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Eclipse Data Tools Platform Guide
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SQL Editor Preferences

SQL Editor preferences define the behavior of the SQL File Editor.

Table 1. SQL Editor preferences: General
Field Description
Enable Syntax Validation Automatically update SQL statement structure in outline view and perform syntax validation while editing (default).

Disabling validation also disables portability checking and the Outline view.

Portability Check Target Database type used as the standard target for portability checks. You must enable syntax validation to select a portability target.

Each line that is not portable to the target is annotated with a check content assist checkmark con.

You can display additional information for the target (including error messages) by moving your cursor over the marker, if you enable show detailed annotation information.

Maximum Number of Lines Disable syntax validation when content exceeds this number of lines. Use this option to adjust editor performance. The default is 1000.
Prompt to Disable Syntax Validation When Content Exceeds Maximum Number of Lines Select to prompt before disabling validation (default).
Show Detailed Annotation Information Display additional annotation information, including lists of expected commands for the encountered syntax, if you enabled syntax validation.
Table 2. SQL Editor preferences: Typing
Field Description and default values
Close Single Quotes Automatically close single quotes ( ').
Close Double Quotes Automatically close double quotes ( ").
Close Parentheses Automatically close parentheses ( ).
Close Comments Automatically close comments ( /* */).
Begin-End Automatically add the END statement (for Transact-SQL).

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