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Eclipse GEF and Draw2d Plug-in Developer Guide
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Eclipse GEF

Package org.eclipse.gef

All interfaces, base types, and the plugin class are here.


Interface Summary
AccessibleAnchorProvider This class provides keyboard accessibility support for Anchors.
AccessibleHandleProvider This class provides keyboard accessibility support for the Handles of the primary-selected EditPart.
AutoexposeHelper A helper returned from a GraphicalEditPart.
ConnectionEditPart A specialization of GraphicalEditPart for representing connections.
Disposable Marks objects that should be disposed of when no longer in use.
DragTracker A specialization of Tool that is used by the SelectionTool during a Mouse Drag.
EditPart EditParts are the building blocks of GEF Viewers.
EditPartFactory A factory for creating new EditParts.
EditPartListener The listener interface for receiving basic events from an EditPart.
EditPartViewer An adapter on an SWT Control that manages the EditParts.
EditPartViewer.Conditional An object which evaluates an EditPart for an arbitrary property.
EditPolicy A pluggable contribution implementing a portion of an EditPart's behavior.
ExposeHelper An adapter on an EditPart used to expose a descendant contained in that EditPart.
GraphicalEditPart A Specialization of EditPart for use with GraphicalViewers.
GraphicalViewer Specializes EditPartViewer adding the ability to hit-test Handles.
Handle An interface used by the SelectionTool to obtain a DragTracker.
LayerConstants The constants used to identify typical layers in a graphical application.
MouseWheelHandler MouseWheelHandlers can be registered on an EditPartViewer with keys generated by the KeyGenerator.
MouseWheelHelper MouseWheelHelpers provide each EditPart to handle mouse-wheel events in their own desired way.
NodeEditPart A specialized GraphicalEditPart that supports both target and source ConnectionEditParts.
NodeListener The listener interface for receiving Connection events from EditParts that serve as connection nodes.
RequestConstants The set of constants used to identify Requests by their type.
RootEditPart A RootEditPart is the root of an EditPartViewer.
Tool A Tool interprets Mouse and Keyboard input from an EditDomain and its EditPartViewers.
TreeEditPart A Specialization of EditPart for use with TreeViewer.

Class Summary
AccessibleEditPart This class provides Accessibility support for EditParts.
AutoexposeHelper.Search Used with EditPartViewers to find the AutoexposeHelper at a Point.
CompoundSnapToHelper Combines multiple SnapToHelpers into one compound helper.
ContextMenuProvider Extends MenuManager to allow populating the menu directly from the manager itself.
DefaultEditDomain A default implementation of EditDomain.
EditDomain The collective state of a GEF "application", loosely defined by a CommandStack, one or more EditPartViewers, and the active Tool.
EditPartListener.Stub Listeners interested in just a subset of Events can extend this stub implementation.
GEF Deprecated. in 3.1 This class will be removed in future releases.
GEFPlugin Deprecated. The GEF plugin class must not be referenced by clients.
KeyHandler The KeyHandler should handle all normal keystrokes on an EditPartViewer.
KeyStroke Encapsulates a Keyboard gesture (press or release) from the User.
MouseWheelHandler.KeyGenerator A utility class used to generate keys from a given stateMask.
MouseWheelZoomHandler A MouseWheelHandler that zooms the given viewer.
Request An Object used to communicate with EditParts.
SelectionManager Manages a viewer's selection model.
SharedCursors A shared collection of Cursors.
SharedImages A class containing shared Images and ImageDescriptors for use by clients.
SharedMessages This class contains UI strings (translated, if available) that clients can use.
SnapToGeometry A temporary helper used to perform snapping to existing elements.
SnapToGeometry.Entry A vertical or horizontal snapping point.
SnapToGrid A helper used to perform snapping to a grid, which is specified on the graphical viewer via the various properties defined in this class.
SnapToGuides A helper used to perform snapping to guides.
SnapToHelper A helper used temporarily by Tools for snapping certain mouse interactions.

Package org.eclipse.gef Description

All interfaces, base types, and the plugin class are here.

Eclipse GEF

Copyright (c) IBM Corp. and others 2000, 2007. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire