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Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Uses of Interface

Packages that use IMessageProvider Provides a framework for editing and contributing to the help search scope. 
org.eclipse.jface.dialogs Provides support for dialogs. 
org.eclipse.jface.preference Provides a framework for preferences. 
org.eclipse.jface.wizard Provides a framework for wizards. 
org.eclipse.ltk.ui.refactoring Application programming interface to implement a wizard based user interface for refactorings. 
org.eclipse.ui.about Application programming interfaces for interaction with and extension of the Eclipse Platform About dialog. 
org.eclipse.ui.activities Application programming interfaces for interaction with and extension of the Eclipse Platform User Interface. 
org.eclipse.ui.dialogs Classes for standard dialogs, wizards, and preference pages in the Eclipse Platform User Interface. 
org.eclipse.ui.editors.text Provides a standard text editor and concrete document providers based IFileBuffer and others directly handling IFile and IStorage as editor input. 
org.eclipse.ui.forms Forms-based controls for use in views, editors, and wizards. 
org.eclipse.ui.preferences Classes for using the preferences support in org.eclipse.core.runtime.preferences Package Specification This package has the convenience classes provided by the Eclipse workbench for use by clients who wish to use the core preference support added in 3.0. 
org.eclipse.ui.texteditor.templates Application programming interfaces for interaction with the Eclipse text editor template support. 
org.eclipse.ui.wizards.datatransfer Provides the standard Import and Export wizards for moving resources into and out of the workspace. 

Uses of IMessageProvider in

Classes in that implement IMessageProvider
 class RootScopePage
          Clients that contribute search scope root page to the search engine definition must extend this class and implement createScopeContents method.

Uses of IMessageProvider in org.eclipse.jface.dialogs

Classes in org.eclipse.jface.dialogs that implement IMessageProvider
 class DialogPage
          Abstract base implementation of a dialog page.

Uses of IMessageProvider in org.eclipse.jface.preference

Classes in org.eclipse.jface.preference that implement IMessageProvider
 class FieldEditorPreferencePage
          A special abstract preference page to host field editors.
 class PreferencePage
          Abstract base implementation for all preference page implementations.

Uses of IMessageProvider in org.eclipse.jface.wizard

Classes in org.eclipse.jface.wizard that implement IMessageProvider
 class WizardPage
          An abstract base implementation of a wizard page.
 class WizardSelectionPage
          An abstract implementation of a wizard page that manages a set of embedded wizards.

Uses of IMessageProvider in org.eclipse.ltk.ui.refactoring

Classes in org.eclipse.ltk.ui.refactoring that implement IMessageProvider
 class RefactoringWizardPage
          An abstract base implementation of a refactoring wizard page.
 class UserInputWizardPage
          An abstract wizard page that is to be used to implement user input pages presented inside a refactoring wizard.

Uses of IMessageProvider in org.eclipse.ui.about

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.about that implement IMessageProvider
 class InstallationPage
          Abstract base implementation for an installation dialog page.

Uses of IMessageProvider in org.eclipse.ui.activities

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.activities that implement IMessageProvider
 class ActivitiesPreferencePage
          Preference page that allows configuration of the activity set.
 class ActivityCategoryPreferencePage
          Activities preference page that primarily shows categories and can optionally show an advanced dialog that allows fine-tune adjustmenet of activities.

Uses of IMessageProvider in org.eclipse.ui.dialogs

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.dialogs that implement IMessageProvider
 class PropertyPage
          Abstract base implementation of a workbench property page ( IWorkbenchPropertyPage).
 class WizardDataTransferPage
          The common superclass for wizard import and export pages.
 class WizardExportPage
          Deprecated. use WizardExportResourcePage
 class WizardExportResourcesPage
          Abstract superclass for a typical export wizard's main page.
 class WizardImportPage
          Deprecated. use WizardResourceImportPage
 class WizardNewFileCreationPage
          Standard main page for a wizard that creates a file resource.
 class WizardNewFolderMainPage
          Standard main page for a wizard that creates a folder resource.
 class WizardNewLinkPage
          Standard resource link page for a wizard that creates a file or folder resource.
 class WizardNewProjectCreationPage
          Standard main page for a wizard that is creates a project resource.
 class WizardNewProjectReferencePage
          Standard project reference page for a wizard that creates a project resource.
 class WizardResourceImportPage
          The abstract superclass for a typical import wizard's main page.

Uses of IMessageProvider in org.eclipse.ui.editors.text

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.editors.text that implement IMessageProvider
 class TextEditorPreferencePage
          Deprecated. As of 2.1, fonts are managed by the workbench, no longer supported

Uses of IMessageProvider in org.eclipse.ui.forms

Subinterfaces of IMessageProvider in org.eclipse.ui.forms
 interface IMessage
          This interface encapsulates a single message that can be shown in a form.

Uses of IMessageProvider in org.eclipse.ui.preferences

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.preferences that implement IMessageProvider
 class WizardPropertyPage
          The wizard property page can wrap a property page around a wizard.

Uses of IMessageProvider in org.eclipse.ui.texteditor.templates

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.texteditor.templates that implement IMessageProvider
 class TemplatePreferencePage
          A template preference page allows configuration of the templates for an editor.

Uses of IMessageProvider in org.eclipse.ui.wizards.datatransfer

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.wizards.datatransfer that implement IMessageProvider
 class WizardExternalProjectImportPage
          Standard main page for a wizard that creates a project resource from whose location already contains a project.

Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Guidelines for using Eclipse APIs.

Copyright (c) Eclipse contributors and others 2000, 2008. All rights reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire