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Eclipse RSE Development Guide
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Release 3.0

Package org.eclipse.rse.ui

Interface Summary
IRemoteSelectionAddListener This interface is used by the remote object selection dialogs when Add mode is enabled.
IRSEAdapter Base interface for all RSE adapters.
ISystemConnectionFormCaller Interface that any UI that uses the SystemConnectionForm must implement
ISystemContextMenuConstants Constants defining our groups inside our right-click popup menu in the system view.
ISystemDeleteTarget Any UI part that supports global deletion can implement this to enable the Edit menu's delete item.
ISystemIconConstants Constants used throughout the System plugin.
ISystemMassager This interface is used to identify objects whose job is to massage user-entered text before saving it to a model.
ISystemMessages Message IDs
ISystemPageCompleteListener This is used in forms that are used within dialogs and pages, and specifically with SystemBaseForm.
ISystemPreferencesConstants Keys into preferences bundle.
ISystemRenameTarget Any UI part that supports the common rename action can implement this to enable the rename popup menu action, supplied by the system explorer view.
ISystemThemeConstants This interface should be used to maintain all constants related to colors and fonts that are settable by the user through preferences
ISystemViewSupplier You own views launchable from the Remote System Explorer.

Class Summary
MassagerAddQuotes This massager will take a string an add quotes to it by wrapping the string in the quote character and doubling any interior instances of the quote character.
MassagerFoldCase This massager folds the input text into either uppercase or lowercase, depending on the value pass to the constructor or setter.
MassagerFoldCaseOutsideQuotes This massager folds the input text into either uppercase or lowercase, but ONLY for those portions of the string that are not inside delimiters.
MassagerFoldCaseUnlessQuoted This massager folds the input text into either uppercase or lowercase, but ONLY if the given input is not delimited.
MassagerRemoveQuotes Utility class used by UI widgets to format a srcpf or member Description string.
Mnemonics Instances of this class may be used to supply mnemonics to the text for controls.
RSEAdapter Abstract base class with basic implementations of the IRSEAdapter interface.
RSESystemTypeAdapter Adapter for RSE system types.
RSEUIPlugin Plugin for the core remote systems support.
SystemActionViewerFilter This class is a viewer filter that tests attributes of thise
SystemBaseForm A reusable base form.
SystemBasePlugin A base plugin class offering common operations.
SystemConnectionForm A reusable form for prompting for connection information, in new or update mode.
SystemMenuManager Override/wrapper of JFace MenuManager so we can redirect any menu additions to specific menu groups to go into predefined submenus.
SystemPreferencesManager A utility class that encapsulates all global preferences for the remote system framework for both core and UI preferences.
SystemWidgetHelpers Static methods that can be used when writing SWT GUI code.

Release 3.0

Copyright (c) IBM Corporation and others 2000, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire