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Eclipse Platform Plug-in Development Environment Guide
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Target Definition Editor

The Target Definition Editor is used to edit target definition files in the workspace, which should end with the extension ".target". Target definition files can be created using the New Target Definition Wizard or by moving them to the workspace on the Target Platform Preference Page.

The editor consists of three pages:

  1. Definition Page - Give you definition a descriptive name and provide the locations for plug-ins
  2. Content Page - View the plug-ins available in your target and select a subset to include in the target platform
  3. Environment Page - Modify other settings for your target defiition including target environment, JRE, arguments and implicit dependencies

At the top of each page in the editor there is a link Set as Target Platform. Activating this link will set this target definition as the active target platform. To see what your active target platform is, use the Target Platform Preference Page.

Resolving Targets

Before the contents of a target can be edited and before a target definition can be set as the active target platform it must be resolved. When a target definition is resolved, the definition's locations are searched for plug-ins. Depending on the type of locations in the target, this can involved searching a directory, reading the metadata for an installation, reading a feature, or downloading from a remote site. During resolution a background job will be run. When it completes the editor will be updated with any problems that occurred.

For up to the minute target troubleshooting help see the Target Definitions Wiki Page.

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