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Eclipse Java Development User Guide
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List of JDT key bindings

The list of available key bindings in Eclipse depends on many factors, including what view or editor is selected, whether a dialog is open, what plug-ins are installed, and what operating and windowing system is being used. At any time, you can obtain a list of available key bindings using Key Assist Help > Key Assist... or Ctrl+Shift+L). The following tables list some popular key bindings available in the Java development tools.

Java editor actions

Add Block Comment Ctrl+Shift+/
Add Import Ctrl+Shift+M
Content Assist Ctrl+Space
Content Assist (Simplified Chinese) Alt+/
Expand Selection to Enclosing Element Alt+Shift+Up Arrow
Expand Selection: Restore Last Selection Alt+Shift+Down Arrow
Expand Selection to Next Element Alt+Shift+Right Arrow
Expand Selection to Previous Element Alt+Shift+Left Arrow
Format Ctrl+Shift+F
Next Ctrl+. (Period)
Open External Javadoc Shift+F2
Open on Selection F3
Open Type Ctrl+Shift+T
Open Type Hierarchy F4
Open Type in Hierarchy Ctrl+Shift+H
Organize Imports Ctrl+Shift+O
Parameter Hints Ctrl+Shift+Space
Parameter Hints (Simplified Chinese) Alt+?
Previous Ctrl+, (Comma)
Quick Assist Ctrl+1
Quick Fix Ctrl+1
Redo Ctrl+Y
Remove Block Comment Ctrl+Shift+\
Search for Declarations in Workspace Ctrl+G
Search for References in Workspace Ctrl+Shift+G
Shift Right Tab
Shift Left Shift+Tab
Show Tooltip Description F2
Toggle Comment Ctrl+/
Undo Ctrl+Z

Debug actions

Debug Last Launched F11
Display Ctrl+Shift+D
Inspect Ctrl+Shift+I
Resume F8
Run Last Launched Ctrl+F11
Run Snippet Ctrl+U
Run to Line Ctrl+R
Run to Return F7
Step Into F5
Step into Selection Ctrl+F5
Step Over F6
Toggle Breakpoint Ctrl+Shift+B

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