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Eclipse Java Development User Guide
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Java Editor Preferences

The following Java editor preferences can be set on the Opens the Java Editor preference page Java > Editor preference page and its sub-pages.

Note that some options that are generally applicable to text editors can be configured on the text editor preference page.

Option Description Default
Smart caret positioning in Java names (overrides platform behavior)

If enabled, there are additional word boundaries inside |Camel|Case| Java names.


Report problems as you type

If enabled, the editor marks errors and warnings as you type, even if you do not save the editor contents. The problems are updated after a short delay.


Highlight matching brackets

If enabled, whenever the cursor is next to a parenthesis, bracket or curly braces, its opening or closing counter part is highlighted.

The color of the bracket highlight is specified with Appearance color options.


Light bulb for quick assists

If enabled, a light bulb shows up in the vertical ruler whenever a quick assist is available. See the quick assist section for a list of the available assists.


Only show the selected Java element

If enabled, the Java editor will only show the selected Java element which is currently selected (i.e. in the Outline View or the Package Explorer).


Appearance color options

The colors of various Java editor appearance features are specified here.

Matching brackets highlight
The color of brackets highlight.
Parameter hints background
The background color of the parameter hint window
Parameter hints foreground
The foreground color of the parameter hint window
Completion overwrite background
The background color of the completion overwrite window
Completion overwrite foreground
The foreground color of the completion overwrite window
Source hover background
The background color for the source hover. The source hover shows the source code of the element under the mouse pointer.

default colors

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