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Eclipse RSE Development Guide
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Release 3.0

Package org.eclipse.rse.core.model

Interface Summary
IHost Interface for Host (SystemConnection) objects.
ILabeledObject This interface provides a means of extending RSE model objects and property sets with labels that can be used for display purposes.
IProperty Properties are contained in property sets ( IPropertySet) and may be associated with objects that implement IPropertySetContainer.
IPropertySet A Property Set stores key/value pairs, where the keys are Strings and the values are an IProperty, of a type declared by an IPropertyType.
IPropertySetContainer A property set container is capable of containing property sets.
IPropertyType Property types are used to type instances of IProperty.
IRSECallback Implement this class to create callbacks.
IRSEModelObject IRSEModelObject is the root type of all objects in the RSE model.
IRSEPersistableContainer This is the interface for all objects that contain persistent data.
ISubSystemConfigurationCategories Constants for predefined subsystem factory categories.
ISubSystemConfigurator An interface used to drive properties into a subsystem during host creation.
ISystemContainer ISystemContainer is an interface implemented by objects that can contain remote resources.
ISystemContentsType Common interface for representing different contents types of artifacts that can be stored in an IRemoteContainer.
ISystemHostPool An ordered list of connections ( IHost objects), owned by an ISystemProfile.
ISystemMessageObject This interface represents a message we wish to display as child node in the tree view.
ISystemModifiableContainer A modifiable container allows its contents to be set directly.
ISystemProfile A system profile holds definitions for hosts (connections), filter pools, filters, and filter strings.
ISystemProfileManager Manages a list of SystemProfile objects.
ISystemRegistry Registry or front door for all remote system connections.
ISystemResourceSet This interface is refers to a collection of any type of resources.
ISystemViewInputProvider Abstraction for any object that wishes to be a roots-provider for the SystemView tree viewer.

Class Summary
AbstractSystemResourceSet The common abstract implementation of a ISystemResourceSet.
DummyHost A DummyHost is used as a placeholder during the construction of hosts by wizards.
Host Default implementation of the IHost interface.
Property A Property is used in PropertySets and may be persisted as a result of persisting the containing set.
PropertyList A property list is an ordered property set.
PropertySet A Hashmap based implementation of the IPropertySet interface.
PropertySetContainer A PropertySetContainer is capable of holding multiple named property sets.
PropertyType The standard implementation of IPropertyType.
RSEModelObject Provides common support for local RSE model objects.
RSEModelOperation Provides a transaction boundary for RSE model operations.
RSEPersistableObject An object that keeps track of its persistable state: whether it is dirty or not and whether or not any of its progeny are marked dirty.
SystemChildrenContentsType Represents contents that are children of a container.
SystemEscapeCharHelper This is a utility class used in the construction of file names.
SystemFilterStringContentsType Represents contents that are children of a container.
SystemMessageObject This class captures a message we wish to display as child node in the tree view.
SystemRemoteResourceSet An ISystemResourceSet containing remote resources.
SystemSignonInformation This class encapsulates the signon information required for a remote system.
SystemStartHere A utility class, composed of static methods, that can be used to begin RSE processing.
SystemWorkspaceResourceSet An ISystemResourceSet containing workspace resources.

Release 3.0

Copyright (c) IBM Corporation and others 2000, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire