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Eclipse Java Development User Guide
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Evaluating expressions

In this section, you will evaluate expressions in the context of your running Java program.

  1. Debug to the breakpoint in the setUp() method and select Step Over twice to populate fFull.  (See the Debugging your Programs section for full details.)
  2. Open the Display view by selecting Window > Show View > Display and type the following line in the view:


  3. Select the text you just typed, and from its context menu, select Display.  (You can also choose Display Result of Evaluating Selected Text (Display) from the Display view toolbar.)

    Display view with fFull.size selected and showing context menu

  4. The expression is evaluated and the result is displayed in the Display view.

    Display view showing evaluation result: (int) 2

  5. On a new line in the Display view, type the following line:


  6. Select this line, and select Inspect from the context menu.  (You can also choose Inspect Result of Evaluating Selected Text (Inspect) from the Display view toolbar.)
  7. A lightweight window opens with the value of the evaluated expression.

    Pop-up containing fFull.toArray() expression

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