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OpenSuSE 11.1 Quick Start Guide
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12.1 Using the KDE Help Center

From the KDE desktop, you can access the KDE help center in various ways: If you need information from within an application, simply click the application's Help button or press F1 to open the application's documentation in the help center. If you start the help center from the main menu, or from the command line with khelpcenter, you are taken to the main window of the help center from which you can browse the help topics.

Figure 12-1 Main Window of the KDE Help Center

The menu and the toolbar provide options for printing contents from the help center, searching the currently displayed page, and navigating and customizing the help center. The display field in the right part of the window always shows the currently selected contents, such as online manuals, search results, or Web pages.

The navigation area in the left part of the window contains several tabs:


Presents a tree view of all available information sources. The help center addresses various target groups, such as users, administrators, and developers. Click the book icons to open and browse the individual categories. Under the heading Administration, for example, you can also browse man (manual) and info (information) pages associated with command line programs. The help center also provides access to some online databases that cover special hardware and software issues for your product. All these sources can be searched conveniently once a search index has been generated.

The contents of your help center depends on which software packages are currently installed and which languages are selected as your system languages.


Provides a quick reference where you can look up the definitions of words that might be unfamiliar to you.

Search Options

Holds options for the full text search of the help center. You can combine several search criteria.

Searching the Help Center

To use the full text search KDE help center offers, generate a search index and set the search parameters. If the search index has not yet been generated, the system automatically prompts you to do so when you click the Search tab.

  1. To search for a term, click into the text field and enter the search string.

  2. To combine your search strings with operands, click Method and select the operand to use.

  3. Choose an option from Max. Results to limit the number of hits to display.

  4. To restrict your search to certain types of documentation, choose an option from Scope selection. With Default, a predefined selection of documents is searched. All includes all types of documents in the search. Custom lets you define which documents to include in your search. Just activate the documents you want in the list.

  5. When you have set the options according to your wishes, click Search. The search results are then displayed as a list of links in the display field and can be navigated with mouse clicks.

Generating a New Search Index

  1. To create a new search index, select Settings > Build Search Index from the menu. A window opens, showing a list of documentation currently available in the help center.

  2. Select the documents to integrate in the search index and click Build Index. After the index has been generated, you can use the full text search.

OpenSuSE 11.1 Quick Start Guide
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