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Acquire, Acquire
Addition, Glossary
Adjust FG BG, Adjust FG-BG
Airbrush, Airbrush Tool
Alien Map 2, Alien Map 2
Alpha, Glossary
Alpha Channel
Add, Add Alpha Channel
Apply Canvas, Apply Canvas
Apply Lens, Apply Lens
Autocrop, Autocrop Image


Background color, Color Area
Basic Setup, Main Windows in GIMP
Behind (paint mode), Glossary
Bibliography, Bibliography
Blend, Gradient Tool
Blinds, Blinds
Blur, Blur
BMP, Glossary
Border, Border
Border Average, Border Average
Borronear, Smudge Tool
Plug-In, Plug-In Browser
Procedure, The Procedure Browser
Brush, Pattern, Gradient Area
Preferences, Options
Brushes, Brushes , Brushes dialog
"Filter" brushes, Further Information
Creating New, Adding New Brushes
History brush, Further Information
Variable size brush, Creating a brush with variable size
Bucket Fill, Bucket Fill
Buffers, Buffers dialog
Named Buffers: Cut/Copy/Paste, Buffers
Bump Map, Bump Map
Burn, Glossary
Bézier's curve, Path Tool


Canvas Size, Canvas Size
Cartoon, Cartoon
Channel Mixer, Channel Mixer
Channels, Channels dialog , Glossary
Menu, Channels Menu
Checkerboard, Checkerboard
Clear, Clear
Clone, Clone Tool
Close, Close
CML Explorer, CML Explorer
CMYK, Compose , Decompose , Glossary
Color, Glossary
to Alpha, Color to Alpha
Color Area, Color Area
Preferences, Options
Color Balance, Color Balance Tool
Color Enhance, Color Enhance
Color Exchange, Two Colors Exchange
Color Map Rotation, Colormap Rotation
Color model, Glossary
Color Picker, Color Picker Tool
Color Selector, Colors dialog
Color to Alpha, Color to Alpha
Colorcube Analysis, Colorcube Analysis
Colorify, Colorify
Colormap, Colormap dialog
Command line
Arguments, Command Line Arguments
Compose, Compose , Compose
Concepts, Basic GIMP Concepts
Context menus, Context Menus
Contrast, Stretch Contrast
Convolution Matrix, Convolution matrix
Convolve, Convolve (Blur/Sharpen)
Copy (command), Copy
Copy Visible (Layers), Copy Visible
Crop, Crop and Resize Tool, Crop Image
Autocrop layer, Autocrop Layer
Zealous, Zealous Crop
Crop Layer, Crop Layer
Cubism, Cubism
Curve Bend, Curve Bend
Curves, Curves Tool
Cut (command), Cut


Darken, Glossary
Data folders
Preferences, Data Folders
Decompose, Decompose , Decompose
Deinterlace, Deinterlace
Delete Layer, Delete Layer
Depth Merge, Depth Merge
Despeckle, Despeckle
Destripe, Destripe
Detachable submenus, Detachable Submenus
Device Status, Device Status dialog
Colormap, Colormap dialog
Introduction, Dialog introduction
Layers, Layers dialog
Patterns, Patterns dialog
Undo History, Undo History dialog
Brushes, Brushes dialog
Buffers, Buffers dialog
Channels, Channels dialog
Color Selector, Colors dialog
Device Status, Device Status dialog
Docking, Dialogs and Docking
Document History, Document History dialog
Fonts, Fonts dialog
Gradient Dialog, Gradients dialog
Histogram, Histogram dialog
Images, Images dialog
Palettes, Palettes dialog
Paths, Path dialog
Data folders, Data Folders
Display, Display
Environment, Environment
Folders, Folders
Help System, Help System
Image Windows, Image Windows , Image Window Appearance
Title and Statusbar, Image Window Title and Statusbar
Tool Options, Tool Options
Toolbox, Toolbox
Window management, Window Managment
QuickMask, Quick Mask
Templates, Templates dialog
Tools, Tools dialog
preferences, Preferences dialog
interface, Interface
new image, New Image Preferences
theme, Theme
Difference, Glossary
Difference of Gaussians, Difference of Gaussians
Differentiel, Edge
Diffraction patterns, Diffraction Patterns
Dilate, Dilate
Displace, Displace
Preferences, Display
Dissolve, Glossary
Dithering, Glossary
Divide, Glossary
Docking, Dialogs and Docking
Document History, Document History dialog
Dodge, Glossary
Dodge/Burn, Dodge or Burn
Dot for dot, Options
Dot for Dot, Dot for Dot
Duplicate image, Duplicate


Edit Template, Edit Template
Editor, Selection Editor
Emboss, Emboss
Equalize Layer, Equalize
Eraser, Eraser
Erode, Erode
Error console, Error Console
Eye Dropper, Color Picker Tool


Feathering, Glossary
File (menu), File menu
File format, Glossary
Files, Files
Create, Creating new Files
Open, Opening Files
Fill with Background color, Fill with BG Color
Fill with Foreground Color, Fill with FG Color
Fill with Pattern, Fill with Pattern
Film, Film
Introduction, Artistic filters introduction
Blur, Blur filters introduction , Blur , Motion Blur , Pixelise , Tileable Blur
Artistic, Artistic filters
Blur, Blur filters
Color, Color filters
Combine, Combine filters
Distort, Distort filters
Edge-detect, Edge-detect filters
Enhance, Enhance filters
Generic, Generic filters
Glass Effects, Glass Effects filters
Light Effects, Light Effects filters
Map, Map filters
Noise, Noise filters
Render, Rendering filters
Color, Border Average , Colorify
Combine, Combine filters introduction
Introduction, Distort filters introduction
Enhance, Enhance filters introduction
Generic, Generic filters introduction , Convolution matrix , Dilate , Erode
Glass Effects, Glass Effects filters introduction
Introduction to filters, Filter introduction
Light Effects, Light Effects filters introduction
Noise, Noise filters introduction , Hurl , Scatter RGB , Pick , Scatter HSV , Slur , Spread
Render, Solid Noise , IFS Compose , Grid , Maze , Sinus , Sphere Designer
Introduction, Render filters introduction
Filter Pack, Filter Pack
Artistic, Apply Canvas , Cartoon , Cubism , GIMPressionist , Oilify , Photocopy , Soft Glow
Blur, Gaussian Blur
Selective Gaussian, Selective Gaussian Blur
Colors, Introduction to Color Filters , Adjust FG-BG , Alien Map 2 , Two Colors Exchange , Colormap Rotation , Map Color Range , Sample Colorize , Gradient Map , Channel Mixer , Colorcube Analysis , Color to Alpha , Compose , Decompose , Filter Pack , Hot , Max RGB , Semi-Flatten , Smooth Palette , Value invert
Combine, Depth Merge , Film
Edge Detect, Edge , Neon
Edge-detect, Difference of Gaussians , Laplace
Enhance, Deinterlace , Despeckle , Destripe , NL Filter , Sharpen , Unsharp Mask
Glas-Effect, Apply Lens , Glass Tile
Light-Effects, FlareFX , Gflare , Lighting Effects , Sparkle , SuperNova
Map, Retinex , Map filters introduction , Bump Map , Fractal Trace , Illusion , Make Seamless , Map Object , Paper Tile , Small Tiles , Tile , Warp , Van Gogh (LIC)
map, Displace
Menu, Introduction to the “Filters” menu
Re-show Last, Re-show Last
Render, Plasma , Flame , Diffraction Patterns , CML Explorer , Jigsaw , Qbist , Checkerboard , Fractal Explorer , Gfig
Repeat Last, Repeat Last
Reset All, Reset All Filters
Fit Canvas to Layers, Fit Canvas to Layers
Flame, Flame
FlareFX, FlareFX
Flatten, Flatten Image
Flip, Flip Tool, Flip Horizontally; Flip Vertically
Flip horizontally (layer), Flip Horizontally
Floating selection
Anchor, Anchor layer
Floating Selection, Glossary
Floyd-Steinberg, Glossary
Fonts, Fonts dialog
Fonts and Texts
Overview, Text and Fonts
Foreground color, Color Area
Fractal Explorer, Fractal Explorer
Fractal trace, Fractal Trace
Full Screen, Full Screen
Fuzzy Selection, Fuzzy Selection Tool (Magic Wand)


Gamma, Glossary
Gaussian Blur, Gaussian Blur
Gfig, Gfig
Gflare, Gflare
GIMP online, The GIMP Online
gimp-remote, Running GIMP
gimp-win-remote, Running GIMP
GIMPressionist, GIMPressionist
Glass Tile, Glass Tile
Glossary, Glossary
Gradient, Edge
Gradient Map, Gradient Map
Gradients, Gradients
Dialog, Gradients dialog
Editor, Gradient Editor
Grain, Glossary
Grayscale, Grayscale mode , Glossary
Grid, Grids and Guides , Grid
configure, Configure Grid
Show Grid, Show Grid
Snap to Grid, Snap to Grid
Guides, Grids and Guides , Guides , Glossary
New, New Guide
New (by Percent), New Guide (by Percent)
New, from Selection, New Guides from Selection
Remove, Remove all guides
Snap to Guides, Snap to Guides
Guillotine, Guillotine
Guías, Grids and Guides


Jigsaw, Jigsaw
JPEG, Glossary


Keyboard Shortcuts, Interface


Languages, Language
Lanzar, Hurl
Laplace, Edge , Laplace
Lasso, Free Selection Tool (Lasso)
Layer, Glossary
Add layer transparency to a selection, Add to Selection
Align, Align Visible Layers
Alpha to Selection, Alpha to Selection
Anchor, Anchor layer
Autocrop, Autocrop Layer
Boundary Size, Layer Boundary Size
Color Enhance, Color Enhance
Colors, The “Colors” Submenu
Auto, The “Auto” Submenu
Crop, Crop Layer
Delete, Delete Layer
Desaturate, Desaturate
Dialog, Layers dialog
duplicate, Duplicate layer
Equalise, Equalize
Flip, Flip Horizontally
Flip vertically, Flip Vertically
Intersect with Selection, Intersect with Selection
Invert, Invert
Layer Mask
Disable, Disable Layer Mask
Edit, Edit Layer Mask
Show, Show Layer Mask
Layer to bottom, Layer to Bottom
Lower layer, Lower Layer
Merge down, Merge Down
New Layer, New Layer
Normalize, Normalize
Offset, Offset
Raise, Raise Layer
Raise to top, Layer to Top
Rotate 180°, Rotate 180 degrees
Rotate 90° CCW, Rotate 90 degrees CCW
Rotate 90° CW, Rotate 90 degrees CW
Rotate arbitrary, Arbitrary Rotation
Scale, Scale Layer
Bottom, Select Bottom Layer
Next Layer, Select Next Layer
Previous Layer, Select Previous Layer
Top layer, Select Top Layer
Stack, The “Stack” Submenu
Stretch Contrast, Stretch Contrast
Stretch HSV, Stretch HSV
Subtract from Selection, Subtract from Selection
To image size, Layer to Image Size
White Balance, White Balance
Layer mask, Layer masks
Layer Mask
Add, Add Layer Mask
Add to Selection, Add Layer Mask to Selection
Apply, Apply Layer Mask
Delete, Delete Layer Mask
Intersect with Selection, Intersect Layer Mask with Selection
Mask to Selection, Mask to Selection
Subtract Layer Mask from Selection, Subtract Layer Mask from Selection
Layer Modes, Glossary
Layers, Layers
Copy Visible, Copy Visible
Creating new layers, Creating New Layers
Merge visible layers, Merge Visible Layers
Level Tool, Levels tool
Lighten, Glossary
Lighting Effects, Lighting Effects
Drawing a straight line, Drawing Simple Objects


Navigation Dialog, Navigation Dialog
Navigation Window, Navigation Window
Neon, Neon
New Image, New
New View, New View
Newsprint, Newsprint
NL Filter, NL Filter


Oilify, Oilify
Open, Open
as Layer, Open as Layer
Location, Open Location
Open Recent, Open Recent
Orientation Map Editor, GIMPressionist - Orientation Map Editor
Remplir, Bucket Fill
Overlay, Glossary


Padding Color, Padding Color
Page Curl, Page Curl
Paint Tools, Common Features
Paintbrush, Paintbrush Tool
Painting Tools
Straight Line, Drawing a Straight Line
Palettes, Palettes , Palettes dialog
Paper Tile, Paper Tile
Parasite, Glossary
Paste, Paste
Paste as new, Paste as New
Paste Into, Paste Into
Stroke, Stroke Path
Paths, Paths , Paths , Path Tool, Path dialog
Patterns, Patterns , Patterns dialog
Pencil, Pencil
Perspective, Perspective Tool
Photocopy, Photocopy
Photography, Working with Digital Camera Photos
Pick, Pick
Pixel, Glossary
Pixelise, Pixelise
Plasma, Plasma
Browser, Plug-In Browser
Plugins, Plugins
Polar Coords, Polar Coords
Posterize, Posterize Tool
preferences, Preferences dialog
Image grid, Default Image Grid
Input Controllers, Input Controllers
Input Devices, Input Devices
Preferences (command), The Preferences command
Preview, Filter introduction
Previews, Interface
Prewitt, Edge
Print, Print
Print Size, Print Size
Browser, The Procedure Browser
PSD, Glossary


Qbist, Qbist
Quantization, Glossary
QuickMask, QuickMask , Quick Mask
Using the Quickmask, Using the Quickmask
Quit (command), Quit


Drawing a rectangle, Drawing Simple Objects
Rectangular Selection, Rectangle Selection Tool
Redo, Redo
Retinex, Retinex
Revert (command), Revert
RGB, RGB mode , Compose , Decompose , Glossary
Ripple, Ripple
Roberts, Edge
Rotate, Rotate Tool
Rotation, Rotation
Rozostřit, Blur
Running GIMP, Running GIMP


Sample Colorize, Sample Colorize
Saturation, Glossary
Save, Save
Save a copy, Save a Copy
Save as, Save as
Save as Template, Save as Template
Scale, Scale Tool
Scale Image, Scale Image
Scatter HSV, Scatter HSV
Scatter RGB, Scatter RGB
Scissors Tool, Scissors Tool
Screen, Glossary
Screenshot, Submenu entries
Script-Fu, Using Script-Fu Scripts , The “Script-Fu” submenu
Tutorial, A Script-Fu Tutorial
Select, Select
All, Select All
By Color, By Color
Invert, Invert
None, None
Save to Channel, Save to Channel
Border, Border
Editor, Selection Editor
Feather, Feather
Float, Float
From Path, From Path
Grow, Grow
Rounded Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle
Sharpen, Sharpen
Shrink, Shrink
Stroke, Stroke Selection
To Path, To Path
Toggle QuickMask, Toggle QuickMask
Selection by color, Select By Color Tool
Selection to Path
Advanced options, The “Selection to Path Advanced Settings” dialog
Selection: ellipse, Ellipse Selection Tool
Selection: Free, Free Selection Tool (Lasso)
About, The Selection
Common Features, Common Features
Making selection transparent, The Selection
Using, Creating and Using Selections
Selective Gaussian Blur, Selective Gaussian Blur
Semi-Flatten, Semi-Flatten
Setup, Starting GIMP the first time
Sharpen, Sharpen
Shear, Shear Tool
Shift, Shift
Shortcuts, Creating Shortcuts to Menu Functions
Show Guides, Show Guides
Show Layer Boundary, Show Layer Boundary
Show Menubar, Show Menubar
Show Rulers, Show Rulers
Show Scrollbars, Show Scrollbars
Show Selection, Show Selection
Show Statusbar, Show Statusbar
Shrink Wrap, Shrink Wrap
Sinus, Sinus
Size Map Editor, GIMPressionist - Size Map Editor
Slur, Slur
Small Tiles, Small Tiles
Smooth Palette, Smooth Palette
Smudge, Smudge Tool
Snap to Grid, Snap to Grid
Snap to Guides, Snap to Guides
Sobel, Edge , Sobel
Soft Glow, Soft Glow
Soft Light, Glossary
Solid noise, Solid Noise
Sparkle, Sparkle
Sphere Designer, Sphere Designer
Spread, Spread
Stack, The “Stack” Submenu
Stato dei dispositivi, Device Status dialog
Status bar, Show Statusbar
Preferences, Image Window Title and Statusbar
Straight Line, Key modifiers
Stretch colors, Layer Color-Stretching Commands
Stretch HSV, Stretch HSV
Stroke Path, Stroke Path
Stroke Selection, Stroke Selection
Subtract, Glossary
SuperNova, SuperNova
Supersampling, Glossary
Swap folder, Folders


TARGA, Glossary
Temp folder, Folders
Edit template, Edit Template
Menu, Basic Options
Save as Template, Save as Template
Templates, Templates dialog
Text, Texttool
TGA, Glossary
Bugs, Reporting Bugs and Requesting Enhancements
Getting Unstuck, Getting Unstuck
History, GIMP History
Introduction, Welcome to The GIMP
Theme, Theme
TIFF, Glossary
Tile, Tile
Tile cache, How to Set Your Tile Cache
Tileable Blur, Tileable Blur
Tip of the Day, Tip of the Day
Title bar
Preferences, Image Window Title and Statusbar
Tool Options
Preferences, Tool Options
Toolbox, The Main Toolbox , The Toolbox
Brush Tools, Common Features
Color Area, Color Area
Menu, Toolbox File Menu , The “File” Menu of the Toolbox
Preferences, Toolbox
Toolbox window
Help Menu, The “Help” Menu of the Toolbox Window
Tools, Tools dialog , Introduction to the “Tools” Menu
Airbrush, Airbrush Tool
Brightness-Contrast, Brightness-Contrast tool
Bucket Fill, Bucket Fill
Clone, Clone Tool
Color Balance, Color Balance Tool
Color Picker, Color Picker Tool
Convolve, Convolve (Blur/Sharpen)
Crop, Crop and Resize Tool
Curves, Curves Tool
Dodge/Burn, Dodge or Burn
Ellipse Selection, Ellipse Selection Tool
Eraser, Eraser
Flip, Flip Tool
Free Selection, Free Selection Tool (Lasso)
Fuzzy Selection, Fuzzy Selection Tool (Magic Wand)
Gradient, Gradient Tool
Hue-Saturation, Hue-Saturation Tool
Ink, Ink Tool
Levels, Levels tool
Magnify, Magnify Tool
Measure, Measure Tool
Move, Move Tool
Paintbrush, Paintbrush Tool
Painting Tools, Painting Tools (Pencil, Paintbrush, Airbrush)
Path, Path Tool
Pencil, Pencil
Perspective, Perspective Tool
Posterize, Posterize Tool
Rectangle Selection, Rectangle Selection Tool
Rotate, Rotate Tool
Scale, Scale Tool
Scissors, Scissors Tool
Selection by color, Select By Color Tool
Shear, Shear Tool
Smudge, Smudge Tool
Text, Texttool
Threshold, Threshold Tool
Transform Tools, Common Features
Transform, Transform , The “Transform” Submenu
Transparency, The “Transparency” Submenu of the “Layer” menu
Color, Color to Alpha
Color to Alpha, Color to Alpha
Making a selection transparent, The Selection
Saving images with transparency, Saving Images with Transparency
Semi-Flatten, Semi-flatten
Threshold, Threshold Alpha
Treshold, Threshold Tool


Undo, Undoing , Undo
Undo History, Undo History dialog , Undo History
Unit Editor, The Unit Editor
Unit of measurement, The Unit Editor
Unsharp Mask, Unsharp Mask
URI, Glossary
URL, Glossary


Value, Glossary
Value Invert, Value invert
Value Propagate, Value Propagate
Van Gogh (LIC), Van Gogh (LIC)
Video, Video
Display Filters, Display Filters
Dot for Dot, Dot for Dot
Full Screen, Full Screen
Info Window, Info Window
Voronoi, Parameter Settings


Warp, Warp
Waves, Waves
Images for the web, Preparing your Images for the Web
Web Browser, Options
Whirl and Pinch, Whirl and Pinch
White Balance, White Balance
Wind, Wind
Window management, Window Managment


X and Y resolution, Advanced Options
XCF, Glossary

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