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OpenSuSE 11.1 Quick Start Guide
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1.1 Choosing the Installation Media

When installing openSUSE, choose from several media available either online or in the retail box:


One DVD containing the openSUSE distribution with open source software (OSS) as well as non-open source software (non-OSS) for 32bit and 64bit systems. In German retail boxes an additional second DVD contains six hours of video-training covering openSUSE 11.1, OpenOffice and GIMP.

This installation option does not require any network access for installation, nor do you need to set up external repositories to install the full openSUSE. You can, however, make the contents of the DVD available on an installation server and make them available all across your network.


One DVD5, available via download, containing OSS and non-OSS software either for 32bit or 64bit systems.

Choose this installation option, if you want a fully-fledged openSUSE system. Beyond the downloading of the DVD ISO, there is no network connection required to make use of this installation option. Once the medium has been fully downloaded and the physical medium created, you can go ahead with the installation. You can also make the contents of the DVDs available on an installation server and make them available all across your network.


The LiveCD versions, available via download, include the KDE4 or GNOME desktops together with the most popular applications for 32-bit or 64-bit systems.

Choose this medium option for a first look at openSUSE. The LiveCD version runs on your computer using RAM without touching your hard drive and no installation is needed. However, you can also install openSUSE from the running live system. There is no network connection required beyond the mere download of the medium.

NOTE: Installing From a LiveCD

In order to install from a LiveCD, boot the live system from CD. In the running system, launch the installation routine by clicking on the Install icon on the desktop. Phase one of the installation will be carried out in a window on the desktop. It is not possible to update or repair an existing system with a LiveCD, you can only perform a new installation with automatic configuration.

Mini CD

The Mini CD contains a minimal Linux system needed to run the installation. The installation system itself and the installation data are loaded from a network source. To install from a network providing SLP, please start the installation as described in Section 1.2.1, Installing from a Network Server Using SLP. To install from a HTTP, FTP, NFS, or SMB server, follow the instructions in Section 1.2.2, Installing from a Network Source without SLP.

IMPORTANT: Add-On CDs—Installing Additional Software

Although add-on CDs (extensions or third-party products) cannot be used as stand-alone installation media, they can be embedded as additional software sources during the installation. Currently CDs with additional languages are available as add-on CDs for openSUSE.

OpenSuSE 11.1 Quick Start Guide
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