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Eclipse Platform Plug-in Development Environment Guide
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Feature Builds with p2

Defining the new property:

p2.gathering = true

will cause a few changes for feature builds. See also the page for feature metadata layout.

In particular, instead of producing per-platform archives, the build will produce a single p2 repository which is a group of all the platforms. Effectively this is forcing an implicit groupConfigurations=true .

The following is a list of related properties (old and new):

p2.gathering Set to true to turn on p2 publisher based builds. The local build time p2 repository, default is ${buildDirectory}/buildRepo. Results will be mirrored from here to the final archive location.
groupConfigurations p2.gathering=true has the implicit effect of setting groupConfigurations=true. To control the output format of the archive use the configuration.
generate.p2.metadata This is property for the old metadata generator integration. It has no affect when p2.gathering=true.
These properties were associated with generate.p2.metadata and have no affect on feature builds when p2.gathering=true because the default behaviour in this case is to create a p2 repository. (However, these properties do affect product builds).
Optional, these properties will be used to name the final feature repository.
p2.compress Set to true to compress the final feature repository xml into a jar.
p2.flavor No affect for feature builds, but does affect product builds.
p2.publish.artifacts No affect when p2.gathering=true (Old property)
No affect when p2.gathering=true (Old property)
p2.context.repos Define context repositories. See reusing metadata.
repoBaseLocation A folder containing repositories to transform using <p2.repo2runnable> . See also reusing metadata.
transformedRepoLocation The folder containing the output of <p2.repo2runnable> . See also reusing metadata. A URL to a site.xml file used to define categories.
p2.category.definition A URL to a category.xml file used to define categories.
p2.category.prefix Define a prefix to ensure unique ids for category IUs generated from site/category files that don't use unique names.
skipMirroring Skip the mirroring step, no final archive is created. Build results are found in ${}.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire