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Eclipse Plug-in Developer Guide
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Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Package org.eclipse.jface.preference

Provides a framework for preferences.


Interface Summary
IPersistentPreferenceStore IPersistentPreferenceStore is a preference store that can be saved.
IPreferenceNode Interface to a node in a preference dialog.
IPreferencePage An interface for a preference page.
IPreferencePageContainer An interface used by a preference page to talk to its dialog.
IPreferenceStore The IPreferenceStore interface represents a table mapping named preferences to values.

Class Summary
BooleanFieldEditor A field editor for a boolean type preference.
BooleanPropertyAction The BooleanPropertyAction is an action that set the values of a boolean property in the preference store.
ColorFieldEditor A field editor for a color type preference.
ColorSelector The ColorSelector is a wrapper for a button that displays a selected Color and allows the user to change the selection.
ComboFieldEditor A field editor for a combo box that allows the drop-down selection of one of a list of items.
DirectoryFieldEditor A field editor for a directory path type preference.
FieldEditor Abstract base class for all field editors.
FieldEditorPreferencePage A special abstract preference page to host field editors.
FileFieldEditor A field editor for a file path type preference.
FontFieldEditor A field editor for a font type preference.
IntegerFieldEditor A field editor for an integer type preference.
JFacePreferences JFacePreferences is a class used to administer the preferences used by JFace objects.
ListEditor An abstract field editor that manages a list of input values.
PathEditor A field editor to edit directory paths.
PreferenceContentProvider Provides a tree model for PreferenceManager content.
PreferenceConverter A utility class for dealing with preferences whose values are common SWT objects (color, points, rectangles, and font data).
PreferenceDialog A preference dialog is a hierarchical presentation of preference pages.
PreferenceLabelProvider Provides labels for IPreferenceNode objects.
PreferenceManager A preference manager maintains a hierarchy of preference nodes and associated preference pages.
PreferenceNode A concrete implementation of a node in a preference dialog tree.
PreferencePage Abstract base implementation for all preference page implementations.
PreferenceStore A concrete preference store implementation based on an internal java.util.Properties object, with support for persisting the non-default preference values to files or streams.
RadioGroupFieldEditor A field editor for an enumeration type preference.
ScaleFieldEditor A field editor for an integer type preference.
StringButtonFieldEditor An abstract field editor for a string type preference that presents a string input field with a change button to its right to edit the input field's content.
StringFieldEditor A field editor for a string type preference.

Package org.eclipse.jface.preference Description

Provides a framework for preferences.

Package Specification

A preference manager (class PreferenceManager) maintains a tree of preference nodes. Preferences are presented to the end user in a preference dialog consisting of preference pages. A preference page consists of multiple preference fields, which can be displayed and modified though field editors. The framework contains an abstract base class for preference dialogs (PreferenceDialog), and an abstract preference page class (FieldEditorPreferencePage) for hosting these field editors.

The individual preference values are maintained in a preference store (IPreferenceStore). Each preference has a current value and a default value use to (re-)initialize it. The framework provides a concrete preference store implementation (PreferenceStore) based on an internal java.util.Properties object, with support for persisting the non-default preference values to files or streams.

A field editor presents the value of a single preference to the end user. The value is loaded from the preference store; if modified by the end user, the value is validated and eventually stored back to the preference store.

This package contains ready-to-use field editors for various types of preferences:

  • BooleanFieldEditor - booleans
  • IntegerFieldEditor - integers
  • StringFieldEditor - text strings
  • RadioGroupFieldEditor - enumerations
  • ColorFieldEditor - RGB colors
  • FontFieldEditor - fonts
  • DirectoryFieldEditor - directories
  • FileFieldEditor - files
  • PathEditor - paths
All field editors are subclasses of the abstract base class FieldEditor; the framework allows new kinds of field editors to be defined by subclassing this class or one of its subclasses.

Note: None of the classes in this package maintain global state.

Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Guidelines for using Eclipse APIs.

Copyright (c) Eclipse contributors and others 2000, 2008. All rights reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire