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Eclipse Java Development User Guide
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Call Hierarchy View

The Call Hierarchy view shows callers and callees for a selected Java member.

Call Hierarchy commands:




Refresh the whole hierarchy

Cancel Current Search

Cancel the current running search. Useful for long running searches.

Show Caller Hierarchy

Show all callers in the search scope of the selected member.

Show Callee Hierarchy

Show all members which are called by the currently selected member.

Show History List

This menu displays a history of previously displayed call hierarchies.


Specifies the layout of the call hierarchy views

Field Accesses

Specifies which field accesses to show: Read or write accesses, or both

Search Scope

Defines the scope for the search for callers.


Specifies the patterns whose matching members will be hidden from the view.

Expand with Constructors (context menu)

Expands and replaces an instance method's normal children with:

  • the constructors of the method's declaring class
  • a node that contains the direct callers of the method

This is especially useful for methods in anonymous classes.

Expand with Constructors...

Specifies the list of types whose instance methods are expanded with constructors by default. The feature can also be enabled or disabled for all methods declared in anonymous types at once using the All methods in anonymous types option.

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