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Eclipse GEF and Draw2d Plug-in Developer Guide
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Eclipse Draw2d

Package org.eclipse.draw2d

Primary package containing general interfaces and implementation classes.


Interface Summary
ActionListener A Listener interface for receiving ActionEvents.
AncestorListener Classes which implement this interface provide methods to respond to changes in the ancestor properties of a Figure.
AnchorListener Classes which implement this interface provide a method to notify that an anchor has moved.
Bendpoint A helper used to calculate the point at which a Connection should bend.
Border A decoration on a Figure.
ButtonBorder.SCHEMES Interface defining commonly used schemes for the ButtonBorder.
ChangeListener A generic state listener
ColorConstants A collection of color-related constants.
Connection A Connection is a figure that connects two objects.
ConnectionAnchor An object to which a Connection will be anchored.
ConnectionRouter Routes a Connection, possibly using a constraint.
FigureListener A listener interface for receiving notification that an IFigure has moved.
FocusListener A listener interface for receiving FocusEvents.
FreeformFigure A figure that allows its children to extend into negative coordinates.
FreeformListener Listens for extent changes in FreeformFigures.
GraphicsSource Provides a Graphics object for painting.
IFigure A lightweight graphical object.
KeyListener A listener interface for receiving KeyEvents from the keyboard.
LabeledBorder LabeledBorders have a text message somewhere on them.
LayoutListener Classes which implement this interface provide callback hooks for various layout related events.
LayoutManager A helper for positioning child figures and determining the ideal size for a figure with children.
Locator Controls the location of an IFigure.
MouseListener A listener interface for receiving mouse button events.
MouseMotionListener A listener interface for receiving mouse motion events.
Orientable An interface for objects that can be either horizontally or vertically oriented.
PositionConstants Constants representing cardinal directions and relative positions.
RangeModel This interface represents a range of possible values as well as the current values.
RotatableDecoration An IFigure that can be rotated.
RoutingListener Classes which implement this interface provide callback hooks for various routing related events.
ScalableFigure A figure that can be scaled.
SchemeBorder.SCHEMES Interface which defines some commonly used schemes for the border.
TreeSearch A helper used in depth-first searches of a figure subgraph.
UpdateListener An interface used to notify listeners that the listened to object is updating.

Class Summary
AbsoluteBendpoint AbsoluteBendpoint is a Bendpoint that defines its location simply as its X and Y coordinates.
AbstractBackground A special border which can paint both underneath and on top of a Figure.
AbstractBorder Provides generic support for borders.
AbstractConnectionAnchor Provides support for anchors which depend on a figure for thier location.
AbstractHintLayout The foundation for layout managers which are sensitive to width and/or height hints.
AbstractLabeledBorder Provides support for a border with a label describing the contents of which it is surrounding.
AbstractLayout Provides generic support for LayoutManagers.
AbstractLocator Places a figure relative to a point determined by the subclass.
AbstractPointListShape Base superclass for all polylines/polygons
AbstractRouter Base class for implementing a connection router.
AccessibleBase The base class for accessible objects which provides accesibilty clients with a unique ID.
ActionEvent An event that occurs as a result of an action being performed.
AncestorListener.Stub An empty implementation of AncestorListener for convenience.
Animation A utility for coordinating figure animations.
Animator Animates some aspect of a figure.
ArrowButton A Button which displays a triangle pointing in a specified direction.
ArrowLocator Locator used to place a RotatableDecoration on a Connection.
AutomaticRouter An abstract router implementation which detects when multiple connections are overlapping.
BendpointConnectionRouter Routes Connections through a List of Bendpoints.
BendpointLocator Places a figure relative to a specified bend in a Connection.
Button A Button usually has a border and appears to move up and down in response to being pressed.
ButtonBorder Creates a border for a clickable type of figure, which works in conjunction with the Figure and its model.
ButtonBorder.ButtonScheme Provides for a scheme to represent the borders of clickable figures like buttons.
ButtonGroup A ButtonGroup holds a group of Clickable's models and provides unique selection in them.
ButtonModel A model for buttons containing several properties, including enabled, pressed, selected, rollover enabled and mouseover.
ChangeEvent An event for property changes.
CheckBox A Checkbox is a toggle figure which toggles between the checked and unchecked figures to simulate a check box.
ChopboxAnchor The ChopboxAnchor's location is found by calculating the intersection of a line drawn from the center point of its owner's box to a reference point on that box.
Clickable A Clickable responds to mouse clicks in some way (determined by a ClickBehavior) and fires action events.
CompoundBorder CompoundBorder allows for the nesting of two borders.
ConnectionAnchorBase Provides support for a ConnectionAnchor.
ConnectionEndpointLocator Used to place IFigures along the endpoint or starting point of a Connection.
ConnectionLayer Layer designed specifically to handle the presence of connections.
ConnectionLocator Repositions a Figure attached to a Connection when the Connection is moved.
ConnectionRouter.NullConnectionRouter Routes Connections directly from the source anchor to the target anchor with no bendpoints in between.
Cursors A collection of cursors.
DefaultRangeModel Generic implementation for a RangeModel.
DeferredUpdateManager An UpdateManager that asynchronously updates the affected figures.
DelegatingLayout Figures using a DelegatingLayout as their layout manager give location responsibilities to their children.
Ellipse An figure that draws an ellipse filling its bounds.
EllipseAnchor Similar to a ChopboxAnchor, except this anchor is located on the ellipse defined by the owners bounding box.
EventDispatcher Listens to various SWT events and dispatches these events to interested Draw2d objects.
EventDispatcher.AccessibilityDispatcher Combines AccessibleControlListener and AccessibleListener.
EventListenerList This class is intended for internal use only.
ExclusionSearch A TreeSearch that excludes figures contained in a Collection.
FanRouter Automatic router that spreads its Connections in a fan-like fashion upon collision.
Figure The base implementation for graphical figures.
Figure.FigureIterator Iterates over a Figure's children.
Figure.IdentitySearch A search which does not filter any figures.
FigureCanvas A scrolling Canvas that contains Figures viewed through a Viewport.
FigureUtilities Provides miscellaneous Figure operations.
FlowLayout Lays out children in rows or columns, wrapping when the current row/column is filled.
FocusBorder A Border that looks like the system's focus rectangle.
FocusEvent An event that occurs when an IFigure gains or loses focus.
FocusListener.Stub An empty implementation of FocusListener for convenience.
FocusTraverseManager This class is a helper to the SWTEventDispatcher.
FrameBorder Provides for a frame-like border which contains a title bar for holding the title of a Figure.
FreeformLayer A Layer that can extend in all 4 directions.
FreeformLayeredPane A LayeredPane that contains FreeformLayers.
FreeformLayout A layout for FreeformFigures.
FreeformViewport A viewport for FreeformFigures.
Graphics The Graphics class allows you to draw to a surface.
GridData GridData is the layout data object associated with GridLayout.
GridLayout Lays out children into a Grid arrangement in which overall aligment and spacing can be configured, as well as specfic layout requirements for the each individual member of the GridLayout.
GroupBoxBorder A labeled border intended to house a Figure with a group of children.
IFigure.NoInsets Insets that are all 0.
ImageFigure A Figure that simply contains an Image.
InputEvent The base class for Draw2d events.
KeyEvent An event caused by the user interacting with the keyboard.
KeyListener.Stub An empty implementation of KeyListener for convenience.
Label A figure that can display text and/or an image.
LabelAnchor LabelAnchors must have an owner of type Label.
LabeledContainer A Container with a title bar describing the contents of the container.
Layer A transparent figure intended to be added exclusively to a LayeredPane, who has the responsibilty of managing its layers.
LayeredPane A figure capable of holding any number of layers.
LayoutAnimator Animates the layout of a figure's children.
LayoutListener.Stub A stub implementation which implements all of the declared methods.
LightweightSystem The LightweightSystem is the link between SWT and Draw2d.
LineBorder Provides for a line border with sides of equal widths.
ManhattanConnectionRouter Provides a Connection with an orthogonal route between the Connection's source and target anchors.
MarginBorder A border that provides blank padding.
MidpointLocator A ConnectionLocator that is used to place figures at the midpoint between two points on a Connection.
MouseEvent An event caused by the user interacting with the mouse.
MouseListener.Stub An empty implementation of MouseListener for convenience.
MouseMotionListener.Stub An empty implementation of MouseMotionListener for convenience.
NativeGraphicsSource A graphics source that posts a paint request to the control rather than constructing GC on it directly.
Panel A General purpose Container.
Polygon Renders a PointList as a polygonal shape.
PolygonDecoration A rotatable, polygon shaped decoration most commonly used for decorating the ends of polylines.
PolygonShape Renders a PointList as a polygonal shape.
Polyline Renders a PointList as a series of line segments.
PolylineConnection An implementation of Connection based on Polyline.
PolylineDecoration A decorative Figure intended to be placed on a Polyline.
PolylineShape Renders a PointList as a series of line segments.
PopUpHelper Provides abstract support for classes that manage popups.
PrinterGraphics A scalable graphics object used to print to a printer.
PrintFigureOperation Class responsible for printing Figures.
PrintOperation Implementation of draw2d's printing capabilities.
RectangleFigure Draws a rectangle whose size is determined by the bounds set to it.
RelativeBendpoint RelativeBendpoint is a Bendpoint that calculates its location based on its distance from the start and end points of the Connection, as well as its weight.
RelativeLocator Places a handle relative to a figure's bounds.
RoundedRectangle Draws a Rectangle whose corners are rounded in appearance.
RoutingAnimator Animates the routing of a connection.
RoutingListener.Stub A stub implementation which implements all required methods.
ScalableLayeredPane A non-freeform, scalable layered pane.
ScalablePolygonShape Renders a PointList as a polygonal shape scaled in accordance with bounds to fill whole figure.
ScaledGraphics A Graphics object able to scale all operations based on the current scale factor.
ScaledGraphics.State The internal state of the scaled graphics.
SchemeBorder SchemeBorder allows the creation of borders based on Schemes.
SchemeBorder.Scheme Holds a set of information about a border, which can be changed to create a wide range of schemes.
ScrollBar Provides for the scrollbars used by the ScrollPane.
ScrollBarLayout Lays out the Figures that make up a ScrollBar.
ScrollPane A class which implements automatic horizontal and/or vertical scrolling for a single IFigure child.
ScrollPaneLayout The ScrollPaneLayout is responsible for laying out the Viewport and ScrollBars of a ScrollPane.
ScrollPaneSolver This class handles the calculation of solving for the area of a ScrollPane's viewport and insets.
ScrollPaneSolver.Result Container class for the results of ScrollPaneSolver's solve method
Shape Provides abstract support for a variety of shapes.
ShortestPathConnectionRouter Routes multiple connections around the children of a given container figure.
SimpleEtchedBorder Provides a two pixel wide constant sized border, having an etched look.
SimpleLoweredBorder Provides a lowered border.
SimpleRaisedBorder Provides a raised border.
StackLayout Figures using the StackLayout as their layout manager have their children placed on top of one another.
SubordinateUpdateManager Deprecated. this class is not used
SWTEventDispatcher The SWTEventDispatcher provides draw2d with the ability to dispatch SWT Events.
SWTGraphics A concrete implementation of Graphics using an SWT GC.
TextUtilities Provides miscellaneous text operations.
TitleBarBorder Border provides a title bar on the Figure for which this is the border of.
Toggle Basic Rule for Toggle: Whoever creates the toggle is reponsible for response changes for it (selection, rollover, etc).
ToggleButton A Toggle that appears like a 3-dimensional button.
ToggleModel ButtonModel that supports toggle buttons.
ToolbarLayout Arranges figures in a single row or column.
ToolTipHelper This class is used by SWTEventDispatcher as support to display Figure tooltips on a mouse hover event.
Triangle A triangular graphical figure.
UpdateManager Update managers handle the job of laying out and repainting figures.
Viewport A Viewport is a flexible window onto a ScrollPane and represents the visible portion of the ScrollPane.
ViewportLayout Layout for a viewport.
XYAnchor Supports an anchor in the XY layout.
XYLayout This class implements the LayoutManager interface using the XY Layout algorithm.

Package org.eclipse.draw2d Description

Primary package containing general interfaces and implementation classes.

Eclipse Draw2d

Copyright (c) IBM Corp. and others 2000, 2007. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire