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14.3.  Film

14.3.1.  Overview

Film filter allows the user to merge several pictures into a photographic film drawing.

[Note] Note

This filter does not invert colors, so it does not imitate negative film of the sort used to produce prints. Instead you should think of the result as an imitation of slide film or cinema film.

14.3.2.  Accessing this Filter

This filter is in Image/Filters/Combine/Film

14.3.3.  Options

Selection Options
Fit Height to images

Applies the height of original pictures to the resulting one.


Allows to define the height of resulting picture. If originals have different sizes, they will be scaled to this size.


By clicking on the color dwell you can define the color of the film (around and between pictures).

Start Index

Defines the beginning number that will be used for the images.


Defines the font of digits.


By clicking on the the color dwell, you can define the font color of digits.

At Top, At Bottom

Defines the position of the number.

Available Images

Shows the pictures that can be used for the merging. The pictures are these that are already opened in Gimp.

On Film

Shows the pictures chosen to be merged.


This button allows the user to put an available image in the "On film" section.


This button allows to bring a picture from "on Film" to "available images". After that, the picture will not be used anymore in the resulting document.

Advanced Options
Image Height

Defines the height of each pictures in the resulting image.

Image Spacing

Defines the space between the pictures as they will be inserted in the future image.

Hole Offset

Defines the hole position from image border.

Hole Width

Defines the width of the holes in the resulting image.

Hole Height

Defines the height of the holes in the resulting image.

Hole Spacing

Defines the space between holes

Number Height

Defines the height of the index number, proportionnaly to the height of the picture.

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire