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Eclipse C/C++ Developer Guide
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The following topics provide step-by-step procedural instructions to help you perform various activities with the CDT:

Creating a project
Creating a project via a project template
Working with C/C++ project files
Displaying C/C++ file components in the C/C++ Projects view
Converting a C or C++ nature for a project
Creating a C/C++ file
Creating a makefile
Hiding files by type in the C/C++ Projects view
Converting CDT 1.x Projects
Converting CDT 2.x Managed Make Projects
Adding Convert to a C/C++ Make Project to the New menu
Set Discovery Options
Writing code
Customizing the C/C++ editor
Commenting out code
Working with Content Assist
Using Content Assist
Creating and editing templates
Importing and exporting templates
Shifting lines of code to the right or left
Navigating to C/C++ declarations
Building projects
Renaming a project
Selecting referenced projects
Defining Project Build settings
Filtering errors
Selecting a binary parser
Adding Include paths and symbols
Selecting a deployment platform
Building Manually
Removing Build Automatically
Autosaving on a build
Creating a make target
Customizing the Console view
Viewing and managing compile errors
Jumping to errors
Filtering the Problems view
Setting reminders
Running and debugging projects
Creating or editing a run/debug configuration
Selecting a run or debug configuration
Creating a run or debug configuration
Selecting an application to run or debug
Specifying execution arguments
Setting environment variables
Defining debug settings
Specifying the location of source files
Specifying the location of the run configuration
Debugging a program
Using breakpoints and watchpoints
Adding breakpoints
Adding watchpoints
Removing breakpoints and watchpoints
Enabling and disabling breakpoints and watchpoints
Controlling debug execution
Stepping into assembler functions
Working with variables
Adding expressions
Working with registers
Working with memory
Searching for C/C++ elements
Selection Searching for C/C++ elements
Setting Source Folders

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