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Eclipse Java Development User Guide
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Eclipse Java Development User Guide (Galileo)

Eclipse Java Development User Guide

Table of Contents

Java development user guide

Java development overview

Getting Started

Basic tutorial

Preparing Eclipse

Creating your first Java project

Browsing Java elements using the package explorer

Editing Java elements

Opening a Java editor

Using quick views

Adding new methods

Using content assist

Identifying problems in your code

Using code templates

Organizing import statements

Using the local history

Extracting a new method

Creating a Java class

Renaming Java elements

Moving and copying Java elements

Navigate to a Java element's declaration

Viewing the type hierarchy

Searching the workbench

Running your programs

Debugging your programs

Evaluating expressions

Evaluating snippets

Using the Java browsing perspective

Writing and running JUnit tests

Project configuration tutorial

Detecting existing layout

Organizing sources

Sibling products in a common source tree

Overlapping products in a common source tree

Product with nested tests

Products sharing a common source framework

Nesting resources in output directory

Project using a source framework with restricted access

Eclipse and J2SE 5.0


Java Projects

Java Builder

Build Classpath

Inclusion and Exclusion Patterns

Access Rules

Classpath Variables

Java Perspectives

Java Views

Filtering in Java Views

Sorting in Java Views

Java Element Decorations

Presentation options for Java views

Java Editor

Quick Fix and Quick Assist

Editor Templates

Java Search

Refactoring Support



Local Debugging

Remote Debugging


String Externalization


Customizing the Debugger and Console

Changing the active perspective when launching

Changing the appearance of the console view

Creating JAR Files

Creating a New JAR File

Setting Advanced Options

Defining the JAR File's Manifest

Regenerating a JAR File

Using the Local History

Comparing a Java Element With a Local History Edition

Replacing a Java Element With a Local History Edition

Restoring a Deleted Workbench Element

Externalizing Strings

Finding Strings to Externalize

Finding Unused and Incorrectly Used Keys in Property Files

Navigating the Workbench

Opening an Editor for a Selected Element

Showing an Element in the Package Explorer View

Opening a Type in the Package Explorer View

Opening an Editor on a Type

Opening a Package

Working with JREs

Assigning the default JRE for the workbench

Adding a new JRE definition

Choosing a JRE for a launch configuration

Deleting a JRE definition

Running and Debugging

Adding Line Breakpoints

Removing Line Breakpoints

Enabling and disabling breakpoints

Setting Method Breakpoints

Applying Hit Counts

Managing conditional breakpoints

Catching Java Exceptions

Adding Line Breakpoints

Preparing to Debug

Launching a Java program in debug mode

Suspending Threads

Resuming the execution of suspended threads

Stepping through the execution of a Java program

Inspecting values

Evaluating expressions

Using the remote Java application launch configuration

Disconnecting from a VM

Creating a Java application launch configuration

Launching a Java Program

Launching a Java applet

Setting execution arguments

Re-launching a program

Inspecting memory in the Memory view

Adding a variable, expression, or register to the Memory view

Adding multiple memory renderings and removing renderings

Working with memory monitors

Changing the contents of a memory location

Memory view preferences

Working with multiple Memory views

Removing memory monitors from the Memory view

Creating a Java Scrapbook Page

Inspecting the result of evaluating an expression

Displaying the result of evaluating an expression

Executing an expression

Using code assist

Scrapbook error reporting

Viewing compilation errors

Viewing runtime exceptions

Using the Formatter Application

Running the Formatter Application

Generating a Config File for the Formatter Application


Breakpoint Enable Condition

Breakpoint Enabled

Exception Breakpoint Caught Exception

Exception Breakpoint Suspend on Subclass of this Exception

Exception Breakpoint Uncaught Exception

Breakpoint Hit Count

Breakpoint Method Entry

Breakpoint Method Exit

Breakpoint Suspend Policy

Watchpoint Field Modification

Watchpoint Field Access

JDT Actions

File actions

Edit actions

Source Actions

Refactor Actions

Navigate Actions

Search Actions

Project Actions

Run Menu Actions

Java Toolbar Actions

Run and Debug toolbar actions

Java editor


Java Preferences

Java Appearance Preferences

Member Sort Order Preferences

Type Filters

Java Build Path Preferences

Classpath Variables Preferences

User Libraries

Java Code Style Preferences

Clean Up Preferences

Code Templates Preferences

Code Formatter Preferences

Organize Imports Preferences

Java Compiler Preferences

Java Building Preferences

Java Compiler Errors/Warnings Preferences

Java Compiler Javadoc Preferences

Java Task Tags Preferences

Java Debug Preferences

Detail Formatters Preferences

Heap Walking Preferences

Logical Structures Preferences

Primitive Display Options Preferences

Step Filtering Preferences

Java Editor Preferences

Java Content Assist Preferences

Advanced Java Content Assist Preferences

Java Content Assist Favorites Preferences

Java Editor Folding Preferences

Java Hovers Preferences

Mark Occurrences Preferences

Java Save Actions Preferences

Java Syntax Coloring Preferences

Java Editor Templates Preferences

Java Editor Typing Preferences

Installed JREs Preferences

Execution Environments Preferences

JUnit Preferences

Properties Files Editor Preferences

Debug preferences

Console Preferences

Launching Preferences

Default Launchers Preferences

Launch Configurations Preferences

Perspectives Preferences

String Substitution Preferences

View Management Preferences

Property Pages

Javadoc Location Dialog

Java Build Path

Java Compiler page

Java Task Tags Page

Source Attachment Property Page

Run / Debug Properties Page

Refactoring Wizard

Extract Method Errors


Java Search Tab


Java Views and Editors

Breakpoints View

Watchpoint Access

Add Java Exception Breakpoint

Breakpoint Properties...

Exception Breakpoint Caught

Collapse All


Disable Breakpoints

Enable Breakpoints

Method Breakpoint Entry

Method Breakpoint Exit

Expand All

Export Breakpoints

Go to File for Breakpoint

Group Breakpoints By

Breakpoint Hit Count

Import Breakpoints

Link Breakpoints View with Debug View

Watchpoint Modification


Remove Selected Breakpoint

Remove All Breakpoints

Select All

Select Default Breakpoint Working Set

Show Qualified Names

Show supported Breakpoints

Skip All Breakpoints

Breakpoint Suspend

Breakpoint View Working Sets

Exception Breakpoint Uncaught

Console View

CVS Console



Open Link

Process Console

Console Preferences

Remove All Terminated Launches

Remove Launch

Show Console When Standard Out Changes

Show Console When Standard Error Changes


Stacktrace Console

Console Autoformat

Console Format

Clear Console

Display Selected Console

Open Console

Pin Console

Scroll Lock

Debug View

Execution Control Commands


Step Into

Step Over

Step Return



Terminate all

Terminate and Relaunch

Terminate and Remove


Drop to Frame


Edit Source Lookup

Edit Step Filters

Filter Package

Filter Type


Lookup Source

Open Declared Type

Open Declared Type Hierarchy



Remove All Terminated

Show Monitors

Show System Threads

Show Thread Groups

Use Step Filters

Display View


Content Assist

Display Result


Inspect Selected Statement

Expressions View

Detail Pane

Assign Value

Force Return

Max Detail Pane Length

Wrap Text

Variable Display Commands

Show Constants

Show Logical Structures

Show Null Array Entries

Show References

Show Static Fields

Show Type Names

View Layout Commands

Show Columns

Select Columns

Horizontal View Orientation

Vertical View Orientation

View Only

Add Watch Expression

All Instances

All References

Change Variable Value

Convert to Watch Expression

Disable Watch Expression

Edit Watch Expression...

Enable Watch Expression

Inspect Selected Variable

View Java Preferences

Reevaluate Watch Expression

Remove Selected Expressions

Remove All Expressions

Toggle Field Watchpoint

Package Explorer View

Java Element Filters Dialog

Variables View

Create Watch Expression

Java outline

Java Scrapbook Page

Type Hierarchy View

Call Hierarchy View

Content/Code Assist

Quick Fix

Quick Assist

Wizards and Dialogs

Create New Elements

New Java Project Wizard

New Java Package Wizard

New Java Class Wizard

New Java Enum Wizard

New Java Interface Wizard

New Java Annotation Wizard

New Source Folder Wizard

New Java Scrapbook Page Wizard

Export Breakpoints Wizard

Export Launch Configurations Wizard

Externalize Strings Wizard

Import Breakpoints Wizard

Import Launch Configurations Wizard

JAR File Exporter

Javadoc Generation

Open Type

Create Getters and Setters

Generate toString() dialog

toString() Generator: Format Templates

toString() Generator: Code Styles

toString() Generator: Content Listing

Override Methods

Frequently Asked Questions on JDT

JDT Glossary

JDT Icons

List of JDT key bindings

Tips and Tricks (JDT)

What's New in 3.5 (JDT)

Legal Notices

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire