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Eclipse Plug-in Developer Guide
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Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Package org.eclipse.core.resources

Provides basic support for managing a workspace and its resources.


Interface Summary
ICommand A builder command names a builder and supplies a table of name-value argument pairs.
IContainer Interface for resources which may contain other resources (termed its members).
IEncodedStorage A storage that knows how its contents are encoded.
IFile Files are leaf resources which contain data.
IFileModificationValidator Deprecated. clients should subclass FileModificationValidator instead of implementing this interface
IFileState A previous state of a file stored in the workspace's local history.
IFolder Folders may be leaf or non-leaf resources and may contain files and/or other folders.
IMarker Markers are a general mechanism for associating notes and meta-data with resources.
IMarkerDelta A marker delta describes the change to a single marker.
IPathVariableChangeEvent Describes a change in a path variable.
IPathVariableChangeListener An interface to be implemented by objects interested in path variable creation, removal and value change events.
IPathVariableManager Manages a collection of path variables and resolves paths containing a variable reference.
IProject A project is a type of resource which groups resources into buildable, reusable units.
IProjectDescription A project description contains the meta-data required to define a project.
IProjectNature Interface for project nature runtime classes.
IProjectNatureDescriptor A project nature descriptor contains information about a project nature obtained from the plug-in manifest (plugin.xml) file.
IResource The workspace analog of file system files and directories.
IResourceChangeEvent Resource change events describe changes to resources.
IResourceChangeListener A resource change listener is notified of changes to resources in the workspace.
IResourceDelta A resource delta represents changes in the state of a resource tree between two discrete points in time.
IResourceDeltaVisitor An objects that visits resource deltas.
IResourceProxy A lightweight interface for requesting information about a resource.
IResourceProxyVisitor This interface is implemented by objects that visit resource trees.
IResourceRuleFactory A resource rule factory returns scheduling rules for API methods that modify the workspace.
IResourceStatus Represents status related to resources in the Resources plug-in and defines the relevant status code constants.
IResourceVisitor This interface is implemented by objects that visit resource trees.
ISaveContext A context for workspace save operations.
ISavedState A data structure returned by IWorkspace.addSaveParticipant(org.eclipse.core.runtime.Plugin, ISaveParticipant) containing a save number and an optional resource delta.
ISaveParticipant A participant in the saving of the workspace.
IStorage A storage object represents a set of bytes which can be accessed.
ISynchronizer A synchronizer which maintains a list of registered partners and, on behalf of each partner, it keeps resource level synchronization information (a byte array).
IWorkspace Workspaces are the basis for Eclipse Platform resource management.
IWorkspaceDescription A workspace description represents the workspace preferences.
IWorkspaceRoot A root resource represents the top of the resource hierarchy in a workspace.
IWorkspaceRunnable A runnable which executes as a batch operation within the workspace.

Class Summary
IncrementalProjectBuilder The abstract base class for all incremental project builders.
IWorkspace.ProjectOrder Data structure for holding the multi-part outcome of IWorkspace.computeProjectOrder.
ProjectScope Object representing the project scope in the Eclipse preferences hierarchy.
ResourceAttributes This class represents platform specific attributes of files.
ResourcesPlugin The plug-in runtime class for the Resources plug-in.
WorkspaceJob A job that makes an atomic modification to the workspace.
WorkspaceLock Deprecated. it is no longer possible to override the workspace lock behavior.

Package org.eclipse.core.resources Description

Provides basic support for managing a workspace and its resources.

Package Specification

This package specifies the principal API for the Resources plug-in.  The resources plug-in defines the notions of Workspaces and Resources.  The workspace's resource model is very similar to a file system.  All resources are backed by a real file or directory in some backing file system.  They are stored in their native form (i.e., no extra bytes or markup) using their normal names.

In addition to basic resource management, the Resources plug-in supports various workspace lifecycle events such as save and snapshot, and resource change events.

Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Guidelines for using Eclipse APIs.

Copyright (c) Eclipse contributors and others 2000, 2008. All rights reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire