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Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Uses of Class

Packages that use ColumnViewer Provides support for finding and displaying the differences between hierarchically structured data. 
org.eclipse.jface.databinding.viewers Provides classes that can be used to observe the JFace Viewer framework. 
org.eclipse.jface.viewers Provides a framework for viewers, which are model-based content adapters for SWT widgets. 
org.eclipse.ui.dialogs Classes for standard dialogs, wizards, and preference pages in the Eclipse Platform User Interface. 
org.eclipse.ui.navigator Provides the Common Navigator framework. 
org.eclipse.ui.views.markers Utility classes for working with markers in views Provides the standard Property Sheet view which displays custom properties of the active workbench part's current selection. 

Uses of ColumnViewer in

Subclasses of ColumnViewer in
 class DiffTreeViewer
          A tree viewer that works on objects implementing the IDiffContainer and IDiffElement interfaces.
 class StructureDiffViewer
          A diff tree viewer that can be configured with a IStructureCreator to retrieve a hierarchical structure from the input object (an ICompareInput) and perform a two-way or three-way compare on it.

Uses of ColumnViewer in org.eclipse.jface.databinding.viewers

Methods in org.eclipse.jface.databinding.viewers with parameters of type ColumnViewer
static  EditingSupport ObservableValueEditingSupport. create ( ColumnViewer viewer, DataBindingContext dbc, CellEditor cellEditor, cellEditorProperty, elementProperty)
          Returns an ObservableValueEditingSupport instance which binds the given cell editor property to the given element property.

Constructors in org.eclipse.jface.databinding.viewers with parameters of type ColumnViewer
ObservableValueEditingSupport ( ColumnViewer viewer, DataBindingContext dbc)
          Constructs a new instance with the provided viewer and dbc.

Uses of ColumnViewer in org.eclipse.jface.viewers

Subclasses of ColumnViewer in org.eclipse.jface.viewers
 class AbstractTableViewer
          This is a widget independent class implementors of Table like widgets can use to provide a viewer on top of their widget implementations.
 class AbstractTreeViewer
          Abstract base implementation for tree-structure-oriented viewers (trees and table trees).
 class CheckboxTableViewer
          A concrete viewer based on an SWT Table control with checkboxes on each node.
 class CheckboxTreeViewer
          A concrete tree-structured viewer based on an SWT Tree control with checkboxes on each node.
 class TableTreeViewer
          Deprecated. As of 3.1 use TreeViewer instead
 class TableViewer
          A concrete viewer based on a SWT Table control.
 class TreeViewer
          A concrete viewer based on an SWT Tree control.

Methods in org.eclipse.jface.viewers that return ColumnViewer
protected   ColumnViewer StyledCellLabelProvider. getViewer ()
          Returns the viewer on which this label provider is installed on or null if the label provider is not installed.
  ColumnViewer ColumnViewerEditorActivationStrategy. getViewer ()
  ColumnViewer ViewerColumn. getViewer ()
          Returns the viewer of this viewer column.
protected   ColumnViewer ColumnViewerEditor. getViewer ()
  ColumnViewer EditingSupport. getViewer ()

Methods in org.eclipse.jface.viewers with parameters of type ColumnViewer
 void CellNavigationStrategy. collapse ( ColumnViewer viewer, ViewerCell cellToCollapse, Event event)
 void OwnerDrawLabelProvider. dispose ( ColumnViewer viewer, ViewerColumn column)
 void CellLabelProvider. dispose ( ColumnViewer viewer, ViewerColumn column)
          Dispose of this label provider which was used with the given column viewer and column.
static void ColumnViewerToolTipSupport. enableFor ( ColumnViewer viewer)
          Enable ToolTip support for the viewer by creating an instance from this class.
static void ColumnViewerToolTipSupport. enableFor ( ColumnViewer viewer, int style)
          Enable ToolTip support for the viewer by creating an instance from this class.
 void CellNavigationStrategy. expand ( ColumnViewer viewer, ViewerCell cellToExpand, Event event)
  ViewerCell CellNavigationStrategy. findSelectedCell ( ColumnViewer viewer, ViewerCell currentSelectedCell, Event event)
protected  void OwnerDrawLabelProvider. initialize ( ColumnViewer viewer, ViewerColumn column)
          This implementation of CellLabelProvider.initialize(ColumnViewer, ViewerColumn) delegates to OwnerDrawLabelProvider.initialize(ColumnViewer, ViewerColumn, boolean) with a value of true for enableOwnerDraw.
 void StyledCellLabelProvider. initialize ( ColumnViewer viewer, ViewerColumn column)
protected  void CellLabelProvider. initialize ( ColumnViewer viewer, ViewerColumn column)
          Initialize this label provider for use with the given column viewer for the given column.
protected  void OwnerDrawLabelProvider. initialize ( ColumnViewer viewer, ViewerColumn column, boolean enableOwnerDraw)
          May be called from subclasses that override OwnerDrawLabelProvider.initialize(ColumnViewer, ViewerColumn) but want to customize whether owner draw will be enabled.
 boolean CellNavigationStrategy. isCollapseEvent ( ColumnViewer viewer, ViewerCell cellToCollapse, Event event)
 boolean CellNavigationStrategy. isExpandEvent ( ColumnViewer viewer, ViewerCell cellToExpand, Event event)
 boolean CellNavigationStrategy. isNavigationEvent ( ColumnViewer viewer, Event event)
          is the given event an event which moves the selection to another cell
protected  void OwnerDrawLabelProvider. setOwnerDrawEnabled ( ColumnViewer viewer, ViewerColumn column, boolean enabled)
          Enables or disables owner draw for the given viewer and column.
static void OwnerDrawLabelProvider. setUpOwnerDraw ( ColumnViewer viewer)
          Deprecated. Since 3.4, the default implementation of CellLabelProvider.initialize(ColumnViewer, ViewerColumn) in this class will set up the necessary owner draw callbacks automatically. Calls to this method can be removed.
 boolean CellNavigationStrategy. shouldCancelEvent ( ColumnViewer viewer, Event event)
          This method is consulted to decide whether an event has to be canceled or not.

Constructors in org.eclipse.jface.viewers with parameters of type ColumnViewer
ColumnViewerEditor ( ColumnViewer viewer, ColumnViewerEditorActivationStrategy editorActivationStrategy, int feature)
ColumnViewerEditorActivationStrategy ( ColumnViewer viewer)
ColumnViewerToolTipSupport ( ColumnViewer viewer, int style, boolean manualActivation)
          Enable ToolTip support for the viewer by creating an instance from this class.
EditingSupport ( ColumnViewer viewer)
FocusCellHighlighter ( ColumnViewer viewer)
FocusCellOwnerDrawHighlighter ( ColumnViewer viewer)
          Create a new instance which can be passed to a TreeViewerFocusCellManager
ViewerColumn ( ColumnViewer viewer, Widget columnOwner)
          Create a new instance of the receiver at columnIndex.

Uses of ColumnViewer in org.eclipse.ui.dialogs

Subclasses of ColumnViewer in org.eclipse.ui.dialogs
 class ContainerCheckedTreeViewer
          CheckboxTreeViewer with special behaviour of the checked / gray state on container (non-leaf) nodes: The grayed state is used to visualize the checked state of its children.

Uses of ColumnViewer in org.eclipse.ui.navigator

Subclasses of ColumnViewer in org.eclipse.ui.navigator
 class CommonViewer
          Provides the Tree Viewer for the Common Navigator.

Uses of ColumnViewer in org.eclipse.ui.views.markers

Methods in org.eclipse.ui.views.markers with parameters of type ColumnViewer
  EditingSupport MarkerField. getEditingSupport ( ColumnViewer viewer)
          Return the editing support for entries for this field.

Uses of ColumnViewer in

Constructors in with parameters of type ColumnViewer
PropertyEditingSupport ( ColumnViewer viewer, IPropertySourceProvider propertySourceProvider, Object propertyID)
          Creates a new instance to be used with the given viewer, based on the given property source provider and property ID.

Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Guidelines for using Eclipse APIs.

Copyright (c) Eclipse contributors and others 2000, 2008. All rights reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire