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EclipseJDT Plug-in Developer Guide
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Eclipse JDT
Release 3.5

Package org.eclipse.jdt.launching

Application programming interfaces for interaction with the Eclipse Java launching support.


Interface Summary
IJavaLaunchConfigurationConstants Constant definitions for Java launch configurations.
IRuntimeClasspathEntry Represents an entry on a runtime classpath.
IRuntimeClasspathEntry2 Enhancements to IRuntimeClasspathEntry to support extensible runtime classpath entries.
IRuntimeClasspathEntryResolver Resolves variable and/or container runtime classpath entries in the context of a launch configuration or Java project.
IRuntimeClasspathEntryResolver2 Optional enhancements to IRuntimeClasspathEntryResolver.
IRuntimeClasspathProvider A classpath provider computes an unresolved classpath for a launch configuration, and resolves classpath entries for a launch configuration.
IRuntimeContainerComparator Deprecated. support has been added to ClasspathContainerInitializer to handle comparison of classpath containers.
IVMConnector A VM connector establishes a JDI connection with a debuggable virtual machine.
IVMInstall Represents a particular installation of a VM.
IVMInstall2 Optional extensions that may be implemented by an IVMInstall.
IVMInstall3 Optional extensions that may be implemented by an IVMInstall, providing access to a JRE's system properties.
IVMInstallChangedListener A VM install changed listener is notified when the workspace default VM install changes, or when an attribute of a specific VM install changes.
IVMInstallType Represents a particular type of VM for which there may be any number of VM installations.
IVMRunner A VM runner starts a Java VM running a Java program.

Class Summary
AbstractJavaLaunchConfigurationDelegate Abstract implementation of a Java launch configuration delegate.
AbstractVMInstall Abstract implementation of a VM install.
AbstractVMInstallType Abstract implementation of a VM install type.
AbstractVMRunner Abstract implementation of a VM runner.
ExecutionArguments The execution arguments for running a Java VM.
JavaLaunchDelegate A launch delegate for launching local Java applications.
JavaRuntime The central access point for launching support.
LibraryLocation The location of a library (for example rt.jar).
PropertyChangeEvent An event object describing a change to a named property.
SocketUtil Utility class to find a port to debug on.
StandardClasspathProvider Default implementation for classpath provider.
StandardSourcePathProvider Default implementation of source lookup path computation and resolution.
VMRunnerConfiguration Holder for various arguments passed to a VM runner.
VMStandin An implementation of IVMInstall that is used for manipulating VMs without necessarily committing changes.

Package org.eclipse.jdt.launching Description

Application programming interfaces for interaction with the Eclipse Java launching support.

Package Specification

Provides support for describing installed Java runtime environments and launching Java virtual machines.

Eclipse JDT
Release 3.5

Copyright (c) IBM Corp. and others 2000, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire