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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Essentials Book now available.

Purchase a copy of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 (RHEL 9) Essentials

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Essentials Print and eBook (PDF) editions contain 34 chapters and 298 pages

Preview Book

Red Hat Training And Certification

Red Hat courses and certifications are indisputably regarded as the best in Linux, and perhaps in all of IT. Taught entirely by experienced Red Hat experts, our certification programs measure competency on actual live systems and are in great demand by employers and IT professionals alike.

Choosing the right certification depends on your background and goals. Whether you have advanced, minimal, or no UNIX or Linux experience whatsoever, Red Hat Training has a training and certification path that is right for you.

Table of Contents

47. Red Hat Training and Certification
47.1. Three Ways to Train
47.2. Microsoft Certified Professional Resource Center
48. Certification Tracks
48.1. Free Pre-assessment tests
49. RH033: Red Hat Linux Essentials
49.1. Course Description
49.1.1. Prerequisites
49.1.2. Goal
49.1.3. Audience
49.1.4. Course Objectives
49.1.5. Follow-on Courses
50. RH035: Red Hat Linux Essentials for Windows Professionals
50.1. Course Description
50.1.1. Prerequisites
50.1.2. Goal
50.1.3. Audience
50.1.4. Course Objectives
50.1.5. Follow-on Courses
51. RH133: Red Hat Linux System Administration and Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT) Certification
51.1. Course Description
51.1.1. Prerequisites
51.1.2. Goal
51.1.3. Audience
51.1.4. Course Objectives
51.1.5. Follow-on Courses
52. RH202 RHCT EXAM - The fastest growing credential in all of Linux.
52.1. Course Description
52.1.1. Prerequisites
53. RH253 Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration
53.1. Course Description
53.1.1. Prerequisites
53.1.2. Goal
53.1.3. Audience
53.1.4. Course Objectives
53.1.5. Follow-on Courses
54. RH300: RHCE Rapid track course (and RHCE exam)
54.1. Course Description
54.1.1. Prerequisites
54.1.2. Goal
54.1.3. Audience
54.1.4. Course Objectives
54.1.5. Follow-on Courses
55.1. Course Description
55.1.1. Prerequisites
55.1.2. Content
56. RHS333: RED HAT enterprise security: network services
56.1. Course Description
56.1.1. Prerequisites
56.1.2. Goal
56.1.3. Audience
56.1.4. Course Objectives
56.1.5. Follow-on Courses
57. RH401: Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and systems management
57.1. Course Description
57.1.1. Prerequisites
57.1.2. Goal
57.1.3. Audience
57.1.4. Course Objectives
57.1.5. Follow-on Courses
58. RH423: Red Hat Enterprise Directory services and authentication
58.1. Course Description
58.1.1. Prerequisites
58.1.2. Goal
58.1.3. Audience
58.1.4. Course Objectives
58.1.5. Follow-on Courses
59. SE Linux Courses
59.1. RHS427: Introduction to SELinux and Red Hat Targeted Policy
59.1.1. Audience
59.1.2. Course Summary
59.2. RHS429: Red Hat Enterprise SE Linux Policy Administration
60. RH436: Red Hat Enterprise storage management
60.1. Course Description
60.1.1. Prerequisites
60.1.2. Goal
60.1.3. Audience
60.1.4. Course Objectives
60.1.5. Follow-on Courses
61. RH442: Red Hat Enterprise system monitoring and performance tuning
61.1. Course Description
61.1.1. Prerequisites
61.1.2. Goal
61.1.3. Audience
61.1.4. Course Objectives
61.1.5. Follow-on Courses
62. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Courses
62.1. RHD143: Red Hat Linux Programming Essentials
62.2. RHD221 Red Hat Linux Device Drivers
62.3. RHD236 Red Hat Linux Kernel Internals
62.4. RHD256 Red Hat Linux Application Development and Porting
63. JBoss Courses
63.1. RHD161 JBoss and EJB3 for Java
63.1.1. Prerequisites
63.2. RHD163 JBoss for Web Developers
63.2.1. Prerequisites
63.3.1. Prerequisites
63.3.2. Course Summary
63.4.1. Prerequisites
63.5. RHD261:JBOSS for advanced J2EE developers
63.5.1. Prerequisites
63.6. RH336: JBOSS for Administrators
63.6.1. Prerequisites
63.6.2. Course Summary
63.7. RHD439: JBoss Clustering
63.7.1. Prerequisites
63.8. RHD449: JBoss jBPM
63.8.1. Description
63.8.2. Prerequisites
63.9. RHD451 JBoss Rules
63.9.1. Prerequisites

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