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Solaris Tunable Parameters Reference Manual
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How This Book Is Organized

The following table describes the chapters and appendixes in this book.



Chapter 1, Overview of Solaris System Tuning

An overview of tuning a Solaris system. Also provides a description of the format used in the book to describe the kernel tunables.

Chapter 2, Solaris Kernel Tunable Parameters

A description of Solaris kernel tunables such as kernel memory, file system, process size, and paging parameters.

Chapter 3, NFS Tunable Parameters

A description of NFS tunables such as caching symbolic links, dynamic retransmission, and RPC security parameters.

Chapter 4, Internet Protocol Suite Tunable Parameters

A description of TCP/IP tunables such as IP forwarding, source routing, and buffer-sizing parameters.

Chapter 5, Network Cache and Accelerator Tunable Parameters

A description of tunable parameters for the Network Cache and Accelerator (NCA).

Chapter 6, System Facility Parameters

A description of parameters used to set default values of certain system facilities. Changes are made by modifying files in the /etc/default directory.

Appendix A, Tunable Parameters Change History

A history of parameters that have changed or are now obsolete.

Appendix B, Revision History for This Manual

A history of this manual's revisions including the current Solaris release.

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