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Eclipse Plug-in Developer Guide
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Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Package org.eclipse.ui.texteditor

Provides a framework for text editors obeying to the desktop rules.


Interface Summary
IAbstractTextEditorHelpContextIds Help context ids for the text editor.
IAnnotationImageProvider Provides an image for a given annotation.
IDocumentProvider A document provider maps between domain elements and documents.
IDocumentProviderExtension Extension interface for IDocumentProvider.
IDocumentProviderExtension2 Extension interface for IDocumentProvider.
IDocumentProviderExtension3 Extension interface for IDocumentProvider.
IDocumentProviderExtension4 Extension interface for IDocumentProvider.
IDocumentProviderExtension5 Extension interface for IDocumentProvider.
IEditorStatusLine An interface to use the status line of an editor.
IElementStateListener Interface for parties interested in standardized element changes.
IElementStateListenerExtension Extension interface for IElementStateListener.
IFindReplaceTargetExtension2 Extension interface for IFindReplaceTarget.
IMarkerUpdater A marker updater is responsible for saving changes to markers.
IReadOnlyDependent Extension interface for actions.
ISchedulingRuleProvider A scheduling rule provider provides a scheduling rule which can be used when running operations.
IStatusField Interface of a status field of a text editor.
IStatusFieldExtension Extends IStatusField with the following concepts: set error text and image set tool tip control visibility
ITextEditor Interface to a text editor.
ITextEditorActionConstants Defines the names of those actions which are pre-registered with the AbstractTextEditor.
ITextEditorActionDefinitionIds Defines the definitions ids for the text editor actions.
ITextEditorDropTargetListener Interface to be implemented by SWT drop target listeners to be used with AbstractTextEditor.
ITextEditorExtension Extension interface for ITextEditor.
ITextEditorExtension2 Extension interface for ITextEditor.
ITextEditorExtension3 Extension interface for ITextEditor.
ITextEditorExtension4 Extension interface for ITextEditor.
ITextEditorExtension5 Extension interface for ITextEditor.
IUpdate Indicates the support of an update method.
IWorkbenchActionDefinitionIds Defines the definitions ids for workbench actions.

Class Summary
AbstractDecoratedTextEditor An intermediate editor comprising functionality not present in the leaner AbstractTextEditor, but used in many heavy weight (and especially source editing) editors, such as line numbers, change ruler, overview ruler, print margins, current line highlighting, etc.
AbstractDecoratedTextEditorPreferenceConstants Preference constants used in the extended text editor preference store.
AbstractDocumentProvider An abstract implementation of a sharable document provider.
AbstractDocumentProvider.DocumentProviderOperation Operation created by the document provider and to be executed by the providers runnable context.
AbstractMarkerAnnotationModel Abstract implementation of a marker-based annotation model.
AbstractRulerActionDelegate This class serves as an adapter for actions contributed to the vertical ruler's context menu.
AbstractTextEditor Abstract base implementation of a text editor.
AbstractTextEditor.ColumnSupport Implements the ruler column support of for the given editor.
AbstractTextEditor.IdMapEntry Maps an action definition id to an StyledText action.
AbstractTextEditor.TextEditorSavable This text editor's savable.
AddMarkerAction Action for creating a marker of a specified type for the editor's input element based on the editor's selection.
AddTaskAction Creates a new task marker.
AnnotationPreference An annotation preference provides all the information required for handing the preferences for the presentation of annotations of a specified type.
AnnotationPreferenceLookup Provides the strategy for finding the annotation preference for a given annotation.
AnnotationTypeLookup Provides the strategy for determining annotation types for given markers.
BasicMarkerUpdater Updates a marker's positional attributes which are start position, end position, and line number.
BasicTextEditorActionContributor Manages the installation and removal of global actions for the same type of editors.
BookmarkRulerAction Adapter for the managing bookmark action.
CaseAction Action that converts the current selection to lower case or upper case.
ChainedPreferenceStore Preference store that composes multiple preference stores in a chain and serves a preference value from the first preference store in the chain that contains the preference.
ChangeEncodingAction Action for changing the encoding of the editor's input element.
ConfigurationElementSorter Allows to sort an array based on their elements' configuration elements according to the prerequisite relation of their defining plug-ins.
ContentAssistAction A content assist action which gets its target from its text editor.
ConvertLineDelimitersAction Deprecated. since 3.1.
DefaultMarkerAnnotationAccess Default class for accessing marker annotation properties.
DefaultRangeIndicator Specialized annotation to indicate a particular range of text lines.
DeleteLineAction An action to delete a whole line, the fraction of the line that is left from the cursor or the fraction that is right from the cursor.
DocumentProviderRegistry This registry manages shared document providers.
FindNextAction An action which finds the next/previous occurrence of the last search or the current selection if present.
FindReplaceAction An action which opens a Find/Replace dialog.
GotoAnnotationAction Action for jumping to a particular annotation in the editor's text viewer.
GotoLastEditPositionAction Goes to last edit position.
GotoLineAction Action for jumping to a particular line in the editor's text viewer.
HippieProposalProcessor A completion proposal computer for hippie word completions.
HyperlinkDetectorDescriptor Describes a contribution to the 'org.eclipse.ui.workbench.texteditor.hyperlinkDetectors' extension point.
HyperlinkDetectorRegistry Hyperlink detector registry that manages the detectors contributed by the org.eclipse.ui.workbench.texteditor.hyperlinkDetectors extension point for targets contributed by the org.eclipse.ui.workbench.texteditor.hyperlinkDetectorTargets extension point.
HyperlinkDetectorTargetDescriptor Describes a contribution to the 'org.eclipse.ui.workbench.texteditor.hyperlinkDetectorTargets' extension point.
ImageUtilities Deprecated. As of 3.0, replaced by ImageUtilities
IncrementalFindAction An action which enters the incremental find mode like in emacs.
InfoForm Deprecated. since 3.0. there is no replacement, use org.eclipse.ui.forms to define a component with a similar look and function.
InsertLineAction This action implements smart return.
ITextEditorExtension3.InsertMode Constitutes entities to enumerate the editor insert modes.
JoinLinesAction Action for joining two or more lines together by deleting the line delimiters and trimming the whitespace between them.
KeyBindingSupportForAssistant Helper class to make navigation key bindings work for the content assistant and the quick assist assistant while the editor has focus.
MarkAction An action to handle emacs-like marked regions.
MarkerAnnotation Annotation representing a marker on a resource in the workspace.
MarkerAnnotationPreferences Objects of this class provide access to all extensions declared for the markerAnnotationSpecification extension point.
MarkerRulerAction A ruler action which can add and remove markers which have a visual representation in the ruler.
MarkerRulerInfoAction Deprecated. use MarkerRulerAction instead
MarkerUtilities Utility class for accessing marker attributes.
MarkRegionTarget Default implementation of IMarkRegionTarget using ITextViewer and IStatusLineManager.
MoveLinesAction Action for moving selected lines in an editor.
PropagatingFontFieldEditor Deprecated. no longer supported
RecenterAction An action to handle emacs-like recenter.
ResourceAction An action which configures its label, image, tooltip, and description from a resource bundle using known keys.
ResourceMarkerAnnotationModel A marker annotation model whose underlying source of markers is a resource in the workspace.
ResourceMarkerAnnotationModelFactory An annotation model factory for resource marker annotation models.
RetargetTextEditorAction Action used by an editor action bar contributor to establish placeholders in menus or action bars which can be retargeted to dynamically changing actions, for example, those which come from the active editor.
RevertToSavedAction Action for abandoning changes made in the text editor since the last save operation.
SaveAction Deprecated. As of 3.5, replaced by ActionFactory.SAVE
SelectAnnotationRulerAction A ruler action which can select the textual range of an annotation that has a visual representation in a vertical ruler.
SelectMarkerRulerAction A ruler action which can select the textual range of a marker that has a visual representation in a vertical ruler.
SelectMarkerRulerInfoAction Deprecated. As of 2.1, replaced by SelectMarkerRulerAction
SelectRulerAction Adapter for the select marker action.
ShiftAction Action for shifting code to the right or left by one indentation level.
ShowWhitespaceCharactersAction This action toggles the display of whitespace characters by attaching/detaching an WhitespaceCharacterPainter to the associated text editor.
SimpleMarkerAnnotation An annotation representing a marker.
SourceViewerDecorationSupport Support class used by text editors to draw and update decorations on the source viewer and its rulers.
StatusLineContributionItem Contribution item for the status line.
StatusTextEditor Capable of handling input elements that have an associated status with them.
TaskRulerAction Adapter for the marker ruler action creating/removing tasks.
TextEditorAction Skeleton of a standard text editor action.
TextNavigationAction An Action wrapper for text widget navigation and selection actions.
TextOperationAction An action which gets a text operation target from its text editor.
TextSelectionNavigationLocation Represents the text selection context marked for the user in the navigation history.
TextViewerDeleteLineTarget A delete line target.
WorkbenchChainedTextFontFieldEditor Deprecated. since 3.0 not longer in use, no longer supported, use a ChainedPreferenceStore to access preferences from the org.eclipse.ui.editors plug-in.

Exception Summary
ValidateStateException Deprecated. No longer used, create a CoreException instead

Package org.eclipse.ui.texteditor Description

Provides a framework for text editors obeying to the desktop rules.

Package Specification

ITextEditor extends IEditorPart with text editor specific functionality. Text editors use source viewers (ISourceViewer) for displaying and editing the given editor input. In order to translate the editor input into a document and vice versa (e.g., for saving a change), a text editor uses document providers (IDocumentProvider). A document provider is responsible not just for providing the document for a given editor input but for the complete translation between the domain model and the editor's internal document-based model. Document provider can be shared between editors.
The package provides a default implementation of ITextEditor (AbstractTextEditor). This default implementation also covers the editor's complete action management and activation. The package contains a number of configurable and predefined actions. AbstractMarkerAnnotationModel establishs a link between text annotations (Annotation) and desktop markers (IMarker).

Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Guidelines for using Eclipse APIs.

Copyright (c) Eclipse contributors and others 2000, 2008. All rights reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire