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Eclipse Plug-in Developer Guide
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Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Package org.eclipse.jface.text.source

Provides a framework for connecting document regions with annotations and for displaying those.


Interface Summary
AnnotationPainter.IDrawingStrategy A drawing strategy draws the decoration for an annotation onto the text widget.
AnnotationPainter.ITextStyleStrategy A text style painting strategy draws the decoration for an annotation onto the text widget by applying a TextStyle on a given StyleRange.
IAnnotationAccess An annotation access provides access to information that is not available via the API of Annotation.
IAnnotationAccessExtension Extension interface for IAnnotationAccess.
IAnnotationAccessExtension2 Extension interface for IAnnotationAccess.
IAnnotationHover Provides the information to be displayed in a hover popup window which appears over the presentation area of annotations.
IAnnotationHoverExtension Extension interface for IAnnotationHover for providing its own information control creator providing the range of lines for which the hover for a given line is valid providing whether the information control can interact with the mouse cursor
IAnnotationHoverExtension2 Extension interface for IAnnotationHover for providing whether the information control can interact with the mouse wheel
IAnnotationMap An annotation map is a map specialized for the requirements of an annotation model.
IAnnotationModel This interface defines the model for managing annotations attached to a document.
IAnnotationModelExtension Extends IAnnotationModelwith the ability piggyback other annotation models.
IAnnotationModelExtension2 Extends IAnnotationModel with the ability to retrieve a set of annotations within a given region.
IAnnotationModelListener Interface for objects interested in getting informed about annotation model changes.
IAnnotationModelListenerExtension Extension interface for IAnnotationModelListener.
IAnnotationPresentation Interface for annotations that can take care of their own visible representation.
IChangeRulerColumn An IChangeRulerColumn can display quick diff information.
ICharacterPairMatcher A character pair matcher finds to a character at a certain document offset the matching peer character.
ILineDiffer Protocol that allows direct access to line information.
ILineDifferExtension Extension interface for ILineDiffer.
ILineDifferExtension2 Extension interface for ILineDiffer.
ILineDiffInfo Describes the change state of one line, which consists of the state of the line itself, which can be UNCHANGED, CHANGED or ADDED, and the number of deleted lines before and after this line.
ILineRange Describes a range of lines.
IOverviewRuler This interface defines a visual component which may serve text viewers as an overview annotation presentation area.
ISharedTextColors Manages SWT color objects.
ISourceViewer In addition to the text viewer functionality a source viewer supports: visual annotations based on an annotation model visual range indication management of text viewer add-ons explicit configuration It is assumed that range indication and visual annotations are shown inside the same presentation area.
ISourceViewerExtension Extension interface ISourceViewer.
ISourceViewerExtension2 Extension interface for ISourceViewer.
ISourceViewerExtension3 Extension interface for ISourceViewer.
ISourceViewerExtension4 Extension interface for ISourceViewer.
IVerticalRuler This interface defines a visual component which may serve text viewers as an annotation presentation area.
IVerticalRulerColumn A vertical ruler column is an element that can be added to a composite vertical ruler ( CompositeRuler).
IVerticalRulerExtension Extension interface for IVerticalRuler.
IVerticalRulerInfo A vertical ruler is a visual component which may serve text viewers as an annotation presentation area.
IVerticalRulerInfoExtension Extension interface for IVerticalRulerInfo.
IVerticalRulerListener Interface for listening to annotation related events happening on a vertical ruler.

Class Summary
AbstractRulerColumn Abstract implementation of a IVerticalRulerColumn that uses a Canvas to draw the ruler contents and which handles scrolling and mouse selection.
Annotation Annotation managed by an IAnnotationModel.
AnnotationBarHoverManager This manager controls the layout, content, and visibility of an information control in reaction to mouse hover events issued by the vertical ruler of a source viewer.
AnnotationColumn Deprecated. use AnnotationRulerColumn.AnnotationRulerColumn(int) instead.
AnnotationModel Standard implementation of IAnnotationModel and its extension interfaces.
AnnotationModelEvent Specification of changes applied to annotation models.
AnnotationPainter Paints decorations for annotations provided by an annotation model and/or highlights them in the associated source viewer.
AnnotationPainter.BoxStrategy Box text style strategy.
AnnotationPainter.NullStrategy Drawing strategy that does nothing.
AnnotationPainter.SquigglesStrategy Deprecated. As of 3.4, replaced by AnnotationPainter.UnderlineStrategy
AnnotationPainter.UnderlineStrategy Underline text style strategy.
AnnotationRulerColumn A vertical ruler column showing graphical representations of annotations.
ChangeRulerColumn A vertical ruler column displaying line numbers and serving as a UI for quick diff.
CompositeRuler Standard implementation of IVerticalRuler.
ContentAssistantFacade Facade to allow minimal access to the given content assistant.
DefaultAnnotationHover Standard implementation of IAnnotationHover.
DefaultCharacterPairMatcher A character pair matcher that matches a specified set of character pairs against each other.
ImageUtilities Provides methods for drawing images onto a canvas.
LineChangeHover A hover for line oriented diffs.
LineNumberChangeRulerColumn A vertical ruler column displaying line numbers and serving as a UI for quick diff.
LineNumberRulerColumn A vertical ruler column displaying line numbers.
LineRange Default implementation of ILineRange.
MatchingCharacterPainter Highlights the peer character matching the character near the caret position.
OverviewRuler Ruler presented next to a source viewer showing all annotations of the viewer's annotation model in a compact format.
SourceViewer SWT based implementation of ISourceViewer and its extension interfaces.
SourceViewerConfiguration This class bundles the configuration space of a source viewer.
TextInvocationContext Text quick assist invocation context.
VerticalRuler A vertical ruler which is connected to a text viewer.
VerticalRulerEvent An event sent to IVerticalRulerListener instances when annotation related event occurs on the vertical ruler.

Package org.eclipse.jface.text.source Description

Provides a framework for connecting document regions with annotations and for displaying those.

Package Specification

IAnnotationModels manage Annotations. When an annotation model is connected to an IDocument, any change to the document is reflected in the position of the managed annotations. Implementers of IAnnotationModelListener registered with an IAnnotationModel object get informed about changes of the model in respect to annotations.

ISourceViewer defines the concept of a document based, editable viewer supporting visual annotations. ISourceViewer supports document-specific and viewer-specific annotations attached to the viewer's input document. An ISourceViewer uses an IAnnotationModel to manage annotations and to inform implementers of IAnnotationModelListener about changes in respect to annotations. An IVerticalRuler represents an IAnnotationModel access adapter for an SWT widget capapble of display annotations.  This package also provides default implementations for all defined interfaces.

Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Guidelines for using Eclipse APIs.

Copyright (c) Eclipse contributors and others 2000, 2008. All rights reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire