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Eclipse GEF

Uses of Interface

Packages that use EditPolicy
org.eclipse.gef All interfaces, base types, and the plugin class are here. 
org.eclipse.gef.editparts This package contains abstract implementation of the EditPart interface. 
org.eclipse.gef.editpolicies This package contains EditPolicy implementations for many common editing Roles. 

Uses of EditPolicy in org.eclipse.gef

Methods in org.eclipse.gef that return EditPolicy
  EditPolicy EditPart. getEditPolicy (java.lang.Object key)

Methods in org.eclipse.gef with parameters of type EditPolicy
 void EditPart. installEditPolicy (java.lang.Object role, EditPolicy editPolicy)
          Installs an EditPolicy for a specified role.

Uses of EditPolicy in org.eclipse.gef.editparts

Methods in org.eclipse.gef.editparts that return EditPolicy
  EditPolicy AbstractEditPart. getEditPolicy (java.lang.Object key)
  EditPolicy AbstractEditPart.EditPolicyIterator. next ()
          Returns the next non-null EditPolicy.

Methods in org.eclipse.gef.editparts with parameters of type EditPolicy
 void AbstractEditPart. installEditPolicy (java.lang.Object key, EditPolicy editPolicy)

Uses of EditPolicy in org.eclipse.gef.editpolicies

Classes in org.eclipse.gef.editpolicies that implement EditPolicy
 class AbstractEditPolicy
          The default implementation of EditPolicy.
 class AbstractTreeContainerEditPolicy
          Deprecated. Use TreeContainerEditPolicy
 class BendpointEditPolicy
          Used to add bendpoint handles on a ConnectionEditPart.
 class ComponentEditPolicy
          A model-based EditPolicy for components within a container.
 class ConnectionEditPolicy
          A model-based EditPolicy for connections.
 class ConnectionEndpointEditPolicy
          A selection handle policy for placing handles at the two ends of a ConnectionEditPart.
 class ConstrainedLayoutEditPolicy
          For use with LayoutManager that require a constraint.
 class ContainerEditPolicy
          An EditPolicy for use with container editparts.
 class DirectEditPolicy
          Shows DirectEdit feedback and creates the Command to perform a "direct edit".
 class FlowLayoutEditPolicy
          An EditPolicy for use with FlowLayout.
 class GraphicalEditPolicy
          A GraphicalEditPolicy is used with a GraphicalEditPart.
 class GraphicalNodeEditPolicy
          A GraphicalNodeEditPolicy is responsible for creating and reconnecting connections graphically.
 class LayoutEditPolicy
          Provides support for interacting with children GraphicalEditParts with the host figure's current LayoutManager.
 class NonResizableEditPolicy
          Provide support for selecting and positioning a non-resizable editpart.
 class OrderedLayoutEditPolicy
          A LayoutEditPolicy for use with LayoutManagers that take no constraints.
 class ResizableEditPolicy
          Provides support for selecting, positioning, and resizing an editpart.
 class RootComponentEditPolicy
          The root component cannot be removed from its parent.
 class SelectionEditPolicy
          A GraphicalEditPolicy that is sensitive to the host's selection.
 class SelectionHandlesEditPolicy
          A SelectionEditPolicy which manages a List of handles provided by the subclass.
 class SnapFeedbackPolicy
          An EditPolicy that is used to show snap feedback for guides (red lines) and geometry (blue lines).
 class TreeContainerEditPolicy
          An EditPolicy for handling ADDS, MOVES, and CREATES on a TreeEditPart.
 class XYLayoutEditPolicy
          An EditPolicy for use with Figures in XYLayout.

Methods in org.eclipse.gef.editpolicies that return EditPolicy
protected   EditPolicy OrderedLayoutEditPolicy. createChildEditPolicy ( EditPart child)
          Since Ordered layouts generally don't use constraints, a NonResizableEditPolicy is used by default for children.
protected abstract   EditPolicy LayoutEditPolicy. createChildEditPolicy ( EditPart child)
          Returns the "satellite" EditPolicy used to decorate the child.
protected   EditPolicy ConstrainedLayoutEditPolicy. createChildEditPolicy ( EditPart child)
          A ResizableEditPolicy is used by default for children.

Eclipse GEF

Copyright (c) IBM Corp. and others 2000, 2007. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire