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OpenSuSE 11.1 Quick Start Guide
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    Documentation Conventions
    About the Making of This Manual
    Source Code
    Installation and Setup

  • Installation with YaST
        Choosing the Installation Media
        Choosing the Installation Method
        The Installation Workflow
        System Start-Up for Installation
        The Boot Screen
        Installation Mode
        Clock and Time Zone
        Desktop Selection
        Suggested Partitioning
        Create New User
        Installation Settings
        Performing the Installation
        Configuration of the Installed System
        Graphical Login

  • Setting Up Hardware Components with YaST
        Probing Your Hardware

  • Setting Up Graphics Card and Monitor

  • Setting Up Keyboard and Mouse

  • Setting Up Sound Cards
        Setting Up a Printer

  • Installing, Removing and Updating Software
        Installing Software
        Removing Software
        Keeping the System Up-to-date

  • Accessing the Internet
        Direct Internet Connection
        Internet Connection Via Network

  • Managing Users with YaST
        User and Group Administration Dialog
        Managing User Accounts
        Additional Options for User Accounts
        Changing Default Settings for Local Users
        Assigning Users to Groups
        Managing Groups

  • Changing the User Authentication Method

  • Changing Language and Country Settings with YaST
        Changing the System Language
        Changing the Country and Time Settings

  • Basic Concepts
        User Concept
        The Linux File System
        File Access Permissions

  • Shell Basics
        Starting a Shell
        Entering Commands
        Working with Files and Directories
        Becoming Root
        Modifying File Permissions
        Useful Features of the Shell
        Editing Texts
        Searching for Files or Contents
        Viewing Text Files
        Redirection and Pipes
        Handling Processes
        Important Linux Commands

  • Mobile Computing with Linux
        Mobile Hardware
        Cellular Phones and PDAs
        For More Information

  • Using NetworkManager
        Use Cases for NetworkManager
        Enabling NetworkManager
        Configuring Network Connections
        Using KDE NetworkManager Widget
        Using GNOME NetworkManager Applet
        NetworkManager and Security
        NetworkManager and VPN
        For More Information

  • Copying and Sharing Files
        Access Methods
        Accessing Files on Different OS on the Same Computer
        Copying Files between Linux Computers
        Copying Files between Linux and Windows Computers with SSH
        Sharing Files between Linux Computers
        Sharing Files between Linux and Windows with Samba
        For More Information
        Help and Troubleshooting

  • Help and Documentation
        Using the KDE Help Center
        Using GNOME Yelp
        Browsing Man and Info Pages From Your Desktop
        Additional Help Resources
        For More Information
        Support for openSUSE

  • Common Problems and Their Solutions
        Finding and Gathering Information
        Installation Problems
        Boot Problems
        Login Problems
        Network Problems
        Data Problems
        GNU Licenses
        GNU General Public License
        GNU Free Documentation License
    OpenSuSE 11.1 Quick Start Guide
    Home Next Page

      Published under the terms fo the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire