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Table of Contents

  1. Document Information

  2. Preface

  3. Who Should Use This Book

  4. How This Book Is Organized

  5. Other Resources for Solaris Tuning Information

  6. Documentation, Support, and Training

  7. Typographic Conventions

  8. Shell Prompts in Command Examples

  9. Overview of Solaris System Tuning

  10. What's New in Solaris System Tuning?

  11. What's New in Solaris System Tuning in the Solaris 10 Release?

  12. Tuning a Solaris System

  13. Tuning Format of Tunable Parameters Descriptions

  14. Tuning the Solaris Kernel

  15. Special Solaris tune and var Structures

  16. Viewing Solaris System Configuration Information

  17. kstat Utility

  18. Solaris Kernel Tunable Parameters

  19. Where to Find Tunable Parameter Information

  20. General Kernel and Memory Parameters

  21. fsflush and Related Parameters

  22. Process-Sizing Parameters

  23. Paging-Related Parameters

  24. Swapping-Related Parameters

  25. Kernel Memory Allocator

  26. General Driver Parameter

  27. General I/O Parameters

  28. General File System Parameters

  29. UFS Parameters

  30. TMPFS Parameters

  31. Pseudo Terminals

  32. STREAMS Parameters

  33. System V Message Queues

  34. System V Semaphores

  35. System V Shared Memory

  36. Scheduling

  37. Timers

  38. sun4u or sun4v Specific Parameters

  39. Solaris Volume Manager Parameters

  40. Network Driver Parameters

  41. NFS Tunable Parameters

  42. Where to Find Tunable Parameter Information

  43. Tuning the NFS Environment

  44. NFS Module Parameters

  45. nfssrv Module Parameters

  46. rpcmod Module Parameters

  47. Internet Protocol Suite Tunable Parameters

  48. Where to Find Tunable Parameter Information

  49. Overview of Tuning IP Suite Parameters

  50. IP Tunable Parameters

  51. TCP Tunable Parameters

  52. UDP Tunable Parameters

  53. IPQoS Tunable Parameter

  54. SCTP Tunable Parameters

  55. Per-Route Metrics

  56. Network Cache and Accelerator Tunable Parameters

  57. Where to Find Tunable Parameters Information

  58. Tuning NCA Parameters

  59. General System Tuning for the NCA

  60. System Facility Parameters

  61. System Default Parameters

  62. Tunable Parameters Change History

  63. Kernel Parameters

  64. NFS Tunable Parameters

  65. TCP/IP Tunable Parameters

  66. UDP Tunable Parameters

  67. Network Cache and Accelerator (NCA) Tunable Parameters

  68. Parameters That Are Obsolete or Have Been Removed

  69. Revision History for This Manual

  70. Current Version: Solaris Express Developer Edition 1/08 Release

  71. New or Changed Parameters in the Solaris Release

  72. New or Changed Parameters in the Solaris 10 Release

  73. New or Changed Parameters in the Solaris 9 Releases

  74. New Parameters in the Solaris 8 Release

  75. Index

  76. Index

  77. Index

  Published under the terms fo the Public Documentation License Version 1.01. Design by Interspire