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Eclipse Data Tools Platform Guide
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Eclipse Data Tools Platform Guide (Galileo)

Eclipse Data Tools Platform Guide

Table of Contents

Data Tools Platform User Documentation

Data Tools Platform

Model Base


SQL Development Tools

Data Tools Platform Tutorial Overview

Apache Derby Tutorial Prerequisites

Creating a Driver Definition for Apache Derby

Creating an Apache Derby Connection Profile

Connecting to Apache Derby

Running a Stored Procedure

Creating and Executing a SQL Query

Data Source Explorer View

Label Decorations Preferences

Setting Connectivity Preferences

Database Connection Profile Preferences

Driver Definitions

Creating a Connection Profile

Creating a Database Connection Profile

Refreshing a Connection Profile

Renaming a Connection Profile

Deleting a Connection Profile

Testing a Connection Profile

Importing a Connection Profile

Exporting a Connection Profile

Editing Connection Profile Properties

Connection Profile Common Properties

Connection Profile Default Schema Filter Properties

Connection Profile Default Stored Procedure Filter Properties

Connection Profile Default Table Filter Properties

Connection Profile JDBC or Driver Connection Properties

Connection Profile Derby JDBC Connection Properties

Connection Profile Version Properties

Console Editor Application

Creating a Driver Definition

Editing a Driver Definition

Setting SQL Development Preferences

Execution Plan View Options Preferences

Database Development General Preferences

SQL Editor Preferences

Code Assist Preferences

SQL Files/Scrapbooks Preferences

Syntax Coloring Preferences

Templates Preferences

SQL Query Builder Preferences

SQL Results View Options Preferences

Export Format Options Preferences

History Options Preferences

Result Set Viewer Preferences

SQL Query Builder

Creating a SELECT Statement

Creating a FULLSELECT (UNION) Statement

Creating a WITH Statement

Creating Joins

Creating an INSERT Statement From a Values Set

Creating an INSERT Statement From a Subquery

Creating an UPDATE Statement

Creating a DELETE Statement

Building Expressions

Expression Types

Editing a SQL Statement

Running the SQL Statement Code

Creating a SQL File

SQL File Editor

SQL Scrapbook

Editing a SQL File

Opening a SQL File

Saving a SQL File

Executing a SQL Statement

Running an Ad Hoc SQL Statement

Executing a SQL File

Running a Routine Object

Creating a Launch Configuration for Routine Procedural Objects

Procedural Routine Objects

Generating DDL

Viewing SQL Results

SQL Results View

Terminating Execution in SQL Results View

Exporting SQL Execution Results

Saving Execution Results to a Project

Removing Results from SQL Results View

Saving SQL Results History

Filtering SQL Results History

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