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Eclipse Java Development User Guide
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Open Type

This dialog allows you to browse the workbench for a type to open in an editor or type hierarchy

  • Enter type name prefix or pattern: In this field, type the first few characters of the type you want to select.

    The following pattern kinds are supported:

    • "*" for any string and "?" for any character
    • terminating "<" or " " (space) to prevent the automatic prefix matching, e.g. "java.*Access<" to match java.util.RandomAccess but not
    Camel case:
    • "TZ" for types containing "T" and "Z" as upper-case letters in camel-case notation, e.g. java.util.TimeZone
    • "NuPoEx" or "NuPo" for types containing "Nu", "Po", (and "Ex") as parts in camel-case notation, e.g. java.lang.NullPointerException
    • terminating "<" or " " (space) to fix the number of camel-case parts, e.g. "HMap<" and "HaMap<" match "HashMap" and "HatMapper", but not "HashMapEntry" nor "Hashmap".

    Both pattern kinds also support package prefixes, e.g. "j.util.*Map<".

  • Matching items: This list displays matches for the pattern you type in the Enter type name prefix or pattern field. Recently opened types show up in a history section at the top of the list.

The behavior of the Open Type dialog can be further customized using the dialog menu:

Open Type Options




Show Status Line When selected, the Open Type dialog shows an additional bar at the bottom of the dialog which displays the package and containing JRE of the selected type Show status line
Working Set actions The search scope can be restricted by selecting one or more working sets or the global Window Working Set. Show all types in the workspace.
Type Filters... Types are hidden if they match the global Java type filters. Show all types in the workspace.

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