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Eclipse Platform Plug-in Development Environment Guide
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Eclipse Platform Plug-in Development Environment Guide (Galileo)

Eclipse Platform Plug-in Development Environment Guide

Table of Contents

Plug-in Development Environment Guide

Using the Plug-in Development Environment


Extensions and Extension Points





Target Platform

Update Site


PDE Build

Building an RCP application from a product configuration file

Building features

Building plug-ins / bundles

Generating ANT scripts

Command line Ant script generation

PDE Build Advanced Topics

Customizing a Headless Build

Customizing feature and plug-in builds

Fetching from Repositories

Controlling the output format of the build

Compilation Order and Parallelization

Using version qualifiers

Setting the compilation environment

Generating Source Features and Plug-ins

Individual Source Bundles

Repackaging Eclipse Components

Adding Files to the Root of a Build

PDE Build Integration with p2

Building p2 Repositories and Products

Feature Builds with p2

Product Builds with p2

PDE Build Extensions to the p2 Publisher

PDE Build Integration with p2

Layout of Feature Metadata

Reusing Metadata

Configuring p2 Products

PDE API Tooling

Setting up API Tooling

Setting up an API baseline

Creating API Problem Filters

Removing filters

Changing API Tooling options

Comparing to an API baseline


Export and Install into the Running Host


API Tools Ant Tasks

API Tools Analysis Ant Task

API Tools Analysis Report Conversion Ant Task

API Tools API Freeze Ant Task

API Tools API Freeze Report Conversion Ant Task

API Tools File Generation Ant Task

API Use Ant Task

API Use Report Conversion Ant Task

Pluggable API Use Ant Task

Build Configuration

Builder Configuration

Feature build configuration


Plug-in Manifest Editor

Plug-in Overview

Plug-in Dependencies

Plug-in Runtime

Access Rules

Plug-in Extensions

Plug-in Extension Points

Plug-in Build

Feature Manifest Editor

Feature Overview

Feature Information

Included Plug-ins

Included Features

Feature Dependencies

Feature Installation

Site Manifest Editor

Site Map

Site Information

Extension Point Schema Editor

Schema Overview Page

Schema Definition Page

Product Configuration Editor

Product Overview

Product Configuration

Product Launching

Product Splash

Product Branding

Target Definition Editor

Definition Page

Content Page

Environment Page

Simple Cheat Sheet Editor

Simple Cheat Sheet Page

Content Section

Title Section

Introduction Section

Step Section

Sub-Step Section

Command Section

Command Composer Dialog

Command Section

Command Details Section

Help Section

Register Cheat Sheet Wizard

Composite Cheat Sheet Editor

Composite Cheat Sheet Page

Table of Contents Editor

Table of Contents Page

Context Help Editor

Category Editor


Eclipse Application Launcher

Main Tab

Arguments Tab

Plug-ins Tab

Configuration Tab

Tracing Tab

Environment Tab

Common Tab

OSGi Framework Launcher

Bundles Tab

Arguments Tab

Settings Tab

Tracing Tab

Environment Tab

Common Tab

JUnit Plug-in Test Launcher

Test Tab

Main Tab

Arguments Tab

JUnit Plug-ins Tab

JUnit Plug-in Configuration Tab

Tracing Tab

Environment Tab

Common Tab

Menus and Actions

API Tooling Setup

API Compare

PDE Preferences

Compilers Preferences

Plug-in Compiler Preferences

Extension Point Schema Compiler Preferences

Feature and Update Site Compiler Preferences

Editors Preferences

OSGi Frameworks Preferences

Target Platform Preferences

API Errors and Warnings Preferences

General Plug-in Development Preferences

API Baselines Preferences

Property Pages

API Errors and Warnings Property Page

API Problem Filters Property Page


Add API Problem Filter Quickfix

Missing API Baseline Quickfix

Since Tag Quickfix

Version Numbering Quickfix

Remove API Problem Filter Quickfix


Error Log

Plug-in Registry


Plug-in Dependencies

Target Platform State

Wizards and Dialogs

New Project Creation Wizards

Plug-in Project

Plug-in Project Structure

Plug-in Content


Plug-in From JAR Archives

Fragment Project

Fragment Project Structure

Fragment Content

Feature Project

Feature Patch

Update Site Project

New File Creation Wizards

Product Configuration

Target Definition

Extension Point Schema

New Cheat Sheet Wizard

New Table of Contents Wizard

New Category Definition File

Import Wizards

Plug-in Import

Feature Import

Export Wizards

Plug-in Export

Feature Export

Product Export

Task Wizards

Converting Java Projects to Plug-in Projects

Externalizing Strings

Organizing Manifest Files

Updating Classpaths

API Tooling

API Tooling Setup Wizard

API Baseline Wizard

API Compare Wizard

Target Wizards

New Target Wizard

Edit Target Wizard

Locations Tab

Content Tab

Environment Tab

Arguments Tab

Import Arguments

Implicit Tab

Implicit Dependencies Selection Dialog

Move Target Wizard

Overview (Eclipse PDE API Specification) (Eclipse PDE API Specification)

org.eclipse.pde.core (Eclipse PDE API Specification) (Eclipse PDE API Specification)

org.eclipse.pde.core.plugin (Eclipse PDE API Specification)

org.eclipse.pde.ui (Eclipse PDE API Specification)

org.eclipse.pde.ui.launcher (Eclipse PDE API Specification)

org.eclipse.pde.ui.templates (Eclipse PDE API Specification)

PDE Extension Points

Fetch Script Factory

Javadoc Attachments

Source Locations


Launch Shortcuts

Extension Wizards

OSGi Frameworks

Plug-in Content Wizards


Target Provisioners

Extension Templates

PDE - Other Reference Information

API Tooling Javadoc Tags

Javadoc @since Tag Management

PDE Tips and Tricks

PDE - What's New in 3.5

Legal Notices

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire