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Eclipse Platform Plug-in Development Environment Guide
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API Tooling Setup Wizard

Before any plug-in project can make use of API Tooling it must first be set up to use the tooling, which can be done using the API Tooling setup wizard.

To activate the wizard use the following steps:

  1. Open the context menu on a plug-in project and select PDE Tools
  2. On the resulting fly-out menu select API Tooling Setup...




Choose a project This text field allows you to filter the current list of projects by their name. Where '*' matches anything and '?' matches any character Empty
Projects This list contains all of the projects in the current workspace that can be set up to use API Tooling. To be available to be converted a project must be a Java plug-in project.  
Select All Selects all of the projects in the list.  
Deselect All Deselect all of the projects in the list.  
Delete component.xml after update is complete

This option will remove the component.xml file from your plug-in project when the setup is complete. A component.xml file was used prior to API Tooling to describe the API of your plug-in.

If a component.xml file is found it will be used by the setup wizard to add API restrictions (Javadoc tags) to the corresponding source files in your plug-in. All proposed changes can be viewed on the preview page for the wizard.


The first page of the wizard allows you to select projects and set additional options.

API Tooling setup wizard page 1

On the preview page you can see all of the changes that will be made to the project and any source files.

API Tooling setup preview page

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