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Eclipse Plug-in Developer Guide
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Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Package org.eclipse.ui.part

Classes for the creation of workbench parts that integrate with the Eclipse Platform User Interface.


Interface Summary
IContributedContentsView This interface is used to identify workbench views which allow other parts (typically the active part) to supply their contents.
IDropActionDelegate Interface for actions supplied by extensions to the org.eclipse.ui.dropActions extension point.
IPage This interface has been replaced by IPageBookViewPage but is preserved for backward compatibility.
IPageBookViewPage Interface for a page in a pagebook view.
IPageSite The primary interface between a page and the outside world.
ISetSelectionTarget Interface for views which support reveal and select.
IShowInSource Parts which need to provide a particular context to a Show In...
IShowInTarget This interface must be provided by Show In targets (parts listed in the Show In prompter).
IShowInTargetList Show In sources which need to provide additional entries to the Show In list of targets can provide this interface.
IWorkbenchPartOrientation The IWorkbenchPartOrientation is the interface that defines the orientation of the part.

Class Summary
AbstractMultiEditor A AbstractMultiEditor is a composite of editors.
CellEditorActionHandler Handles the redirection of the global actions Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Select All, Find, Undo and Redo to either the current inline cell editor or the part's supplied action handler.
CoolItemGroupMarker A group marker used by EditorActionBars to delineate CoolItem groups.
DrillDownAdapter Implements a simple web style navigation metaphor for a TreeViewer.
DrillDownComposite Class DrillDownComposite implements a simple web style navigation metaphor.
EditorActionBarContributor Standard implementation of IEditorActionBarContributor.
EditorInputTransfer The EditorInputTransfer class is used to transfer an IEditorInput and corresponding editorId from one part to another in a drag and drop operation.
EditorPart Abstract base implementation of all workbench editors.
FileEditorInput Adapter for making a file resource a suitable input for an editor.
FileEditorInputFactory Factory for saving and restoring a FileEditorInput.
FileInPlaceEditorInput Adapter for making a file resource a suitable input for an in-place editor.
IntroPart Abstract base implementation of an intro part.
MarkerTransfer A MarkerTransfer is used to transfer an array of IMarkers from one part to another in a drag and drop operation.
MessagePage A message page display a message in a pagebook view.
MultiEditor A MultiEditor is a composite of editors.
MultiEditor.Gradient The colors used to draw the title bar of the inner editors
MultiEditorInput Implements an input for a AbstractMultiEditor.
MultiPageEditor Deprecated. Use the class MultiPageEditorPart instead
MultiPageEditorActionBarContributor Abstract base class for managing the installation/deinstallation of global actions for multi-page editors.
MultiPageEditorPart A multi-page editor is an editor with multiple pages, each of which may contain an editor or an arbitrary SWT control.
MultiPageEditorSite Site for a nested editor within a multi-page editor.
MultiPageSelectionProvider Manages the current selection in a multi-page editor by tracking the active nested editor within the multi-page editor.
Page Abstract base superclass for pages in a pagebook view.
PageBook A pagebook is a composite control where only a single control is visible at a time.
PageBookView Abstract superclass of all multi-page workbench views.
PageBookView.PageRec A data structure used to store the information about a single page within a pagebook view.
PageSite This implementation of IPageSite provides a site for a page within a PageBookView.
PageSwitcher Provides the implementation for switching pages in a view.
PluginDropAdapter Adapter for adding handling of the PluginTransfer drag and drop transfer type to a drop action.
PluginTransfer This class can be used to transfer an instance of PluginTransferData between two parts in a workbench in a drag and drop operation.
PluginTransferData Record for transferring data during a drag and drop operation between different plug-ins.
ResourceTransfer The ResourceTransfer class is used to transfer an array of IResourcess from one part to another in a drag and drop operation or a cut, copy, paste action.
ShowInContext Carries the context for the Show In action.
ViewPart Abstract base implementation of all workbench views.
WorkbenchPart Abstract base implementation of all workbench parts.

Package org.eclipse.ui.part Description

Classes for the creation of workbench parts that integrate with the Eclipse Platform User Interface.

Package Specification

A workbench part is a visual component within a workbench page.  There are two types: view and editor, as defined by IViewPart and IEditorPart.   An editor is typically used to edit or browse a document or input object.  A view is typically used to navigate a hierarchy of information (like the workspace), open an editor, or display properties for the active editor.  This package provides a base implementation for the definition of views and editors.

Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Guidelines for using Eclipse APIs.

Copyright (c) Eclipse contributors and others 2000, 2008. All rights reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire