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Eclipse Java Development User Guide
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Java Preferences

The following Java preferences can be set on the Opens the Java preference page Java preference page and its sub-pages.




Action on double click in the Package Explorer
Go into the selected element
When you double click a container, a Go Into command is executed.
See Go Into from the Navigate menu.
Expand the selected element
When you double click a container, it is expanded and its children are revealed.
Expand the selected element
When opening a Type Hierarchy
Open a new Type Hierarchy Perspective
Opens a new Type Hierarchy perspective whenever a Type Hierarchy view is opened.
Show the Type Hierarchy View in the current perspective
The Type Hierarchy view is displayed in the current perspective.
Note: On the Workbench preferences page, you can choose whether new perspectives open in a new window, in the current window, or as a replacement for the current perspective.
Show the Type Hierarchy View in the current perspective
Refactoring Java code
Save all modified resources automatically prior to refactoring
If this option is turned off, refactorings may prompt to save modified files if required. If it is turned on, all modified files are saved without prompting prior to opening a refactoring wizard.
Rename in editor without dialog
If this option is turned on, then the rename refactoring will not show a dialog if invoked inside a Java editor. Instead the new name for the element to rename can be typed into the editor right away.
Use reduced search menu
If this option is turned on, the search context menus show only the most frequently used search actions.
Java dialogs
Clear all 'do not show again' settings and show all hidden dialogs again
If pressed, all 'do not show' settings are cleared.

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