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Samba HowTo Guide
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Server Configuration Basics

First Steps in Server Configuration

Samba can operate in various modes within SMB networks. This HOWTO section contains information on configuring Samba to function as the type of server your network requires. Please read this section carefully.

Table of Contents

3. Server Types and Security Modes
Features and Benefits
Server Types
Samba Security Modes
User Level Security
Share-Level Security
Domain Security Mode (User-Level Security)
ADS Security Mode (User-Level Security)
Server Security (User Level Security)
Password Checking
Common Errors
What Makes Samba a Server?
What Makes Samba a Domain Controller?
What Makes Samba a Domain Member?
Constantly Losing Connections to Password Server
4. Domain Control
Features and Benefits
Single Sign-On and Domain Security
Basics of Domain Control
Domain Controller Types
Preparing for Domain Control
Domain Control: Example Configuration
Samba ADS Domain Control
Domain and Network Logon Configuration
Domain Network Logon Service
Security Mode and Master Browsers
Common Errors
$” Cannot Be Included in Machine Name
Joining Domain Fails Because of Existing Machine Account
The System Cannot Log You On (C000019B)
The Machine Trust Account Is Not Accessible
Account Disabled
Domain Controller Unavailable
Cannot Log onto Domain Member Workstation After Joining Domain
5. Backup Domain Control
Features and Benefits
Essential Background Information
MS Windows NT4-style Domain Control
LDAP Configuration Notes
Active Directory Domain Control
What Qualifies a Domain Controller on the Network?
How Does a Workstation find its Domain Controller?
Backup Domain Controller Configuration
Example Configuration
Common Errors
Machine Accounts Keep Expiring
Can Samba Be a Backup Domain Controller to an NT4 PDC?
How Do I Replicate the smbpasswd File?
Can I Do This All with LDAP?
6. Domain Membership
Features and Benefits
MS Windows Workstation/Server Machine Trust Accounts
Manual Creation of Machine Trust Accounts
Managing Domain Machine Accounts using NT4 Server Manager
On-the-Fly Creation of Machine Trust Accounts
Making an MS Windows Workstation or Server a Domain Member
Domain Member Server
Joining an NT4-type Domain with Samba-3
Why Is This Better Than security = server ?
Samba ADS Domain Membership
Configure smb.conf
Configure /etc/krb5.conf
Create the Computer Account
Testing Server Setup
Testing with smbclient
Sharing User ID Mappings between Samba Domain Members
Common Errors
Cannot Add Machine Back to Domain
Adding Machine to Domain Fails
I Can't Join a Windows 2003 PDC
7. Standalone Servers
Features and Benefits
Example Configuration
Reference Documentation Server
Central Print Serving
Common Errors
8. MS Windows Network Configuration Guide
Features and Benefits
Technical Details
TCP/IP Configuration
Joining a Domain: Windows 2000/XP Professional
Domain Logon Configuration: Windows 9x/Me
Common Errors
Samba HowTo Guide
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