_VALUE "value"
protected static final int HASH_CODE_NOT_COMPUTED -1
protected static final int HASH_FACTOR 89

org.eclipse.core.expressions. ExpressionTagNames
public static final  String ADAPT "adapt"
public static final  String AND "and"
public static final  String COUNT "count"
public static final  String ENABLEMENT "enablement"
public static final  String EQUALS "equals"
public static final  String INSTANCEOF "instanceof"
public static final  String ITERATE "iterate"
public static final  String NOT "not"
public static final  String OR "or"
public static final  String REFERENCE "reference"
public static final  String RESOLVE "resolve"
public static final  String SYSTEM_TEST "systemTest"
public static final  String TEST "test"
public static final  String WITH "with"

org.eclipse.core.filebuffers. FileBuffers
public static final  String PLUGIN_ID "org.eclipse.core.filebuffers"

org.eclipse.core.filebuffers. IFileBufferStatusCodes
public static final int CHARSET_MAPPING_FAILED 3
public static final int CONTENT_CHANGE_FAILED 1
public static final int CREATION_FAILED 2
public static final int DERIVED_FILE 5
public static final int STATE_VALIDATION_FAILED 4

org.eclipse.core.filesystem. EFS
public static final int APPEND 1
public static final int ATTRIBUTE_ARCHIVE 8
public static final int ATTRIBUTE_EXECUTABLE 4
public static final int ATTRIBUTE_HIDDEN 16
public static final int ATTRIBUTE_LINK_TARGET 64
public static final int ATTRIBUTE_READ_ONLY 2
public static final int ATTRIBUTE_SYMLINK 32
public static final int CACHE 4096
public static final int ERROR_CASE_VARIANT_EXISTS 275
public static final int ERROR_DELETE 273
public static final int ERROR_EXISTS 268
public static final int ERROR_INTERNAL 566
public static final int ERROR_NO_LOCATION 270
public static final int ERROR_NOT_EXISTS 269
public static final int ERROR_PARENT_READ_ONLY 277
public static final int ERROR_READ 271
public static final int ERROR_READ_ONLY 279
public static final int ERROR_WRITE 272
public static final int ERROR_WRONG_TYPE 276
public static final int NONE 0
public static final int OVERWRITE 2
public static final  String PI_FILE_SYSTEM "org.eclipse.core.filesystem"
public static final  String PT_FILE_SYSTEMS "filesystems"
public static final  String SCHEME_FILE "file"
public static final  String SCHEME_NULL "null"
public static final int SET_ATTRIBUTES 1024
public static final int SET_LAST_MODIFIED 2048
public static final int SHALLOW 4 IProxyChangeEvent
public static final int NONPROXIED_HOSTS_CHANGED 1
public static final int PROXY_DATA_CHANGED 2
public static final int PROXY_SERVICE_ENABLEMENT_CHANGE 3 IProxyData
public static final  String HTTP_PROXY_TYPE "HTTP"
public static final  String HTTPS_PROXY_TYPE "HTTPS"
public static final  String SOCKS_PROXY_TYPE "SOCKS"

org.eclipse.core.resources. IContainer
public static final int EXCLUDE_DERIVED 4
public static final int INCLUDE_HIDDEN 8
public static final int INCLUDE_PHANTOMS 1
public static final int INCLUDE_TEAM_PRIVATE_MEMBERS 2

org.eclipse.core.resources. IFile
public static final int ENCODING_ISO_8859_1 2
public static final int ENCODING_UNKNOWN 0
public static final int ENCODING_US_ASCII 1
public static final int ENCODING_UTF_16 6
public static final int ENCODING_UTF_16BE 4
public static final int ENCODING_UTF_16LE 5
public static final int ENCODING_UTF_8 3

org.eclipse.core.resources. IMarker
public static final  String BOOKMARK "org.eclipse.core.resources.bookmark"
public static final  String CHAR_END "charEnd"
public static final  String CHAR_START "charStart"
public static final  String DONE "done"
public static final  String LINE_NUMBER "lineNumber"
public static final  String LOCATION "location"
public static final  String MARKER "org.eclipse.core.resources.marker"
public static final  String MESSAGE "message"
public static final  String PRIORITY "priority"
public static final int PRIORITY_HIGH 2
public static final int PRIORITY_LOW 0
public static final int PRIORITY_NORMAL 1
public static final  String PROBLEM "org.eclipse.core.resources.problemmarker"
public static final  String SEVERITY "severity"
public static final int SEVERITY_ERROR 2
public static final int SEVERITY_INFO 0
public static final int SEVERITY_WARNING 1
public static final  String SOURCE_ID "sourceId"
public static final  String TASK "org.eclipse.core.resources.taskmarker"
public static final  String TEXT "org.eclipse.core.resources.textmarker"
public static final  String TRANSIENT "transient"
public static final  String USER_EDITABLE "userEditable"

org.eclipse.core.resources. IncrementalProjectBuilder
public static final int AUTO_BUILD 9
public static final int CLEAN_BUILD 15
public static final int FULL_BUILD 6
public static final int INCREMENTAL_BUILD 10

org.eclipse.core.resources. IPathVariableChangeEvent
public static final int VARIABLE_CHANGED 1
public static final int VARIABLE_CREATED 2
public static final int VARIABLE_DELETED 3

org.eclipse.core.resources. IProjectDescription
public static final  String DESCRIPTION_FILE_NAME ".project"

org.eclipse.core.resources. IResource
public static final int ALLOW_MISSING_LOCAL 16
public static final int ALWAYS_DELETE_PROJECT_CONTENT 4
public static final int AVOID_NATURE_CONFIG 64
public static final int BACKGROUND_REFRESH 128
public static final int CHECK_ANCESTORS 512
public static final int DEPTH_INFINITE 2
public static final int DEPTH_ONE 1
public static final int DEPTH_ZERO 0
public static final int DERIVED 1024
public static final int FILE 1
public static final int FOLDER 2
public static final int FORCE 1
public static final int HIDDEN 4096
public static final int KEEP_HISTORY 2
public static final int NEVER_DELETE_PROJECT_CONTENT 8
public static final int NONE 0
public static final int NULL_STAMP -1
public static final int PROJECT 4
public static final int REPLACE 256
public static final int ROOT 8
public static final int SHALLOW 32
public static final int TEAM_PRIVATE 2048

org.eclipse.core.resources. IResourceChangeEvent
public static final int POST_AUTO_BUILD 16
public static final int POST_BUILD 16
public static final int POST_CHANGE 1
public static final int PRE_AUTO_BUILD 8
public static final int PRE_BUILD 8
public static final int PRE_CLOSE 2
public static final int PRE_DELETE 4
public static final int PRE_REFRESH 32

org.eclipse.core.resources. IResourceDelta
public static final int ADDED 1
public static final int ADDED_PHANTOM 8
public static final int ALL_WITH_PHANTOMS 31
public static final int CHANGED 4
public static final int CONTENT 256
public static final int COPIED_FROM 2048
public static final int DESCRIPTION 524288
public static final int ENCODING 1048576
public static final int LOCAL_CHANGED 2097152
public static final int MARKERS 131072
public static final int MOVED_FROM 4096
public static final int MOVED_TO 8192
public static final int NO_CHANGE 0
public static final int OPEN 16384
public static final int REMOVED 2
public static final int REMOVED_PHANTOM 16
public static final int REPLACED 262144
public static final int SYNC 65536
public static final int TYPE 32768

org.eclipse.core.resources. IResourceStatus
public static final int BUILD_FAILED 75
public static final int CASE_VARIANT_EXISTS 275
public static final int EXISTS_LOCAL 268
public static final int FAILED_DELETE_LOCAL 273
public static final int FAILED_DELETE_METADATA 569
public static final int FAILED_DESCRIBING_CONTENTS 381
public static final int FAILED_GETTING_CHARSET 383
public static final int FAILED_READ_LOCAL 271
public static final int FAILED_READ_METADATA 567
public static final int FAILED_SETTING_CHARSET 382
public static final int FAILED_WRITE_LOCAL 272
public static final int FAILED_WRITE_METADATA 568
public static final int INTERNAL_ERROR 566
public static final int INVALID_NATURE_SET 35
public static final int INVALID_RESOURCE_NAME 278
public static final int INVALID_VALUE 77
public static final int LINKING_NOT_ALLOWED 378
public static final int MARKER_NOT_FOUND 376
public static final int MISSING_DESCRIPTION_REPAIRED 234
public static final int NO_LOCATION_LOCAL 270
public static final int NOT_FOUND_LOCAL 269
public static final int OPERATION_FAILED 76
public static final int OUT_OF_SYNC_LOCAL 274
public static final int OVERLAPPING_LOCATION 235
public static final int PARENT_READ_ONLY 277
public static final int PARTNER_NOT_REGISTERED 375
public static final int PATH_OCCUPIED 374
public static final int PROJECT_NOT_OPEN 372
public static final int READ_ONLY_LOCAL 279
public static final int RESOURCE_EXISTS 367
public static final int RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND 368
public static final int RESOURCE_NOT_LINKED 377
public static final int RESOURCE_NOT_LOCAL 369
public static final int RESOURCE_WRONG_TYPE 366
public static final int VARIABLE_NOT_DEFINED 379
public static final int VARIABLE_NOT_DEFINED_WARNING 333
public static final int WORKSPACE_LOCKED 380
public static final int WORKSPACE_NOT_OPEN 370
public static final int WRONG_TYPE_LOCAL 276

org.eclipse.core.resources. ISaveContext
public static final int FULL_SAVE 1
public static final int PROJECT_SAVE 3
public static final int SNAPSHOT 2

org.eclipse.core.resources. IWorkspace
public static final int AVOID_UPDATE 1

org.eclipse.core.resources. ProjectScope
public static final  String SCOPE "project"

org.eclipse.core.resources. ResourcesPlugin
public static final  String PI_RESOURCES "org.eclipse.core.resources"
public static final  String PREF_AUTO_BUILDING "description.autobuilding"
public static final  String PREF_AUTO_REFRESH "refresh.enabled"
public static final  String PREF_BUILD_ORDER "description.buildorder"
public static final  String PREF_DEFAULT_BUILD_ORDER "description.defaultbuildorder"
public static final  String PREF_DISABLE_LINKING "description.disableLinking"
public static final  String PREF_ENCODING "encoding"
public static final  String PREF_FILE_STATE_LONGEVITY "description.filestatelongevity"
public static final  String PREF_MAX_BUILD_ITERATIONS "description.maxbuilditerations"
public static final  String PREF_MAX_FILE_STATE_SIZE "description.maxfilestatesize"
public static final  String PREF_MAX_FILE_STATES "description.maxfilestates"
public static final  String PREF_MAX_NOTIFICATION_DELAY "maxnotifydelay"
public static final  String PREF_SNAPSHOT_INTERVAL "description.snapshotinterval"
public static final  String PT_BUILDERS "builders"
public static final  String PT_FILE_MODIFICATION_VALIDATOR "fileModificationValidator"
public static final  String PT_MARKERS "markers"
public static final  String PT_MODEL_PROVIDERS "modelProviders"
public static final  String PT_MOVE_DELETE_HOOK "moveDeleteHook"
public static final  String PT_NATURES "natures"
public static final  String PT_REFRESH_PROVIDERS "refreshProviders"
public static final  String PT_TEAM_HOOK "teamHook"

org.eclipse.core.resources.mapping. ModelProvider
public static final  String RESOURCE_MODEL_PROVIDER_ID "org.eclipse.core.resources.modelProvider"

org.eclipse.core.resources.mapping. RemoteResourceMappingContext
public static final int FILE_CONTENTS_REQUIRED 1
public static final int NONE 0 IResourceTree
public static final long NULL_TIMESTAMP 0L

org.eclipse.core.runtime. IAdapterManager
public static final int LOADED 2
public static final int NONE 0
public static final int NOT_LOADED 1

org.eclipse.core.runtime. IExtensionDelta
public static final int ADDED 1
public static final int REMOVED 2

org.eclipse.core.runtime. ILibrary
public static final  String CODE "code"
public static final  String RESOURCE "resource"

org.eclipse.core.runtime. IPath
public static final char DEVICE_SEPARATOR 58
public static final char SEPARATOR 47

org.eclipse.core.runtime. IProgressMonitor
public static final int UNKNOWN -1

org.eclipse.core.runtime. IStatus
public static final int CANCEL 8
public static final int ERROR 4
public static final int INFO 1
public static final int OK 0
public static final int WARNING 2

org.eclipse.core.runtime. ListenerList
public static final int EQUALITY 0
public static final int IDENTITY 1

org.eclipse.core.runtime. Platform
public static final  String ARCH_AMD64 "x86_64"
public static final  String ARCH_IA64 "ia64"
public static final  String ARCH_IA64_32 "ia64_32"
public static final  String ARCH_PA_RISC "PA_RISC"
public static final  String ARCH_PPC "ppc"
public static final  String ARCH_SPARC "sparc"
public static final  String ARCH_X86 "x86"
public static final  String ARCH_X86_64 "x86_64"
public static final int FAILED_DELETE_METADATA 6
public static final int FAILED_READ_METADATA 4
public static final int FAILED_WRITE_METADATA 5
public static final int INTERNAL_ERROR 3
public static final int MAX_PERFORMANCE 5
public static final int MIN_PERFORMANCE 1
public static final  String OPTION_STARTTIME "org.eclipse.core.runtime/starttime"
public static final  String OS_AIX "aix"
public static final  String OS_HPUX "hpux"
public static final  String OS_LINUX "linux"
public static final  String OS_MACOSX "macosx"
public static final  String OS_QNX "qnx"
public static final  String OS_SOLARIS "solaris"
public static final  String OS_UNKNOWN "unknown"
public static final  String OS_WIN32 "win32"
public static final int PARSE_PROBLEM 1
public static final  String PI_RUNTIME "org.eclipse.core.runtime"
public static final int PLUGIN_ERROR 2
public static final  String PREF_LINE_SEPARATOR "line.separator"
public static final  String PREF_PLATFORM_PERFORMANCE "runtime.performance"
public static final  String PT_ADAPTERS "adapters"
public static final  String PT_APPLICATIONS "applications"
public static final  String PT_PREFERENCES "preferences"
public static final  String PT_PRODUCT "products"
public static final  String WS_CARBON "carbon"
public static final  String WS_COCOA "cocoa"
public static final  String WS_GTK "gtk"
public static final  String WS_MOTIF "motif"
public static final  String WS_PHOTON "photon"
public static final  String WS_UNKNOWN "unknown"
public static final  String WS_WIN32 "win32"
public static final  String WS_WPF "wpf"

org.eclipse.core.runtime. Plugin
public static final  String PLUGIN_PREFERENCE_SCOPE "instance"
public static final  String PREFERENCES_DEFAULT_OVERRIDE_BASE_NAME "preferences"
public static final  String PREFERENCES_DEFAULT_OVERRIDE_FILE_NAME "preferences.ini"

org.eclipse.core.runtime. Preferences
public static final boolean BOOLEAN_DEFAULT_DEFAULT false
public static final double DOUBLE_DEFAULT_DEFAULT 0.0
protected static final  String FALSE "false"
public static final float FLOAT_DEFAULT_DEFAULT 0.0f
public static final int INT_DEFAULT_DEFAULT 0
public static final long LONG_DEFAULT_DEFAULT 0L
public static final  String PT_PREFERENCES "preferences"
public static final  String STRING_DEFAULT_DEFAULT ""
protected static final  String TRUE "true"

org.eclipse.core.runtime. SubMonitor
public static final int SUPPRESS_ALL_LABELS 7
public static final int SUPPRESS_BEGINTASK 2
public static final int SUPPRESS_NONE 0
public static final int SUPPRESS_SETTASKNAME 4
public static final int SUPPRESS_SUBTASK 1

org.eclipse.core.runtime. SubProgressMonitor
public static final int PREPEND_MAIN_LABEL_TO_SUBTASK 4
public static final int SUPPRESS_SUBTASK_LABEL 2

org.eclipse.core.runtime.adaptor. EclipseStarter
protected static final  String DEFAULT_ADAPTOR_CLASS "org.eclipse.osgi.baseadaptor.BaseAdaptor"
public static final  String PROP_ADAPTOR "osgi.adaptor"
public static final  String PROP_ARCH "osgi.arch"
public static final  String PROP_BUNDLES "osgi.bundles"
public static final  String PROP_BUNDLES_STARTLEVEL "osgi.bundles.defaultStartLevel"
public static final  String PROP_CHECK_CONFIG "osgi.checkConfiguration"
public static final  String PROP_CLEAN "osgi.clean"
public static final  String PROP_CONSOLE "osgi.console"
public static final  String PROP_CONSOLE_CLASS "osgi.consoleClass"
public static final  String PROP_CONSOLE_LOG "eclipse.consoleLog"
public static final  String PROP_DEBUG "osgi.debug"
public static final  String PROP_DEV ""
public static final  String PROP_EXITCODE "eclipse.exitcode"
public static final  String PROP_EXITDATA "eclipse.exitdata"
public static final  String PROP_EXTENSIONS "osgi.framework.extensions"
public static final  String PROP_FRAMEWORK "osgi.framework"
public static final  String PROP_FRAMEWORK_SHAPE "osgi.framework.shape"
public static final  String PROP_IGNOREAPP "eclipse.ignoreApp"
public static final  String PROP_INITIAL_STARTLEVEL "osgi.startLevel"
public static final  String PROP_INSTALL_AREA "osgi.install.area"
public static final  String PROP_LOGFILE "osgi.logfile"
public static final  String PROP_NL ""
public static final  String PROP_NOSHUTDOWN "osgi.noShutdown"
public static final  String PROP_OS "osgi.os"
public static final  String PROP_REFRESH_BUNDLES "eclipse.refreshBundles"
public static final  String PROP_SYSPATH "osgi.syspath"
public static final  String PROP_WS ""

org.eclipse.core.runtime.content. IContentDescriber
public static final int INDETERMINATE 1
public static final int INVALID 0
public static final int VALID 2

org.eclipse.core.runtime.content. IContentType
public static final int FILE_EXTENSION_SPEC 8
public static final int FILE_NAME_SPEC 4
public static final int IGNORE_PRE_DEFINED 1
public static final int IGNORE_USER_DEFINED 2

org.eclipse.core.runtime.content. IContentTypeManager
public static final  String CT_TEXT "org.eclipse.core.runtime.text"

org.eclipse.core.runtime.content. IContentTypeSettings
public static final int FILE_EXTENSION_SPEC 8
public static final int FILE_NAME_SPEC 4

org.eclipse.core.runtime.dynamichelpers. IExtensionTracker
public static final int REF_SOFT 1
public static final int REF_STRONG 0
public static final int REF_WEAK 2 IJobManager
public static final  String PROP_USE_DAEMON_THREADS "" Job
public static final int BUILD 40
public static final int DECORATE 50
public static final int INTERACTIVE 10
public static final int LONG 30
public static final int NONE 0
public static final int RUNNING 4
public static final int SHORT 20
public static final int SLEEPING 1
public static final int WAITING 2

org.eclipse.core.runtime.model. LibraryModel
public static final  String CODE "code"
public static final  String RESOURCE "resource"

org.eclipse.core.runtime.model. PluginFragmentModel
public static final byte FRAGMENT_MATCH_COMPATIBLE 3
public static final byte FRAGMENT_MATCH_EQUIVALENT 2
public static final byte FRAGMENT_MATCH_GREATER_OR_EQUAL 4
public static final byte FRAGMENT_MATCH_PERFECT 1
public static final byte FRAGMENT_MATCH_UNSPECIFIED 0

org.eclipse.core.runtime.model. PluginPrerequisiteModel
public static final byte PREREQ_MATCH_COMPATIBLE 3
public static final byte PREREQ_MATCH_EQUIVALENT 2
public static final byte PREREQ_MATCH_GREATER_OR_EQUAL 4
public static final byte PREREQ_MATCH_PERFECT 1
public static final byte PREREQ_MATCH_UNSPECIFIED 0

org.eclipse.core.runtime.preferences. ConfigurationScope
public static final  String SCOPE "configuration"

org.eclipse.core.runtime.preferences. DefaultScope
public static final  String SCOPE "default"

org.eclipse.core.runtime.preferences. InstanceScope
public static final  String SCOPE "instance"

org.eclipse.core.variables. IStringVariableManager
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_DYNAMIC_VARIABLES "dynamicVariables"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_VALUE_VARIABLES "valueVariables"

org.eclipse.core.variables. VariablesPlugin
public static final int INTERNAL_ERROR 120
public static final  String PI_CORE_VARIABLES "org.eclipse.core.variables"
public static final int REFERENCE_CYCLE_ERROR 130

org.eclipse.debug.core. DebugEvent
public static final int BREAKPOINT 16
public static final int CHANGE 16
public static final int CLIENT_REQUEST 32
public static final int CONTENT 512
public static final int CREATE 4
public static final int EVALUATION 64
public static final int EVALUATION_IMPLICIT 128
public static final int MODEL_SPECIFIC 32
public static final int RESUME 1
public static final int STATE 256
public static final int STEP_END 8
public static final int STEP_INTO 1
public static final int STEP_OVER 2
public static final int STEP_RETURN 4
public static final int SUSPEND 2
public static final int TERMINATE 8
public static final int UNSPECIFIED 0

org.eclipse.debug.core. DebugException
public static final int CONFIGURATION_INVALID 5014
public static final int INTERNAL_ERROR 5013
public static final int MISSING_LAUNCH_CONFIGURATION_TYPE 5020
public static final int NOT_SUPPORTED 5011
public static final int REQUEST_FAILED 5012
public static final int TARGET_REQUEST_FAILED 5010

org.eclipse.debug.core. DebugPlugin
public static final  String ATTR_CAPTURE_OUTPUT "org.eclipse.debug.core.capture_output"
public static final  String ATTR_CONSOLE_ENCODING "org.eclipse.debug.ui.ATTR_CONSOLE_ENCODING"
public static final  String ATTR_PROCESS_FACTORY_ID "process_factory_id"
public static final int ERR_WORKING_DIRECTORY_NOT_SUPPORTED 115
public static final int ERROR 125
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_BREAKPOINT_IMPORT_PARTICIPANTS "breakpointImportParticipants"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_BREAKPOINTS "breakpoints"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_LAUNCH_CONFIGURATION_COMPARATORS "launchConfigurationComparators"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_LAUNCH_CONFIGURATION_TYPES "launchConfigurationTypes"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_LAUNCH_DELEGATES "launchDelegates"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_LAUNCH_MODES "launchModes"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_LAUNCH_OPTIONS "launchOptions"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_LOGICAL_STRUCTURE_PROVIDERS "logicalStructureProviders"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_LOGICAL_STRUCTURE_TYPES "logicalStructureTypes"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_PROCESS_FACTORIES "processFactories"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_SOURCE_CONTAINER_TYPES "sourceContainerTypes"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_SOURCE_LOCATORS "sourceLocators"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_SOURCE_PATH_COMPUTERS "sourcePathComputers"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_STATUS_HANDLERS "statusHandlers"
public static final int INTERNAL_ERROR 120

org.eclipse.debug.core. ILaunchConfiguration
public static final  String LAUNCH_CONFIGURATION_FILE_EXTENSION "launch"

org.eclipse.debug.core. ILaunchManager
public static final  String DEBUG_MODE "debug"
public static final  String PROFILE_MODE "profile"
public static final  String RUN_MODE "run"

org.eclipse.debug.core.model. IBreakpoint
public static final  String ENABLED "org.eclipse.debug.core.enabled"
public static final  String ID ""
public static final  String PERSISTED "org.eclipse.debug.core.persisted"
public static final  String REGISTERED "org.eclipse.debug.core.registered"

org.eclipse.debug.core.model. MemoryByte
public static final byte BIG_ENDIAN 16
public static final byte CHANGED 4
public static final byte ENDIANESS_KNOWN 32
public static final byte HISTORY_KNOWN 8
public static final byte READABLE 2
public static final byte WRITABLE 1

org.eclipse.debug.core.sourcelookup. AbstractSourceLookupDirector
protected static final  String CONTAINER_MEMENTO_ATTR "memento"
protected static final  String CONTAINER_NODE "container"
protected static final  String CONTAINER_TYPE_ATTR "typeId"
protected static final  String CONTAINERS_NODE "sourceContainers"
protected static final  String DIRECTOR_ROOT_NODE "sourceLookupDirector"
protected static final  String DUPLICATES_ATTR "duplicates"

org.eclipse.debug.ui. EnvironmentTab
protected static final  String P_VALUE "value"
protected static final  String P_VARIABLE "variable"

org.eclipse.debug.ui. IDebugModelPresentation
public static final  String DISPLAY_VARIABLE_TYPE_NAMES "org.eclipse.debug.ui.displayVariableTypeNames"

org.eclipse.debug.ui. IDebugUIConstants
public static final  String ANNOTATION_TYPE_INSTRUCTION_POINTER_CURRENT "org.eclipse.debug.ui.currentIP"
public static final  String ANNOTATION_TYPE_INSTRUCTION_POINTER_SECONDARY "org.eclipse.debug.ui.secondaryIP"
public static final  String ATTR_APPEND_TO_FILE "org.eclipse.debug.ui.ATTR_APPEND_TO_FILE"
public static final  String ATTR_CAPTURE_IN_CONSOLE "org.eclipse.debug.ui.ATTR_CONSOLE_OUTPUT_ON"
public static final  String ATTR_CAPTURE_IN_FILE "org.eclipse.debug.ui.ATTR_CAPTURE_IN_FILE"
public static final  String ATTR_CONSOLE_ENCODING "org.eclipse.debug.ui.ATTR_CONSOLE_ENCODING"
public static final  String ATTR_CONSOLE_PROCESS "org.eclipse.debug.ui.ATTR_CONSOLE_PROCESS"
public static final  String ATTR_CONTAINER "org.eclipse.debug.ui.container"
public static final  String ATTR_DEBUG_FAVORITE "org.eclipse.debug.ui.debugFavorite"
public static final  String ATTR_FAVORITE_GROUPS "org.eclipse.debug.ui.favoriteGroups"
public static final  String ATTR_LAUNCH_IN_BACKGROUND "org.eclipse.debug.ui.ATTR_LAUNCH_IN_BACKGROUND"
public static final  String ATTR_PRIVATE "org.eclipse.debug.ui.private"
public static final  String ATTR_RUN_FAVORITE "org.eclipse.debug.ui.runFavorite"
public static final  String ATTR_TARGET_DEBUG_PERSPECTIVE "org.eclipse.debug.ui.target_debug_perspective"
public static final  String ATTR_TARGET_RUN_PERSPECTIVE "org.eclipse.debug.ui.target_run_perspective"
public static final  String BREAKPOINT_GROUP "breakpointGroup"
public static final  String BREAKPOINT_GROUP_GROUP "breakpointGroupGroup"
public static final  String BREAKPOINT_WORKINGSET_ID "org.eclipse.debug.ui.breakpointWorkingSet"
public static final  String DEBUG_ACTION_SET "org.eclipse.debug.ui.debugActionSet"
public static final  String DEBUG_CONTEXT_SOURCE_NAME "debugContext"
public static final  String EDIT_GROUP "editGroup"
public static final  String EMPTY_BREAKPOINT_GROUP "emptyBreakpointGroup"
public static final  String EMPTY_EDIT_GROUP "emptyEditGroup"
public static final  String EMPTY_EXPRESSION_GROUP "emptyExpressionGroup"
public static final  String EMPTY_LAUNCH_GROUP "emptyLaunchGroup"
public static final  String EMPTY_MODULES_GROUP "emptyModulesGroup"
public static final  String EMPTY_NAVIGATION_GROUP "emptyNavigationGroup"
public static final  String EMPTY_REGISTER_GROUP "emptyRegisterGroup"
public static final  String EMPTY_RENDER_GROUP "emptyRenderGroup"
public static final  String EMPTY_STEP_GROUP "emptyStepGroup"
public static final  String EMPTY_THREAD_GROUP "emptyThreadGroup"
public static final  String EMPTY_VARIABLE_GROUP "emptyVariableGroup"
public static final  String EXPRESSION_GROUP "expressionGroup"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_BREAKPOINT_ORGANIZERS "breakpointOrganizers"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_CONSOLE_COLOR_PROVIDERS "consoleColorProviders"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_CONSOLE_LINE_TRACKERS "consoleLineTrackers"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_DEBUG_ACTION_GROUPS "debugActionGroups"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_DETAIL_FACTORIES "detailPaneFactories"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_LAUNCH_CONFIGURATION_TAB_GROUPS "launchConfigurationTabGroups"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_LAUNCH_CONFIGURATION_TYPE_IMAGES "launchConfigurationTypeImages"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_LAUNCH_GROUPS "launchGroups"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_LAUNCH_SHORTCUTS "launchShortcuts"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_LAUNCH_TABS "launchConfigurationTabs"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_LAUNCH_VARIABLE_COMPONENTS "launchVariableComponents"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_MEMORY_RENDERIGNS "memoryRenderings"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_MEMORY_RENDERINGS "memoryRenderings"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_OBJECT_BROWSERS "objectBrowsers"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_TOGGLE_BREAKPOINTS_TARGET_FACTORIES "toggleBreakpointsTargetFactories"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_UPDATE_POLICIES "updatePolicies"
public static final  String EXTENSION_POINT_VARIABLE_VALUE_EDITORS "variableValueEditors"
public static final  String ID_BREAKPOINT_VIEW "org.eclipse.debug.ui.BreakpointView"
public static final  String ID_COMMON_SOURCE_NOT_FOUND_EDITOR "org.eclipse.debug.ui.sourcelookup.CommonSourceNotFoundEditor"
public static final  String ID_CONSOLE_VIEW "org.eclipse.debug.ui.ConsoleView"
public static final  String ID_DEBUG_LAUNCH_GROUP "org.eclipse.debug.ui.launchGroup.debug"
public static final  String ID_DEBUG_MODEL_PRESENTATION "debugModelPresentations"
public static final  String ID_DEBUG_PERSPECTIVE "org.eclipse.debug.ui.DebugPerspective"
public static final  String ID_DEBUG_VIEW "org.eclipse.debug.ui.DebugView"
public static final  String ID_EXPRESSION_VIEW "org.eclipse.debug.ui.ExpressionView"
public static final  String ID_MEMORY_VIEW "org.eclipse.debug.ui.MemoryView"
public static final  String ID_MODULE_VIEW "org.eclipse.debug.ui.ModuleView"
public static final  String ID_PROCESS_CONSOLE_TYPE "org.eclipse.debug.ui.ProcessConsoleType"
public static final  String ID_PROFILE_LAUNCH_GROUP "org.eclipse.debug.ui.launchGroup.profile"
public static final  String ID_REGISTER_VIEW "org.eclipse.debug.ui.RegisterView"
public static final  String ID_RENDERING_VIEW_PANE_1 "org.eclipse.debug.ui.MemoryView.RenderingViewPane.1"
public static final  String ID_RENDERING_VIEW_PANE_2 "org.eclipse.debug.ui.MemoryView.RenderingViewPane.2"
public static final  String ID_RUN_LAUNCH_GROUP ""
public static final  String ID_STANDARD_ERROR_STREAM "org.eclipse.debug.ui.ID_STANDARD_ERROR_STREAM"
public static final  String ID_STANDARD_INPUT_STREAM "org.eclipse.debug.ui.ID_STANDARD_INPUT_STREAM"
public static final  String ID_STANDARD_OUTPUT_STREAM "org.eclipse.debug.ui.ID_STANDARD_OUTPUT_STREAM"
public static final  String ID_VARIABLE_VIEW "org.eclipse.debug.ui.VariableView"
public static final  String IMG_ACT_DEBUG "IMG_ACT_DEBUG"
public static final  String IMG_ACT_RUN "IMG_ACT_RUN"
public static final  String IMG_ACT_SYNCED "IMG_ACT_SYNCED"
public static final  String IMG_LCL_CLEAR "IMG_LCL_CLEAR"
public static final  String IMG_LCL_DETAIL_PANE "IMG_LCL_DETAIL_PANE"
public static final  String IMG_LCL_DISCONNECT "IMG_LCL_DISCONNECT"
public static final  String IMG_LCL_LOCK "IMG_LCL_LOCK"
public static final  String IMG_LCL_REMOVE "IMG_LCL_REMOVE"
public static final  String IMG_LCL_REMOVE_ALL "IMG_LCL_REMOVE_ALL"
public static final  String IMG_LCL_TYPE_NAMES "IMG_LCL_TYPE_NAMES"
public static final  String IMG_OBJS_ENV_VAR "IMG_OBJS_ENV_VAR"
public static final  String IMG_OBJS_LAUNCH_RUN "IMG_OBJS_LAUNCH_RUN"
public static final  String IMG_OBJS_OS_PROCESS "IMG_OBJS_OS_PROCESS"
public static final  String IMG_OBJS_REGISTER "IMG_OBJS_REGISTER"
public static final  String IMG_OBJS_VARIABLE "IMG_OBJS_VARIABLE"
public static final  String IMG_OVR_ERROR "IMG_OVR_ERROR"
public static final  String IMG_VIEW_CONSOLE "IMG_VIEW_CONSOLE"
public static final  String IMG_VIEW_LAUNCHES "IMG_VIEW_LAUNCHES"
public static final  String IMG_VIEW_VARIABLES "IMG_VIEW_VARIABLES"
public static final  String IMG_WIZBAN_DEBUG "IMG_WIZBAN_DEBUG"
public static final  String IMG_WIZBAN_RUN "IMG_WIZBAN_RUN"
public static final int INTERNAL_ERROR 120
public static final  String LAUNCH_ACTION_SET "org.eclipse.debug.ui.launchActionSet"
public static final  String LAUNCH_GROUP "launchGroup"
public static final  String MODULES_GROUP "modulesGroup"
public static final  String NAVIGATION_GROUP "navigationGroup"
public static final  String OUTPUT_GROUP "outputGroup"
public static final  String PERSPECTIVE_DEFAULT "perspective_default"
public static final  String PERSPECTIVE_NONE "perspective_none"
public static final  String PLUGIN_ID "org.eclipse.debug.ui"
public static final  String PREF_ACTIVATE_WORKBENCH "org.eclipse.debug.ui.activate_workbench"
public static final  String PREF_AUTO_REMOVE_OLD_LAUNCHES "org.eclipse.debug.ui.auto_remove_old_launches"
public static final  String PREF_BUILD_BEFORE_LAUNCH "org.eclipse.debug.ui.build_before_launch"
public static final  String PREF_CHANGED_DEBUG_ELEMENT_COLOR "org.eclipse.debug.ui.changedDebugElement"
public static final  String PREF_CHANGED_VALUE_BACKGROUND "org.eclipse.debug.ui.PREF_CHANGED_VALUE_BACKGROUND"
public static final  String PREF_CONSOLE_FONT "org.eclipse.debug.ui.consoleFont"
public static final  String PREF_DEFAULT_ASCII_CODE_PAGE "org.eclipse.debug.ui.defaultAsciiCodePage"
public static final  String PREF_DEFAULT_EBCDIC_CODE_PAGE "org.eclipse.debug.ui.defaultEbcdicCodePage"
public static final  String PREF_DETAIL_PANE_FONT "org.eclipse.debug.ui.DetailPaneFont"
public static final  String PREF_MANAGE_VIEW_PERSPECTIVES "org.eclipse.debug.ui.manage_view_perspectives"
public static final  String PREF_MAX_DETAIL_LENGTH "org.eclipse.debug.ui.max_detail_length"
public static final  String PREF_MAX_HISTORY_SIZE "org.eclipse.debug.ui.max_history_size"
public static final  String PREF_MEMORY_HISTORY_KNOWN_COLOR "org.eclipse.debug.ui.MemoryHistoryKnownColor"
public static final  String PREF_MEMORY_HISTORY_UNKNOWN_COLOR "org.eclipse.debug.ui.MemoryHistoryUnknownColor"
public static final  String PREF_PADDED_STR "org.eclipse.debug.ui.memory.paddedStr"
public static final  String PREF_REUSE_EDITOR "org.eclipse.debug.ui.reuse_editor"
public static final  String PREF_SHOW_DEBUG_PERSPECTIVE_DEFAULT "org.eclipse.debug.ui.show_debug_perspective_default"
public static final  String PREF_SHOW_DETAIL_PANE "org.eclipse.debug.ui.show_detail_pane"
public static final  String PREF_SHOW_RUN_PERSPECTIVE_DEFAULT "org.eclipse.debug.ui.show_run_perspective_default"
public static final  String PREF_SHOW_TYPE_NAMES "org.eclipse.debug.ui.show_type_names"
public static final  String PREF_SKIP_BREAKPOINTS_DURING_RUN_TO_LINE "org.eclipse.debug.ui.skip_breakpoints_during_run_to_line"
public static final  String PREF_VARIABLE_TEXT_FONT "org.eclipse.debug.ui.VariableTextFont"
public static final  String PROPERTY_GROUP "propertyGroup"
public static final  String REGISTER_GROUP "registerGroup"
public static final  String RENDER_GROUP "renderGroup"
public static final  String STEP_GROUP "stepGroup"
public static final  String STEP_INTO_GROUP "stepIntoGroup"
public static final  String STEP_OVER_GROUP "stepOverGroup"
public static final  String STEP_RETURN_GROUP "stepReturnGroup"
public static final  String SYS_PROP_BREAKPOINT_TOGGLE_FACTORIES_USED "org.eclipse.debug.ui.breakpoints.toggleFactoriesUsed"
public static final  String THREAD_GROUP "threadGroup"
public static final  String VARIABLE_GROUP "variableGroup"
public static final  String VARIABLE_VIEW_DETAIL_ID "org.eclipse.debug.ui.VariableView.detail"
public static final  String VARIABLE_VIEW_VARIABLE_ID "org.eclipse.debug.ui.VariableView.variables"

org.eclipse.debug.ui. IDebugView
public static final  String DOUBLE_CLICK_ACTION "Double_Click_ActionId"
public static final  String REMOVE_ACTION "Remove_ActionId"

org.eclipse.debug.ui. ILaunchConfigurationDialog
public static final int LAUNCHED_BEFORE_OPENING 2

org.eclipse.debug.ui.contexts. DebugContextEvent
public static final int ACTIVATED 1
public static final int STATE 16

org.eclipse.debug.ui.memory. AbstractTableRendering
public static final  String PROPERTY_COL_SIZE "columnSize"
public static final  String PROPERTY_ROW_SIZE "rowSize"
public static final  String PROPERTY_SELECTED_ADDRESS "selectedAddress"
public static final  String PROPERTY_TOP_ADDRESS "topAddress" IApplicationContext
public static final  String APPLICATION_ARGS "application.args"

org.eclipse.equinox.http.jetty. JettyConstants
public static final  String CONTEXT_PATH "context.path"
public static final  String CONTEXT_SESSIONINACTIVEINTERVAL "context.sessioninactiveinterval"
public static final  String CUSTOMIZER_CLASS "customizer.class"
public static final  String HTTP_ENABLED "http.enabled"
public static final  String HTTP_HOST ""
public static final  String HTTP_NIO "http.nio"
public static final  String HTTP_PORT "http.port"
public static final  String HTTPS_ENABLED "https.enabled"
public static final  String HTTPS_HOST ""
public static final  String HTTPS_PORT "https.port"
public static final  String OTHER_INFO ""
public static final  String SSL_ALGORITHM "ssl.algorithm"
public static final  String SSL_KEYPASSWORD "ssl.keypassword"
public static final  String SSL_KEYSTORE "ssl.keystore"
public static final  String SSL_KEYSTORETYPE "ssl.keystoretype"
public static final  String SSL_NEEDCLIENTAUTH "ssl.needclientauth"
public static final  String SSL_PASSWORD "ssl.password"
public static final  String SSL_PROTOCOL "ssl.protocol"
public static final  String SSL_WANTCLIENTAUTH "ssl.wantclientauth" ExtensionLoginModule
public static final  String OPTION_MODULE_POINT "extensionId" StorageException
public static final int DECRYPTION_ERROR 3
public static final int ENCRYPTION_ERROR 2
public static final int INTERNAL_ERROR 0
public static final int NO_PASSWORD 4
public static final int NO_SECURE_MODULE 1 IProviderHints
public static final  String DEFAULT_PASSWORD ""
public static final  String PROMPT_USER ""
public static final  String REQUIRED_MODULE_ID "" PasswordProvider
public static final int CREATE_NEW_PASSWORD 1
public static final int PASSWORD_CHANGE 2 IContentExtension
public static final int CONTRIBUTION 0
public static final int REPLACEMENT 1 IContextProvider
public static final int NONE 0
public static final int SELECTION 1 IHelpResource
public static final  String HREF "href"
public static final  String LABEL "label" IToc
public static final  String TOC "toc"
public static final  String TOPIC "topic" ITopic
public static final  String TOPIC "topic"

org.eclipse.jface.action. CoolBarManager
public static final  String USER_SEPARATOR "UserSeparator"

org.eclipse.jface.action. IAction
public static final int AS_CHECK_BOX 2
public static final int AS_DROP_DOWN_MENU 4
public static final int AS_PUSH_BUTTON 1
public static final int AS_RADIO_BUTTON 8
public static final int AS_UNSPECIFIED 0
public static final  String CHECKED "checked"
public static final  String DESCRIPTION "description"
public static final  String ENABLED "enabled"
public static final  String HANDLED "handled"
public static final  String IMAGE "image"
public static final  String RESULT "result"
public static final  String TEXT "text"
public static final  String TOOL_TIP_TEXT "toolTipText"

org.eclipse.jface.action. IContributionManagerOverrides
public static final  String P_ENABLED "enabled"

org.eclipse.jface.action. ICoolBarManager
public static final  String SIZE "size"

org.eclipse.jface.action. LegacyActionTools
public static final char MNEMONIC_NONE 0

org.eclipse.jface.action. StatusLineManager
public static final  String BEGIN_GROUP "BEGIN_GROUP"
public static final  String END_GROUP "END_GROUP"
public static final  String MIDDLE_GROUP "MIDDLE_GROUP"

org.eclipse.jface.action. ToolBarContributionItem
public static final int SHOW_ALL_ITEMS -1

org.eclipse.jface.bindings. Binding
public static final int SYSTEM 0
public static final int USER 1

org.eclipse.jface.bindings.keys. IKeyLookup
public static final  String ALT_NAME "ALT"
public static final  String ARROW_DOWN_NAME "ARROW_DOWN"
public static final  String ARROW_LEFT_NAME "ARROW_LEFT"
public static final  String ARROW_RIGHT_NAME "ARROW_RIGHT"
public static final  String ARROW_UP_NAME "ARROW_UP"
public static final  String BACKSPACE_NAME "BACKSPACE"
public static final  String BREAK_NAME "BREAK"
public static final  String BS_NAME "BS"
public static final  String CAPS_LOCK_NAME "CAPS_LOCK"
public static final  String COMMAND_NAME "COMMAND"
public static final  String CR_NAME "CR"
public static final  String CTRL_NAME "CTRL"
public static final  String DEL_NAME "DEL"
public static final  String DELETE_NAME "DELETE"
public static final  String END_NAME "END"
public static final  String ENTER_NAME "ENTER"
public static final  String ESC_NAME "ESC"
public static final  String ESCAPE_NAME "ESCAPE"
public static final  String F1_NAME "F1"
public static final  String F10_NAME "F10"
public static final  String F11_NAME "F11"
public static final  String F12_NAME "F12"
public static final  String F13_NAME "F13"
public static final  String F14_NAME "F14"
public static final  String F15_NAME "F15"
public static final  String F2_NAME "F2"
public static final  String F3_NAME "F3"
public static final  String F4_NAME "F4"
public static final  String F5_NAME "F5"
public static final  String F6_NAME "F6"
public static final  String F7_NAME "F7"
public static final  String F8_NAME "F8"
public static final  String F9_NAME "F9"
public static final  String FF_NAME "FF"
public static final  String HOME_NAME "HOME"
public static final  String INSERT_NAME "INSERT"
public static final  String LF_NAME "LF"
public static final  String M1_NAME "M1"
public static final  String M2_NAME "M2"
public static final  String M3_NAME "M3"
public static final  String M4_NAME "M4"
public static final  String NUL_NAME "NUL"
public static final  String NUM_LOCK_NAME "NUM_LOCK"
public static final  String NUMPAD_0_NAME "NUMPAD_0"
public static final  String NUMPAD_1_NAME "NUMPAD_1"
public static final  String NUMPAD_2_NAME "NUMPAD_2"
public static final  String NUMPAD_3_NAME "NUMPAD_3"
public static final  String NUMPAD_4_NAME "NUMPAD_4"
public static final  String NUMPAD_5_NAME "NUMPAD_5"
public static final  String NUMPAD_6_NAME "NUMPAD_6"
public static final  String NUMPAD_7_NAME "NUMPAD_7"
public static final  String NUMPAD_8_NAME "NUMPAD_8"
public static final  String NUMPAD_9_NAME "NUMPAD_9"
public static final  String NUMPAD_ADD_NAME "NUMPAD_ADD"
public static final  String NUMPAD_DECIMAL_NAME "NUMPAD_DECIMAL"
public static final  String NUMPAD_DIVIDE_NAME "NUMPAD_DIVIDE"
public static final  String NUMPAD_ENTER_NAME "NUMPAD_ENTER"
public static final  String NUMPAD_EQUAL_NAME "NUMPAD_EQUAL"
public static final  String NUMPAD_MULTIPLY_NAME "NUMPAD_MULTIPLY"
public static final  String NUMPAD_SUBTRACT_NAME "NUMPAD_SUBTRACT"
public static final  String PAGE_DOWN_NAME "PAGE_DOWN"
public static final  String PAGE_UP_NAME "PAGE_UP"
public static final  String PAUSE_NAME "PAUSE"
public static final  String PRINT_SCREEN_NAME "PRINT_SCREEN"
public static final  String RETURN_NAME "RETURN"
public static final  String SCROLL_LOCK_NAME "SCROLL_LOCK"
public static final  String SHIFT_NAME "SHIFT"
public static final  String SPACE_NAME "SPACE"
public static final  String TAB_NAME "TAB"
public static final  String VT_NAME "VT"

org.eclipse.jface.bindings.keys. KeySequence
public static final  String KEY_STROKE_DELIMITER " "
public static final  String KEY_STROKE_DELIMITERS " \b\r\u007f\u001b\f\n\u0000\t\u000b"

org.eclipse.jface.bindings.keys. KeySequenceText
public static final int INFINITE -1
public static final  String P_KEY_SEQUENCE "org.eclipse.jface.bindings.keys.KeySequenceText.KeySequence"

org.eclipse.jface.bindings.keys. KeyStroke
public static final  String KEY_DELIMITER "+"
public static final  String KEY_DELIMITERS "+"
public static final int NO_KEY 0

org.eclipse.jface.bindings.keys.formatting. AbstractKeyFormatter
protected static final  String KEY_DELIMITER_KEY "KEY_DELIMITER"

org.eclipse.jface.contexts. IContextIds
public static final  String CONTEXT_ID_DIALOG "org.eclipse.ui.contexts.dialog"
public static final  String CONTEXT_ID_DIALOG_AND_WINDOW "org.eclipse.ui.contexts.dialogAndWindow"
public static final  String CONTEXT_ID_WINDOW "org.eclipse.ui.contexts.window"

org.eclipse.jface.dialogs. Dialog
public static final int DIALOG_DEFAULT_BOUNDS -1
public static final int DIALOG_PERSISTLOCATION 1
public static final int DIALOG_PERSISTSIZE 2
public static final  String DLG_IMG_ERROR "dialog_error_image"
public static final  String DLG_IMG_HELP "dialog_help_image"
public static final  String DLG_IMG_INFO "dialog_info_imageg"
public static final  String DLG_IMG_MESSAGE_ERROR "dialog_message_error_image"
public static final  String DLG_IMG_MESSAGE_INFO "dialog_messasge_info_image"
public static final  String DLG_IMG_MESSAGE_WARNING "dialog_messasge_warning_image"
public static final  String DLG_IMG_QUESTION "dialog_question_image"
public static final  String DLG_IMG_WARNING "dialog_warning_image"
public static final  String ELLIPSIS "..."

org.eclipse.jface.dialogs. IDialogConstants
public static final int ABORT_ID 7
public static final int BACK_ID 14
public static final int BUTTON_BAR_HEIGHT 25
public static final int BUTTON_HEIGHT 14
public static final int BUTTON_MARGIN 4
public static final int BUTTON_WIDTH 61
public static final int CANCEL_ID 1
public static final int CLIENT_ID 1024
public static final int CLOSE_ID 12
public static final int DESELECT_ALL_ID 19
public static final int DETAILS_ID 13
public static final int ENTRY_FIELD_WIDTH 200
public static final int FINISH_ID 16
public static final int HELP_ID 17
public static final int HORIZONTAL_MARGIN 7
public static final int HORIZONTAL_SPACING 4
public static final int IGNORE_ID 9
public static final int INDENT 21
public static final int INTERNAL_ID 256
public static final int LEFT_MARGIN 20
public static final int MINIMUM_MESSAGE_AREA_WIDTH 300
public static final int NEXT_ID 15
public static final int NO_ID 3
public static final int NO_TO_ALL_ID 21
public static final int OK_ID 0
public static final int OPEN_ID 11
public static final int PROCEED_ID 10
public static final int RETRY_ID 8
public static final int SELECT_ALL_ID 18
public static final int SELECT_TYPES_ID 20
public static final int SKIP_ID 5
public static final int SMALL_INDENT 7
public static final int STOP_ID 6
public static final int VERTICAL_MARGIN 7
public static final int VERTICAL_SPACING 4
public static final int YES_ID 2
public static final int YES_TO_ALL_ID 4

org.eclipse.jface.dialogs. IMessageProvider
public static final int ERROR 3
public static final int INFORMATION 1
public static final int NONE 0
public static final int WARNING 2

org.eclipse.jface.dialogs. MessageDialog
public static final int CONFIRM 5
public static final int ERROR 1
public static final int INFORMATION 2
public static final int NONE 0
public static final int QUESTION 3
public static final int QUESTION_WITH_CANCEL 6
public static final int WARNING 4

org.eclipse.jface.dialogs. MessageDialogWithToggle
public static final  String ALWAYS "always"
public static final  String NEVER "never"
public static final  String PROMPT "prompt"

org.eclipse.jface.dialogs. PopupDialog
public static final int HOVER_SHELLSTYLE 540676
public static final int INFOPOPUP_SHELLSTYLE 4
public static final int INFOPOPUPRESIZE_SHELLSTYLE 16
public static final int POPUP_HORIZONTALSPACING 1
public static final  String POPUP_IMG_MENU "popup_menu_image"
public static final  String POPUP_IMG_MENU_DISABLED "popup_menu_image_diabled"
public static final int POPUP_MARGINHEIGHT 0
public static final int POPUP_MARGINWIDTH 0
public static final int POPUP_VERTICALSPACING 1

org.eclipse.jface.dialogs. TitleAreaDialog
public static final  String DLG_IMG_TITLE_BANNER "dialog_title_banner_image"
public static final  String DLG_IMG_TITLE_ERROR "dialog_message_error_image"
public static final  String INFO_MESSAGE "INFO_MESSAGE"
public static final  String WARNING_MESSAGE "WARNING_MESSAGE"

org.eclipse.jface.fieldassist. ContentProposalAdapter
public static final boolean DEBUG false
public static final int FILTER_CHARACTER 2
public static final int FILTER_CUMULATIVE 3
public static final int FILTER_NONE 1
public static final int PROPOSAL_IGNORE 3
public static final int PROPOSAL_INSERT 1
public static final int PROPOSAL_REPLACE 2

org.eclipse.jface.fieldassist. FieldDecorationRegistry
public static final  String DEC_ERROR "DEC_ERROR"
public static final  String DEC_ERROR_QUICKFIX "DEC_ERRORQUICKFIX"
public static final  String DEC_INFORMATION "DEC_INFORMATION"
public static final  String DEC_REQUIRED "DEC_REQUIRED"
public static final  String DEC_WARNING "DEC_WARNING"

org.eclipse.jface.layout. AbstractColumnLayout
protected static final  String LAYOUT_DATA "org.eclipse.jface.LAYOUT_DATA"

org.eclipse.jface.menus. IMenuStateIds
public static final  String STYLE "STYLE"

org.eclipse.jface.preference. BooleanFieldEditor
public static final int DEFAULT 0
public static final int SEPARATE_LABEL 1

org.eclipse.jface.preference. ColorSelector
public static final  String PROP_COLORCHANGE "colorValue"

org.eclipse.jface.preference. FieldEditor
protected static final int HORIZONTAL_GAP 8
public static final  String IS_VALID "field_editor_is_valid"
public static final  String VALUE "field_editor_value"

org.eclipse.jface.preference. FieldEditorPreferencePage
public static final int FLAT 0
public static final int GRID 1
protected static final int MARGIN_HEIGHT 0
protected static final int MARGIN_WIDTH 0
protected static final int VERTICAL_SPACING 10

org.eclipse.jface.preference. IPreferenceStore
public static final boolean BOOLEAN_DEFAULT_DEFAULT false
public static final double DOUBLE_DEFAULT_DEFAULT 0.0
public static final  String FALSE "false"
public static final float FLOAT_DEFAULT_DEFAULT 0.0f
public static final int INT_DEFAULT_DEFAULT 0
public static final long LONG_DEFAULT_DEFAULT 0L
public static final  String STRING_DEFAULT_DEFAULT ""
public static final  String TRUE "true"

org.eclipse.jface.preference. JFacePreferences
public static final  String COUNTER_COLOR "COUNTER_COLOR"
public static final  String ERROR_COLOR "ERROR_COLOR"
public static final  String HYPERLINK_COLOR "HYPERLINK_COLOR"
public static final  String QUALIFIER_COLOR "QUALIFIER_COLOR"

org.eclipse.jface.preference. PreferenceDialog
protected static final int FAILED 2
public static final  String PREF_DLG_IMG_TITLE_ERROR "dialog_message_error_image"
public static final  String PREF_DLG_TITLE_IMG "preference_dialog_title_image"

org.eclipse.jface.preference. PreferenceManager
public static final int POST_ORDER 1
public static final int PRE_ORDER 0

org.eclipse.jface.preference. StringFieldEditor
public static final int VALIDATE_ON_FOCUS_LOST 1
public static final int VALIDATE_ON_KEY_STROKE 0

org.eclipse.jface.resource. JFaceResources
public static final  String BANNER_FONT "org.eclipse.jface.bannerfont"
public static final  String DEFAULT_FONT "org.eclipse.jface.defaultfont"
public static final  String DIALOG_FONT "org.eclipse.jface.dialogfont"
public static final  String HEADER_FONT "org.eclipse.jface.headerfont"
public static final  String TEXT_FONT "org.eclipse.jface.textfont"
public static final  String VIEWER_FONT "org.eclipse.jface.viewerfont"
public static final  String WINDOW_FONT "org.eclipse.jface.windowfont"

org.eclipse.jface.text. AbstractInformationControlManager
public static final  String STORE_LOCATION_X "location.x"
public static final  String STORE_LOCATION_Y "location.y"
public static final  String STORE_SIZE_HEIGHT "size.height"
public static final  String STORE_SIZE_WIDTH "size.width"

org.eclipse.jface.text. IDocument
public static final  String DEFAULT_CATEGORY "__dflt_position_category"
public static final  String DEFAULT_CONTENT_TYPE "__dftl_partition_content_type"

org.eclipse.jface.text. IDocumentExtension3
public static final  String DEFAULT_PARTITIONING "__dftl_partitioning"

org.eclipse.jface.text. IDocumentExtension4
public static final long UNKNOWN_MODIFICATION_STAMP -1L

org.eclipse.jface.text. IPainter
public static final int CONFIGURATION 16
public static final int INTERNAL 8
public static final int KEY_STROKE 2
public static final int MOUSE_BUTTON 4
public static final int SELECTION 0
public static final int TEXT_CHANGE 1

org.eclipse.jface.text. ITextOperationTarget
public static final int COPY 4
public static final int CUT 3
public static final int DELETE 6
public static final int PASTE 5
public static final int PREFIX 11
public static final int PRINT 10
public static final int REDO 2
public static final int SELECT_ALL 7
public static final int SHIFT_LEFT 9
public static final int SHIFT_RIGHT 8
public static final int STRIP_PREFIX 12
public static final int UNDO 1

org.eclipse.jface.text. ITextViewerExtension2
public static final int DEFAULT_HOVER_STATE_MASK 255

org.eclipse.jface.text. TextAttribute
public static final int STRIKETHROUGH 536870912
public static final int UNDERLINE 1073741824

org.eclipse.jface.text. TextViewer
protected static final int INTERNAL 6
protected static final int KEY 4
protected static final int MOUSE 2
protected static final int MOUSE_END 3
protected static final int RESIZE 5
protected static final int SCROLLER 1
protected static final  String SHIFTING "__TextViewer_shifting"
public static final boolean TRACE_ERRORS false

org.eclipse.jface.text.contentassist. ContentAssistant
public static final  String SELECT_NEXT_PROPOSAL_COMMAND_ID "org.eclipse.ui.edit.text.contentAssist.selectNextProposal"
public static final  String SELECT_PREVIOUS_PROPOSAL_COMMAND_ID "org.eclipse.ui.edit.text.contentAssist.selectPreviousProposal"
public static final  String STORE_SIZE_X "size.x"
public static final  String STORE_SIZE_Y "size.y"
public static final int WIDGET_PRIORITY 20

org.eclipse.jface.text.contentassist. IContentAssistant
public static final int CONTEXT_INFO_ABOVE 20
public static final int CONTEXT_INFO_BELOW 21
public static final int PROPOSAL_OVERLAY 10
public static final int PROPOSAL_REMOVE 11
public static final int PROPOSAL_STACKED 12

org.eclipse.jface.text.formatter. FormattingContextProperties
public static final  String CONTEXT_DOCUMENT "formatting.context.document"
public static final  String CONTEXT_MEDIUM "formatting.context.medium"
public static final  String CONTEXT_PARTITION "formatting.context.partition"
public static final  String CONTEXT_PREFERENCES "formatting.context.preferences"
public static final  String CONTEXT_REGION "formatting.context.region"

org.eclipse.jface.text.hyperlink. DefaultHyperlinkPresenter
public static final  String HYPERLINK_COLOR "hyperlinkColor"
public static final  String HYPERLINK_COLOR_SYSTEM_DEFAULT "hyperlinkColor.SystemDefault"

org.eclipse.jface.text.information. InformationPresenter
public static final int WIDGET_PRIORITY 5 ILinkedModeListener
public static final int EXIT_ALL 1
public static final int EXTERNAL_MODIFICATION 8
public static final int NONE 0
public static final int SELECT 4
public static final int UPDATE_CARET 2 LinkedPositionGroup
public static final int NO_STOP -1

org.eclipse.jface.text.presentation. PresentationReconciler
protected static final  String TRACKED_PARTITION "__reconciler_tracked_partition"

org.eclipse.jface.text.reconciler. DirtyRegion
public static final  String INSERT "__insert"
public static final  String REMOVE "__remove"

org.eclipse.jface.text.rules. DefaultPartitioner
public static final  String CONTENT_TYPES_CATEGORY "__content_types_category"

org.eclipse.jface.text.rules. ICharacterScanner
public static final int EOF -1

org.eclipse.jface.text.rules. NumberRule
protected static final int UNDEFINED -1

org.eclipse.jface.text.rules. PatternRule
protected static final int UNDEFINED -1

org.eclipse.jface.text.rules. RuleBasedPartitioner
public static final  String CONTENT_TYPES_CATEGORY "__content_types_category"

org.eclipse.jface.text.rules. RuleBasedScanner
protected static final int UNDEFINED -1

org.eclipse.jface.text.rules. WordRule
protected static final int UNDEFINED -1

org.eclipse.jface.text.source. Annotation
public static final  String TYPE_UNKNOWN "org.eclipse.text.annotation.unknown"

org.eclipse.jface.text.source. IAnnotationAccessExtension
public static final int DEFAULT_LAYER 0

org.eclipse.jface.text.source. IAnnotationPresentation
public static final int DEFAULT_LAYER 0

org.eclipse.jface.text.source. IChangeRulerColumn
public static final  String QUICK_DIFF_MODEL_ID "diff"

org.eclipse.jface.text.source. ICharacterPairMatcher
public static final int LEFT 1
public static final int RIGHT 0

org.eclipse.jface.text.source. ILineDiffInfo
public static final int ADDED 1
public static final int CHANGED 2
public static final int UNCHANGED 0

org.eclipse.jface.text.source. ISourceViewer
public static final int CONTENTASSIST_PROPOSALS 13
public static final int FORMAT 15
public static final int INFORMATION 16
public static final int QUICK_ASSIST 22

org.eclipse.jface.text.source. SourceViewer
protected static final  String _SELECTION_POSITION_CATEGORY "__selection_category"
protected static final int GAP_SIZE 2
protected static final int GAP_SIZE_1 1

org.eclipse.jface.text.source.projection. ProjectionAnnotation
public static final  String TYPE "org.eclipse.projection"

org.eclipse.jface.text.source.projection. ProjectionViewer
public static final int COLLAPSE 18
public static final int COLLAPSE_ALL 21
public static final int EXPAND 17
public static final int EXPAND_ALL 20
public static final int TOGGLE 19

org.eclipse.jface.text.templates. GlobalTemplateVariables
public static final  String SELECTION "selection"

org.eclipse.jface.text.templates. GlobalTemplateVariables.Cursor
public static final  String NAME "cursor"

org.eclipse.jface.text.templates. GlobalTemplateVariables.LineSelection
public static final  String NAME "line_selection"

org.eclipse.jface.text.templates. GlobalTemplateVariables.WordSelection
public static final  String NAME "word_selection"

org.eclipse.jface.util. OpenStrategy
public static final int ACTIVE_DESKTOP 3
public static final int ARROW_KEYS_OPEN 4
public static final int DOUBLE_CLICK 0
public static final int FILE_EXPLORER 5
public static final int NO_TIMER 1
public static final int SELECT_ON_HOVER 2
public static final int SINGLE_CLICK 1

org.eclipse.jface.util. Policy
public static final boolean DEFAULT false
public static final  String JFACE "org.eclipse.jface"

org.eclipse.jface.util. Util
public static final  String WS_CARBON "carbon"
public static final  String WS_COCOA "cocoa"
public static final  String WS_GTK "gtk"
public static final  String WS_MOTIF "motif"
public static final  String WS_PHOTON "photon"
public static final  String WS_UNKNOWN "unknown"
public static final  String WS_WIN32 "win32"
public static final  String WS_WPF "wpf"
public static final  String ZERO_LENGTH_STRING ""

org.eclipse.jface.viewers. AbstractTreeViewer
public static final int ALL_LEVELS -1

org.eclipse.jface.viewers. CellEditor
public static final  String COPY "copy"
public static final  String CUT "cut"
public static final  String DELETE "delete"
public static final  String FIND "find"
public static final  String PASTE "paste"
public static final  String REDO "redo"
public static final  String SELECT_ALL "selectall"
public static final  String UNDO "undo"

org.eclipse.jface.viewers. ColumnViewerEditor
public static final int DEFAULT 1
public static final int KEEP_EDITOR_ON_DOUBLE_CLICK 64
public static final int KEYBOARD_ACTIVATION 32
public static final int TABBING_CYCLE_IN_ROW 4
public static final int TABBING_HORIZONTAL 16
public static final int TABBING_MOVE_TO_ROW_NEIGHBOR 2
public static final int TABBING_VERTICAL 8

org.eclipse.jface.viewers. ColumnViewerEditorActivationEvent
public static final int KEY_PRESSED 1
public static final int MOUSE_CLICK_SELECTION 2
public static final int MOUSE_DOUBLE_CLICK_SELECTION 3
public static final int PROGRAMMATIC 4
public static final int TRAVERSAL 5

org.eclipse.jface.viewers. ColumnViewerEditorDeactivationEvent
public static final int EDITOR_CANCELED 1
public static final int EDITOR_SAVED 2

org.eclipse.jface.viewers. ColumnWeightData
public static final int MINIMUM_WIDTH 20

org.eclipse.jface.viewers. ComboBoxCellEditor
public static final int DROP_DOWN_ON_KEY_ACTIVATION 2
public static final int DROP_DOWN_ON_MOUSE_ACTIVATION 1
public static final int DROP_DOWN_ON_TRAVERSE_ACTIVATION 8

org.eclipse.jface.viewers. ComboBoxViewerCellEditor
public static final int DROP_DOWN_ON_KEY_ACTIVATION 2
public static final int DROP_DOWN_ON_MOUSE_ACTIVATION 1
public static final int DROP_DOWN_ON_TRAVERSE_ACTIVATION 8

org.eclipse.jface.viewers. DialogCellEditor
public static final  String CELL_EDITOR_IMG_DOTS_BUTTON "cell_editor_dots_button_image"

org.eclipse.jface.viewers. IBasicPropertyConstants
public static final  String P_CHILDREN "org.eclipse.jface.children"
public static final  String P_IMAGE "org.eclipse.jface.image"
public static final  String P_PARENT "org.eclipse.jface.parent"
public static final  String P_TEXT "org.eclipse.jface.text"

org.eclipse.jface.viewers. IDecoration
public static final int BOTTOM_LEFT 2
public static final int BOTTOM_RIGHT 3
public static final  String ENABLE_REPLACE "org.eclipse.jface.viewers.IDecoration.disableReplace"
public static final int REPLACE 5
public static final int TOP_LEFT 0
public static final int TOP_RIGHT 1
public static final int UNDERLAY 4

org.eclipse.jface.viewers. StyledCellLabelProvider
public static final int COLORS_ON_SELECTION 1
public static final int NO_FOCUS 2

org.eclipse.jface.viewers. Viewer
protected static final  String WIDGET_DATA_KEY "org.eclipse.jface.viewers.WIDGET_DATA"

org.eclipse.jface.viewers. ViewerDropAdapter
public static final int LOCATION_AFTER 2
public static final int LOCATION_BEFORE 1
public static final int LOCATION_NONE 4
public static final int LOCATION_ON 3

org.eclipse.jface.viewers. ViewerRow
public static final int ABOVE 1
public static final int BELOW 2

org.eclipse.jface.window. ToolTip
public static final int NO_RECREATE 2
public static final int RECREATE 1

org.eclipse.jface.window. Window
public static final int CANCEL 1
public static final int OK 0

org.eclipse.jface.wizard. Wizard
public static final  String DEFAULT_IMAGE "org.eclipse.jface.wizard.Wizard.pageImage"

org.eclipse.jface.wizard. WizardDialog
public static final  String WIZ_IMG_ERROR "dialog_title_error_image"

org.eclipse.jsch.core. IJSchLocation
public static final int USE_DEFAULT_PORT 0

org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring. CheckConditionsOperation
public static final int ALL_CONDITIONS 6
public static final int FINAL_CONDITIONS 4
public static final int INITIAL_CONDITONS 2
public static final int NONE 0

org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring. IRefactoringCoreStatusCodes
public static final int BAD_LOCATION 10001
public static final int CHECKER_ALREADY_EXISTS_IN_CONTEXT 10003
public static final int INTERNAL_ERROR 10000
public static final int MISSING_REFACTORING_HISTORY_VERSION 10004
public static final int PARTICIPANT_DISABLED 10009
public static final int REFACTORING_HISTORY_FORMAT_ERROR 10007
public static final int REFACTORING_HISTORY_IO_ERROR 10006
public static final int VALIDATE_EDIT_CHANGED_CONTENT 10002

org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring. RefactoringCore
public static final  String ID_PLUGIN "org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring"

org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring. RefactoringDescriptor
public static final int BREAKING_CHANGE 1
public static final  String ID_UNKNOWN "org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring.unknown"
public static final int MULTI_CHANGE 4
public static final int NONE 0
public static final int STRUCTURAL_CHANGE 2
public static final int USER_CHANGE 256

org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring. RefactoringSessionDescriptor
public static final  String VERSION_1_0 "1.0"

org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring. RefactoringStatus
public static final int ERROR 3
public static final int FATAL 4
public static final int INFO 1
public static final int OK 0
public static final int WARNING 2

org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring. RefactoringStatusEntry
public static final int NO_CODE -1

org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring. TextFileChange
public static final int FORCE_SAVE 2
public static final int KEEP_SAVE_STATE 1
public static final int LEAVE_DIRTY 4

org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring.history. RefactoringExecutionEvent
public static final int ABOUT_TO_PERFORM 4
public static final int ABOUT_TO_REDO 6
public static final int ABOUT_TO_UNDO 5
public static final int PERFORMED 1
public static final int REDONE 3
public static final int UNDONE 2

org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring.history. RefactoringHistoryEvent
public static final int ADDED 4
public static final int DELETED 3
public static final int POPPED 2
public static final int PUSHED 1

org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring.participants. IParticipantDescriptorFilter
public static final  String NAME "name"
public static final  String PARAM "param"
public static final  String VALUE "value"

org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring.resource. DeleteResourcesDescriptor
public static final  String ID "org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring.delete.resources"

org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring.resource. MoveResourcesDescriptor
public static final  String ID "org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring.move.resources"

org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring.resource. RenameResourceDescriptor
public static final  String ID "org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring.rename.resource"

org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring.resource. ResourceChange
public static final int SAVE_IF_DIRTY 4
public static final int VALIDATE_DEFAULT 0
public static final int VALIDATE_NOT_DIRTY 2
public static final int VALIDATE_NOT_READ_ONLY 1

org.eclipse.ltk.ui.refactoring. IRefactoringUIStatusCodes
public static final int INTERNAL_ERROR 10000

org.eclipse.ltk.ui.refactoring. RefactoringWizard
public static final int CHECK_INITIAL_CONDITIONS_ON_OPEN 1
public static final int DIALOG_BASED_UESR_INTERFACE 4
public static final int DIALOG_BASED_USER_INTERFACE 4
public static final int NO_BACK_BUTTON_ON_STATUS_DIALOG 64
public static final int NO_PREVIEW_PAGE 16
public static final int NONE 0
public static final int PREVIEW_EXPAND_FIRST_NODE 32
public static final int WIZARD_BASED_USER_INTERFACE 2
public static final int YES_NO_BUTTON_STYLE 8

org.eclipse.ltk.ui.refactoring. RefactoringWizardOpenOperation
public static final int INITIAL_CONDITION_CHECKING_FAILED 1025

org.eclipse.ltk.ui.refactoring. RefactoringWizardPage
public static final  String REFACTORING_SETTINGS "org.eclipse.ltk.ui.refactoring.settings"

org.eclipse.ltk.ui.refactoring.history. RefactoringHistoryWizard
public static final int STATUS_CODE_INTERRUPTED 10003 IContextMenuConstants
public static final  String GROUP_ADDITIONS "additions"
public static final  String GROUP_BUILD ""
public static final  String GROUP_EDIT "group.edit"
public static final  String GROUP_FILTERING "group.filtering"
public static final  String GROUP_GENERATE "group.generate"
public static final  String GROUP_GOTO "group.goto"
public static final  String GROUP_NEW ""
public static final  String GROUP_OPEN ""
public static final  String GROUP_PROPERTIES ""
public static final  String GROUP_REMOVE_MATCHES "group.removeMatches"
public static final  String GROUP_REORGANIZE "group.reorganize"
public static final  String GROUP_SEARCH ""
public static final  String GROUP_SHOW ""
public static final  String GROUP_VIEWER_SETUP "group.viewerSetup" ISearchPageContainer
public static final int SELECTED_PROJECTS_SCOPE 3
public static final int SELECTION_SCOPE 1
public static final int WORKING_SET_SCOPE 2
public static final int WORKSPACE_SCOPE 0 ISearchPageScoreComputer
public static final int LOWEST 0
public static final int UNKNOWN -1 NewSearchUI
public static final  String ACTION_SET_ID ""
public static final  String PLUGIN_ID ""
public static final  String SEARCH_MARKER ""
public static final  String SEARCH_VIEW_ID "" SearchUI
public static final  String ACTION_SET_ID ""
public static final  String LINE "line"
public static final  String PLUGIN_ID ""
public static final  String POTENTIAL_MATCH "potentialMatch"
public static final  String SEARCH_MARKER ""
public static final  String SEARCH_RESULT_VIEW_ID ""
public static final  String SEARCH_VIEW_ID "" AbstractTextSearchViewPage
public static final int FLAG_LAYOUT_FLAT 1
public static final int FLAG_LAYOUT_TREE 2 Match
public static final int UNIT_CHARACTER 2
public static final int UNIT_LINE 1 MatchEvent
public static final int ADDED 1
public static final int REMOVED 2

org.eclipse.swt. SWT
public static final int ABORT 512
public static final int Activate 26
public static final int ALPHA 4
public static final int ALT 65536
public static final int APPLICATION_MODAL 65536
public static final int Arm 30
public static final int ARROW 4
public static final int ARROW_DOWN 16777218
public static final int ARROW_LEFT 16777219
public static final int ARROW_RIGHT 16777220
public static final int ARROW_UP 16777217
public static final int BACKGROUND 8
public static final int BALLOON 4096
public static final int BAR 2
public static final int BEGINNING 1
public static final int BITMAP 0
public static final int BOLD 1
public static final int BORDER 2048
public static final int BORDER_DASH 2
public static final int BORDER_DOT 4
public static final int BORDER_SOLID 1
public static final int BOTTOM 1024
public static final int BREAK 16777302
public static final char BS 8
public static final int BUTTON1 524288
public static final int BUTTON2 1048576
public static final int BUTTON3 2097152
public static final int BUTTON4 8388608
public static final int BUTTON5 33554432
public static final int CALENDAR 1024
public static final int CANCEL 256
public static final int CAP_FLAT 1
public static final int CAP_ROUND 2
public static final int CAP_SQUARE 3
public static final int CAPS_LOCK 16777298
public static final int CASCADE 64
public static final int CENTER 16777216
public static final int CHECK 32
public static final int CLIP_CHILDREN 4096
public static final int CLIP_SIBLINGS 8192
public static final int Close 21
public static final int CLOSE 64
public static final int Collapse 18
public static final int COLOR_BLACK 2
public static final int COLOR_BLUE 9
public static final int COLOR_CYAN 13
public static final int COLOR_DARK_BLUE 10
public static final int COLOR_DARK_CYAN 14
public static final int COLOR_DARK_GRAY 16
public static final int COLOR_DARK_GREEN 6
public static final int COLOR_DARK_MAGENTA 12
public static final int COLOR_DARK_RED 4
public static final int COLOR_DARK_YELLOW 8
public static final int COLOR_GRAY 15
public static final int COLOR_GREEN 5
public static final int COLOR_INFO_BACKGROUND 29
public static final int COLOR_INFO_FOREGROUND 28
public static final int COLOR_LIST_BACKGROUND 25
public static final int COLOR_LIST_FOREGROUND 24
public static final int COLOR_LIST_SELECTION 26
public static final int COLOR_LIST_SELECTION_TEXT 27
public static final int COLOR_MAGENTA 11
public static final int COLOR_RED 3
public static final int COLOR_TITLE_BACKGROUND 31
public static final int COLOR_TITLE_BACKGROUND_GRADIENT 32
public static final int COLOR_TITLE_FOREGROUND 30
public static final int COLOR_TITLE_INACTIVE_BACKGROUND 34
public static final int COLOR_TITLE_INACTIVE_FOREGROUND 33
public static final int COLOR_WHITE 1
public static final int COLOR_WIDGET_BACKGROUND 22
public static final int COLOR_WIDGET_BORDER 23
public static final int COLOR_WIDGET_DARK_SHADOW 17
public static final int COLOR_WIDGET_FOREGROUND 21
public static final int COLOR_WIDGET_HIGHLIGHT_SHADOW 20
public static final int COLOR_WIDGET_LIGHT_SHADOW 19
public static final int COLOR_WIDGET_NORMAL_SHADOW 18
public static final int COLOR_YELLOW 7
public static final int COMMAND 4194304
public static final int COMPOSITION_CHANGED 1
public static final int COMPOSITION_OFFSET 2
public static final int COMPOSITION_SELECTION 3
public static final int CONTROL 262144
public static final char CR 13
public static final int CTRL 262144
public static final int CURSOR_APPSTARTING 3
public static final int CURSOR_ARROW 0
public static final int CURSOR_CROSS 2
public static final int CURSOR_HAND 21
public static final int CURSOR_HELP 4
public static final int CURSOR_IBEAM 19
public static final int CURSOR_NO 20
public static final int CURSOR_SIZEALL 5
public static final int CURSOR_SIZEE 12
public static final int CURSOR_SIZEN 10
public static final int CURSOR_SIZENE 14
public static final int CURSOR_SIZENESW 6
public static final int CURSOR_SIZENS 7
public static final int CURSOR_SIZENW 17
public static final int CURSOR_SIZENWSE 8
public static final int CURSOR_SIZES 11
public static final int CURSOR_SIZESE 15
public static final int CURSOR_SIZESW 16
public static final int CURSOR_SIZEW 13
public static final int CURSOR_SIZEWE 9
public static final int CURSOR_UPARROW 18
public static final int CURSOR_WAIT 1
public static final int DATE 32
public static final int DBCS 2
public static final int Deactivate 27
public static final int DEFAULT -1
public static final int DefaultSelection 14
public static final int Deiconify 20
public static final char DEL 127
public static final int DELIMITER_SELECTION 131072
public static final int DIALOG_TRIM 2144
public static final int Dispose 12
public static final int DM_FILL_BACKGROUND 2
public static final int DM_FILL_NONE 1
public static final int DM_FILL_PREVIOUS 3
public static final int DM_UNSPECIFIED 0
public static final int DOUBLE_BUFFERED 536870912
public static final int DOWN 1024
public static final int DRAG 1
public static final int DragDetect 29
public static final int DRAW_DELIMITER 2
public static final int DRAW_MNEMONIC 8
public static final int DRAW_TAB 4
public static final int DRAW_TRANSPARENT 1
public static final int DROP_DOWN 4
public static final int EMBEDDED 16777216
public static final int END 16777224
public static final int EraseItem 40
public static final int ERROR 1
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_BE_ZERO 7
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_GET_COUNT 36
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_GET_ENABLED 31
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_GET_ITEM 8
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_GET_ITEM_HEIGHT 11
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_GET_SELECTION 9
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_GET_TEXT 12
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_INVERT_MATRIX 10
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_SET_ENABLED 30
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_SET_MENU 29
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_SET_SELECTION 28
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_SET_TEXT 13
public static final int ERROR_DEVICE_DISPOSED 45
public static final int ERROR_FAILED_EVALUATE 50
public static final int ERROR_FAILED_EXEC 46
public static final int ERROR_FAILED_LOAD_LIBRARY 47
public static final int ERROR_FUNCTION_DISPOSED 49
public static final int ERROR_GRAPHIC_DISPOSED 44
public static final int ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENT 5
public static final int ERROR_INVALID_FONT 48
public static final int ERROR_INVALID_IMAGE 40
public static final int ERROR_INVALID_PARENT 32
public static final int ERROR_INVALID_RANGE 6
public static final int ERROR_INVALID_RETURN_VALUE 51
public static final int ERROR_INVALID_SUBCLASS 43
public static final int ERROR_IO 39
public static final int ERROR_ITEM_NOT_ADDED 14
public static final int ERROR_ITEM_NOT_REMOVED 15
public static final int ERROR_MENU_NOT_BAR 33
public static final int ERROR_MENU_NOT_DROP_DOWN 21
public static final int ERROR_MENU_NOT_POP_UP 37
public static final int ERROR_MENUITEM_NOT_CASCADE 27
public static final int ERROR_NO_GRAPHICS_LIBRARY 16
public static final int ERROR_NO_HANDLES 2
public static final int ERROR_NO_MORE_CALLBACKS 3
public static final int ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED 20
public static final int ERROR_NULL_ARGUMENT 4
public static final int ERROR_THREAD_INVALID_ACCESS 22
public static final int ERROR_UNSPECIFIED 1
public static final int ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_DEPTH 38
public static final int ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_FORMAT 42
public static final int ERROR_WIDGET_DISPOSED 24
public static final char ESC 27
public static final int Expand 17
public static final int F1 16777226
public static final int F10 16777235
public static final int F11 16777236
public static final int F12 16777237
public static final int F13 16777238
public static final int F14 16777239
public static final int F15 16777240
public static final int F2 16777227
public static final int F3 16777228
public static final int F4 16777229
public static final int F5 16777230
public static final int F6 16777231
public static final int F7 16777232
public static final int F8 16777233
public static final int F9 16777234
public static final int FILL 4
public static final int FILL_EVEN_ODD 1
public static final int FILL_WINDING 2
public static final int FLAT 8388608
public static final int FOCUSED 4
public static final int FocusIn 15
public static final int FocusOut 16
public static final int FOREGROUND 16
public static final int FULL_SELECTION 65536
public static final int H_SCROLL 256
public static final int HardKeyDown 33
public static final int HardKeyUp 34
public static final int Help 28
public static final int HELP 16777297
public static final int Hide 23
public static final int HIDE_SELECTION 32768
public static final int HIGH 2
public static final int HOME 16777223
public static final int HORIZONTAL 256
public static final int HOT 32
public static final int ICON 1
public static final int ICON_CANCEL 256
public static final int ICON_ERROR 1
public static final int ICON_INFORMATION 2
public static final int ICON_QUESTION 4
public static final int ICON_SEARCH 512
public static final int ICON_WARNING 8
public static final int ICON_WORKING 16
public static final int Iconify 19
public static final int IGNORE 2048
public static final int IMAGE_BMP 0
public static final int IMAGE_BMP_RLE 1
public static final int IMAGE_COPY 0
public static final int IMAGE_DISABLE 1
public static final int IMAGE_GIF 2
public static final int IMAGE_GRAY 2
public static final int IMAGE_ICO 3
public static final int IMAGE_JPEG 4
public static final int IMAGE_OS2_BMP 7
public static final int IMAGE_PNG 5
public static final int IMAGE_TIFF 6
public static final int IMAGE_UNDEFINED -1
public static final int ImeComposition 43
public static final int INDETERMINATE 2
public static final int INHERIT_DEFAULT 1
public static final int INHERIT_FORCE 2
public static final int INHERIT_NONE 0
public static final int INSERT 16777225
public static final int ITALIC 2
public static final int JOIN_BEVEL 3
public static final int JOIN_MITER 1
public static final int JOIN_ROUND 2
public static final int KEY_MASK 16842751
public static final int KEYCODE_BIT 16777216
public static final int KeyDown 1
public static final int KEYPAD_0 16777264
public static final int KEYPAD_1 16777265
public static final int KEYPAD_2 16777266
public static final int KEYPAD_3 16777267
public static final int KEYPAD_4 16777268
public static final int KEYPAD_5 16777269
public static final int KEYPAD_6 16777270
public static final int KEYPAD_7 16777271
public static final int KEYPAD_8 16777272
public static final int KEYPAD_9 16777273
public static final int KEYPAD_ADD 16777259
public static final int KEYPAD_CR 16777296
public static final int KEYPAD_DECIMAL 16777262
public static final int KEYPAD_DIVIDE 16777263
public static final int KEYPAD_EQUAL 16777277
public static final int KEYPAD_MULTIPLY 16777258
public static final int KEYPAD_SUBTRACT 16777261
public static final int KeyUp 2
public static final int LAST_LINE_SELECTION 1048576
public static final int LEAD 16384
public static final int LEFT 16384
public static final int LEFT_TO_RIGHT 33554432
public static final char LF 10
public static final int LINE_CUSTOM 6
public static final int LINE_DASH 2
public static final int LINE_DASHDOT 4
public static final int LINE_DASHDOTDOT 5
public static final int LINE_DOT 3
public static final int LINE_SOLID 1
public static final int LONG 268435456
public static final int LOW 1
public static final int MAX 1024
public static final int MeasureItem 41
public static final int MEDIUM 65536
public static final int MENU 64
public static final int MenuDetect 35
public static final int MIN 128
public static final int MIRRORED 134217728
public static final int MODELESS 0
public static final int Modify 24
public static final int MouseDoubleClick 8
public static final int MouseDown 3
public static final int MouseEnter 6
public static final int MouseExit 7
public static final int MouseHover 32
public static final int MouseMove 5
public static final int MouseUp 4
public static final int MouseWheel 37
public static final int Move 10
public static final int MOVEMENT_CHAR 1
public static final int MOVEMENT_CLUSTER 2
public static final int MOVEMENT_WORD 4
public static final int MOVEMENT_WORD_END 8
public static final int MOVEMENT_WORD_START 16
public static final int MOZILLA 32768
public static final int MULTI 2
public static final int NATIVE 8
public static final int NO 128
public static final int NO_BACKGROUND 262144
public static final int NO_FOCUS 524288
public static final int NO_MERGE_PAINTS 2097152
public static final int NO_RADIO_GROUP 4194304
public static final int NO_REDRAW_RESIZE 1048576
public static final int NO_SCROLL 16
public static final int NO_TRIM 8
public static final int None 0
public static final int NONE 0
public static final int NORMAL 0
public static final int NULL 0
public static final int NUM_LOCK 16777299
public static final int OFF 0
public static final int OK 32
public static final int ON 1
public static final int ON_TOP 16384
public static final int OPEN 4096
public static final int PAGE_DOWN 16777222
public static final int PAGE_UP 16777221
public static final int Paint 9
public static final int PaintItem 42
public static final int PASSWORD 4194304
public static final int PATH_CLOSE 5
public static final int PATH_CUBIC_TO 4
public static final int PATH_LINE_TO 2
public static final int PATH_MOVE_TO 1
public static final int PATH_QUAD_TO 3
public static final int PAUSE 16777301
public static final int PAUSED 4
public static final int PHONETIC 16
public static final int POP_UP 8
public static final int PRIMARY_MODAL 32768
public static final int PRINT_SCREEN 16777303
public static final int PUSH 8
public static final int RADIO 16
public static final int READ_ONLY 8
public static final int Resize 11
public static final int RESIZE 16
public static final int RETRY 1024
public static final int RIGHT 131072
public static final int RIGHT_TO_LEFT 67108864
public static final int ROMAN 32
public static final int SAVE 8192
public static final int SCROLL_LINE 1
public static final int SCROLL_LOCK 16777300
public static final int SCROLL_PAGE 2
public static final int SEARCH 128
public static final int SELECTED 2
public static final int Selection 13
public static final int SEPARATOR 2
public static final int SetData 36
public static final int Settings 39
public static final int SHADOW_ETCHED_IN 16
public static final int SHADOW_ETCHED_OUT 64
public static final int SHADOW_IN 4
public static final int SHADOW_NONE 32
public static final int SHADOW_OUT 8
public static final int SHEET 268435456
public static final int SHELL_TRIM 1264
public static final int SHIFT 131072
public static final int SHORT 32768
public static final int Show 22
public static final int SIMPLE 64
public static final int SINGLE 4
public static final int SMOOTH 65536
public static final int SYSTEM_MODAL 131072
public static final char TAB 9
public static final int TIME 128
public static final int TITLE 32
public static final int TOGGLE 2
public static final int TOOL 4
public static final int TOP 128
public static final int TRAIL 131072
public static final int TRANSPARENCY_ALPHA 1
public static final int TRANSPARENCY_MASK 2
public static final int TRANSPARENCY_NONE 0
public static final int TRANSPARENCY_PIXEL 4
public static final int TRANSPARENT 1073741824
public static final int Traverse 31
public static final int TRAVERSE_ARROW_NEXT 64
public static final int TRAVERSE_ARROW_PREVIOUS 32
public static final int TRAVERSE_ESCAPE 2
public static final int TRAVERSE_MNEMONIC 128
public static final int TRAVERSE_NONE 0
public static final int TRAVERSE_PAGE_NEXT 512
public static final int TRAVERSE_PAGE_PREVIOUS 256
public static final int TRAVERSE_RETURN 4
public static final int TRAVERSE_TAB_NEXT 16
public static final int TRAVERSE_TAB_PREVIOUS 8
public static final int UNDERLINE_DOUBLE 1
public static final int UNDERLINE_ERROR 2
public static final int UNDERLINE_LINK 4
public static final int UNDERLINE_SINGLE 0
public static final int UNDERLINE_SQUIGGLE 3
public static final int UP 128
public static final int V_SCROLL 512
public static final int Verify 25
public static final int VERTICAL 512
public static final int VIRTUAL 268435456
public static final int WRAP 64
public static final int YES 64

org.eclipse.swt.accessibility. ACC
public static final int CHILDID_MULTIPLE -3
public static final int CHILDID_NONE -2
public static final int CHILDID_SELF -1
public static final int ROLE_CHECKBUTTON 44
public static final int ROLE_CLIENT_AREA 10
public static final int ROLE_COMBOBOX 46
public static final int ROLE_DIALOG 18
public static final int ROLE_LABEL 41
public static final int ROLE_LINK 30
public static final int ROLE_LIST 33
public static final int ROLE_LISTITEM 34
public static final int ROLE_MENU 11
public static final int ROLE_MENUBAR 2
public static final int ROLE_MENUITEM 12
public static final int ROLE_PROGRESSBAR 48
public static final int ROLE_PUSHBUTTON 43
public static final int ROLE_RADIOBUTTON 45
public static final int ROLE_SCROLLBAR 3
public static final int ROLE_SEPARATOR 21
public static final int ROLE_SLIDER 51
public static final int ROLE_SPLITBUTTON 62
public static final int ROLE_TABFOLDER 60
public static final int ROLE_TABITEM 37
public static final int ROLE_TABLE 24
public static final int ROLE_TABLECELL 29
public static final int ROLE_TABLECOLUMN 25
public static final int ROLE_TABLECOLUMNHEADER 25
public static final int ROLE_TABLEROWHEADER 26
public static final int ROLE_TEXT 42
public static final int ROLE_TOOLBAR 22
public static final int ROLE_TOOLTIP 13
public static final int ROLE_TREE 35
public static final int ROLE_TREEITEM 36
public static final int ROLE_WINDOW 9
public static final int STATE_BUSY 2048
public static final int STATE_CHECKED 16
public static final int STATE_COLLAPSED 1024
public static final int STATE_EXPANDED 512
public static final int STATE_FOCUSABLE 1048576
public static final int STATE_FOCUSED 4
public static final int STATE_HOTTRACKED 128
public static final int STATE_INVISIBLE 32768
public static final int STATE_LINKED 4194304
public static final int STATE_MULTISELECTABLE 16777216
public static final int STATE_NORMAL 0
public static final int STATE_OFFSCREEN 65536
public static final int STATE_PRESSED 8
public static final int STATE_READONLY 64
public static final int STATE_SELECTABLE 2097152
public static final int STATE_SELECTED 2
public static final int STATE_SIZEABLE 131072
public static final int TEXT_DELETE 1
public static final int TEXT_INSERT 0

org.eclipse.swt.custom. ST
public static final int BULLET_CUSTOM 32
public static final int BULLET_DOT 1
public static final int BULLET_LETTER_LOWER 4
public static final int BULLET_LETTER_UPPER 8
public static final int BULLET_NUMBER 2
public static final int BULLET_TEXT 16
public static final int COLUMN_NEXT 16777220
public static final int COLUMN_PREVIOUS 16777219
public static final int COPY 17039369
public static final int CUT 131199
public static final int DELETE_NEXT 127
public static final int DELETE_PREVIOUS 8
public static final int DELETE_WORD_NEXT 262271
public static final int DELETE_WORD_PREVIOUS 262152
public static final int LINE_DOWN 16777218
public static final int LINE_END 16777224
public static final int LINE_START 16777223
public static final int LINE_UP 16777217
public static final int PAGE_DOWN 16777222
public static final int PAGE_UP 16777221
public static final int PASTE 16908297
public static final int SELECT_ALL 262209
public static final int SELECT_COLUMN_NEXT 16908292
public static final int SELECT_COLUMN_PREVIOUS 16908291
public static final int SELECT_LINE_DOWN 16908290
public static final int SELECT_LINE_END 16908296
public static final int SELECT_LINE_START 16908295
public static final int SELECT_LINE_UP 16908289
public static final int SELECT_PAGE_DOWN 16908294
public static final int SELECT_PAGE_UP 16908293
public static final int SELECT_TEXT_END 17170440
public static final int SELECT_TEXT_START 17170439
public static final int SELECT_WINDOW_END 17170438
public static final int SELECT_WINDOW_START 17170437
public static final int SELECT_WORD_NEXT 17170436
public static final int SELECT_WORD_PREVIOUS 17170435
public static final int TEXT_END 17039368
public static final int TEXT_START 17039367
public static final int TOGGLE_BLOCKSELECTION 16777226
public static final int TOGGLE_OVERWRITE 16777225
public static final int WINDOW_END 17039366
public static final int WINDOW_START 17039365
public static final int WORD_NEXT 17039364
public static final int WORD_PREVIOUS 17039363

org.eclipse.swt.custom. StyledTextPrintOptions
public static final  String PAGE_TAG "<page>"
public static final  String SEPARATOR "\t"

org.eclipse.swt.dnd. DND
public static final int CLIPBOARD 1
public static final  String DRAG_SOURCE_KEY "DragSource"
public static final int DragEnd 2000
public static final int DragEnter 2002
public static final int DragLeave 2003
public static final int DragOperationChanged 2005
public static final int DragOver 2004
public static final int DragSetData 2001
public static final int DragStart 2008
public static final int Drop 2006
public static final int DROP_COPY 1
public static final int DROP_DEFAULT 16
public static final int DROP_LINK 4
public static final int DROP_MOVE 2
public static final int DROP_NONE 0
public static final  String DROP_TARGET_KEY "DropTarget"
public static final int DROP_TARGET_MOVE 8
public static final int DropAccept 2007
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_INIT_DRAG 2000
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_INIT_DROP 2001
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_SET_CLIPBOARD 2002
public static final int ERROR_INVALID_DATA 2003
public static final int FEEDBACK_EXPAND 16
public static final int FEEDBACK_INSERT_AFTER 4
public static final int FEEDBACK_INSERT_BEFORE 2
public static final int FEEDBACK_NONE 0
public static final int FEEDBACK_SCROLL 8
public static final int FEEDBACK_SELECT 1
public static final int SELECTION_CLIPBOARD 2

org.eclipse.swt.layout. GridData
public static final int BEGINNING 1
public static final int CENTER 2
public static final int END 3
public static final int FILL 4
public static final int FILL_BOTH 1808
public static final int FILL_HORIZONTAL 768
public static final int FILL_VERTICAL 1040
public static final int GRAB_HORIZONTAL 512
public static final int GRAB_VERTICAL 1024
public static final int HORIZONTAL_ALIGN_BEGINNING 32
public static final int HORIZONTAL_ALIGN_CENTER 64
public static final int HORIZONTAL_ALIGN_END 128
public static final int HORIZONTAL_ALIGN_FILL 256
public static final int VERTICAL_ALIGN_BEGINNING 2
public static final int VERTICAL_ALIGN_CENTER 4
public static final int VERTICAL_ALIGN_END 8
public static final int VERTICAL_ALIGN_FILL 16

org.eclipse.swt.ole.win32. OLE
public static final int CC_CDECL 1
public static final int CC_FASTCALL 0
public static final int CC_FPFASTCALL 5
public static final int CC_MACPASCAL 3
public static final int CC_MAX 9
public static final int CC_MPWCDECL 7
public static final int CC_MPWPASCAL 8
public static final int CC_MSCPASCAL 2
public static final int CC_PASCAL 2
public static final int CC_STDCALL 4
public static final int CC_SYSCALL 6
public static final int E_FAIL -2147467259
public static final int E_INVALIDARG -2147024809
public static final int E_NOINTERFACE -2147467262
public static final int E_NOTIMPL -2147467263
public static final int ERROR_ACTION_NOT_PERFORMED 1014
public static final int ERROR_APPLICATION_NOT_FOUND 1013
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_ACCESS_CLASSFACTORY 1005
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_CHANGE_VARIANT_TYPE 1010
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_CREATE_FILE 1000
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_CREATE_LICENSED_OBJECT 1006
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_CREATE_OBJECT 1001
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_OPEN_FILE 1002
public static final int ERROR_INTERFACE_NOT_FOUND 1003
public static final int ERROR_INVALID_CLASSID 1004
public static final int ERROR_INVALID_INTERFACE_ADDRESS 1011
public static final int ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY 1007
public static final int FUNC_DISPATCH 4
public static final int FUNC_NONVIRTUAL 2
public static final int FUNC_PUREVIRTUAL 1
public static final int FUNC_STATIC 3
public static final int FUNC_VIRTUAL 0
public static final short FUNCFLAG_FBINDABLE 4
public static final short FUNCFLAG_FDEFAULTBIND 32
public static final short FUNCFLAG_FDEFAULTCOLLELEM 256
public static final short FUNCFLAG_FDISPLAYBIND 16
public static final short FUNCFLAG_FHIDDEN 64
public static final short FUNCFLAG_FIMMEDIATEBIND 4096
public static final short FUNCFLAG_FNONBROWSABLE 1024
public static final short FUNCFLAG_FREPLACEABLE 2048
public static final short FUNCFLAG_FREQUESTEDIT 8
public static final short FUNCFLAG_FRESTRICTED 1
public static final short FUNCFLAG_FSOURCE 2
public static final short FUNCFLAG_FUIDEFAULT 512
public static final short FUNCFLAG_FUSESGETLASTERROR 128
public static final int HRESULT_UNSPECIFIED 0
public static final  String IID_IDISPATCH "{00020400-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}"
public static final  String IID_IUNKNOWN "{00000000-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}"
public static final int INVOKE_FUNC 1
public static final int INVOKE_PROPERTYGET 2
public static final int INVOKE_PROPERTYPUT 4
public static final int INVOKE_PROPERTYPUTREF 8
public static final int OLECMDEXECOPT_DODEFAULT 0
public static final int OLECMDEXECOPT_DONTPROMPTUSER 2
public static final int OLECMDEXECOPT_PROMPTUSER 1
public static final int OLECMDEXECOPT_SHOWHELP 3
public static final int OLECMDF_ENABLED 2
public static final int OLECMDF_LATCHED 4
public static final int OLECMDF_NINCHED 8
public static final int OLECMDF_SUPPORTED 1
public static final int OLECMDID_CLEARSELECTION 18
public static final int OLECMDID_COPY 12
public static final int OLECMDID_CUT 11
public static final int OLECMDID_GETZOOMRANGE 20
public static final int OLECMDID_HIDETOOLBARS 24
public static final int OLECMDID_NEW 2
public static final int OLECMDID_OPEN 1
public static final int OLECMDID_PAGESETUP 8
public static final int OLECMDID_PASTE 13
public static final int OLECMDID_PASTESPECIAL 14
public static final int OLECMDID_PRINT 6
public static final int OLECMDID_PRINTPREVIEW 7
public static final int OLECMDID_PROPERTIES 10
public static final int OLECMDID_REDO 16
public static final int OLECMDID_REFRESH 22
public static final int OLECMDID_SAVE 3
public static final int OLECMDID_SAVEAS 4
public static final int OLECMDID_SAVECOPYAS 5
public static final int OLECMDID_SELECTALL 17
public static final int OLECMDID_SETDOWNLOADSTATE 29
public static final int OLECMDID_SETPROGRESSMAX 25
public static final int OLECMDID_SETPROGRESSPOS 26
public static final int OLECMDID_SETPROGRESSTEXT 27
public static final int OLECMDID_SETTITLE 28
public static final int OLECMDID_SPELL 9
public static final int OLECMDID_STOP 23
public static final int OLECMDID_STOPDOWNLOAD 30
public static final int OLECMDID_UNDO 15
public static final int OLECMDID_UPDATECOMMANDS 21
public static final int OLECMDID_ZOOM 19
public static final int OLECMDTEXTF_NAME 1
public static final int OLECMDTEXTF_NONE 0
public static final int OLECMDTEXTF_STATUS 2
public static final int OLEIVERB_DISCARDUNDOSTATE -6
public static final int OLEIVERB_HIDE -3
public static final int OLEIVERB_INPLACEACTIVATE -5
public static final int OLEIVERB_OPEN -2
public static final int OLEIVERB_PRIMARY 0
public static final int OLEIVERB_PROPERTIES -7
public static final int OLEIVERB_SHOW -1
public static final int OLEIVERB_UIACTIVATE -4
public static final int PROPERTY_CHANGED 1
public static final int PROPERTY_CHANGING 0
public static final int S_FALSE 1
public static final int S_OK 0
public static final short VT_ARRAY 8192
public static final short VT_BLOB 65
public static final short VT_BLOB_OBJECT 70
public static final short VT_BOOL 11
public static final short VT_BSTR 8
public static final short VT_BSTR_BLOB 4095
public static final short VT_BYREF 16384
public static final short VT_CARRAY 28
public static final short VT_CF 71
public static final short VT_CLSID 72
public static final short VT_CY 6
public static final short VT_DATE 7
public static final short VT_DECIMAL 14
public static final short VT_DISPATCH 9
public static final short VT_EMPTY 0
public static final short VT_ERROR 10
public static final short VT_FILETIME 64
public static final short VT_HRESULT 25
public static final short VT_I1 16
public static final short VT_I2 2
public static final short VT_I4 3
public static final short VT_I8 20
public static final short VT_INT 22
public static final short VT_LPSTR 30
public static final short VT_LPWSTR 31
public static final short VT_NULL 1
public static final short VT_PTR 26
public static final short VT_R4 4
public static final short VT_R8 5
public static final short VT_RECORD 36
public static final short VT_SAFEARRAY 27
public static final short VT_STORAGE 67
public static final short VT_STORED_OBJECT 69
public static final short VT_STREAM 66
public static final short VT_STREAMED_OBJECT 68
public static final short VT_UI1 17
public static final short VT_UI2 18
public static final short VT_UI4 19
public static final short VT_UI8 21
public static final short VT_UINT 23
public static final short VT_UNKNOWN 13
public static final short VT_USERDEFINED 29
public static final short VT_VARIANT 12
public static final short VT_VECTOR 4096
public static final short VT_VERSIONED_STREAM 73
public static final short VT_VOID 24

org.eclipse.swt.printing. PrinterData
public static final int ALL_PAGES 0
public static final int LANDSCAPE 2
public static final int PAGE_RANGE 1
public static final int PORTRAIT 1
public static final int SELECTION 2 ITeamStatus
public static final int READ_ONLY_LOCAL 279
public static final int RESOURCE_SYNC_INFO_ERROR 1
public static final int SYNC_INFO_SET_CANCELLATION 3
public static final int SYNC_INFO_SET_ERROR 2 Team
public static final int BINARY 2
public static final int TEXT 1
public static final int UNKNOWN 0 TeamException
public static final int CONFLICT -7
public static final int IO_FAILED -4
public static final int NO_REMOTE_RESOURCE -3
public static final int NOT_AUTHORIZED -5
public static final int NOT_CHECKED_IN -1
public static final int NOT_CHECKED_OUT -2
public static final int OK 0
public static final int UNABLE -6 IDiff
public static final int ADD 1
public static final int CHANGE 4
public static final int NO_CHANGE 0
public static final int REMOVE 2 IDiffTree
public static final int P_BUSY_HINT 1
public static final int P_HAS_DESCENDANT_CONFLICTS 2 IThreeWayDiff
public static final int CONFLICTING 768
public static final int DIRECTION_MASK 768
public static final int INCOMING 512
public static final int OUTGOING 256 ITwoWayDiff
public static final int CONTENT 256
public static final int COPY_FROM 2048
public static final int MOVE_FROM 512
public static final int MOVE_TO 1024
public static final int REPLACE 4096 Diff
public static final int KIND_MASK 255 DiffTree
public static final int START_CLIENT_PROPERTY_RANGE 1024 TwoWayDiff
protected static final int FLAG_MASK 65280 IFileHistoryProvider
public static final int NONE 0
public static final int SINGLE_LINE_OF_DESCENT 2
public static final int SINGLE_REVISION 1 IMergeStatus
public static final int CONFLICTS 1
public static final int INTERNAL_ERROR 2 IResourceDiff
public static final int DESCRIPTION 131072
public static final int OPEN 65536 IStorageMerger
public static final int CONFLICT 1
public static final int INTERNAL_ERROR 2
public static final int OK 0
public static final int UNSUPPORTED_ENCODING 3 ISynchronizationContext
public static final int THREE_WAY 3
public static final int TWO_WAY 2 ISubscriberChangeEvent
public static final int NO_CHANGE 0
public static final int ROOT_ADDED 2
public static final int ROOT_REMOVED 4
public static final int SYNC_CHANGED 1 SyncInfo
public static final int ADDITION 1
public static final int AUTOMERGE_CONFLICT 32
public static final int CHANGE 3
public static final int CHANGE_MASK 3
public static final int CONFLICTING 12
public static final int DELETION 2
public static final int DIRECTION_MASK 12
public static final int IN_SYNC 0
public static final int INCOMING 8
public static final int MANUAL_CONFLICT 64
public static final int OUTGOING 4
public static final int PSEUDO_CONFLICT 16 ISaveableWorkbenchPart
public static final int PROP_DIRTY 257