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Eclipse BIRT Report Developer Guide
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Eclipse BIRT Report Developer Guide (Galileo)

Eclipse BIRT Report Developer Guide

Table of Contents

BIRT Report Developer Guide

Designing Reports using BIRT

Learning the Basics

About the report design environment

Building a simple listing report

Create a new project

Create a new report

Build a data source

Build a data set

Lay out the report

Sort the data

Format the report

Create a report title

Connecting to a Data Source

About BIRT data sources

How to specify the connection information for a database or other JDBC data source

How to add a JDBC driver

How to delete all JDBC drivers that are in a JAR file

Retrieving Data

About data sets

How to create a SQL query to retrieve data from a JDBC data source

How to use a stored procedure to retrieve data from a JDBC data source

How to view and change output columns

How to add a computed field to a data set

How to join data sets

How to change the number of rows that appear in Preview Results

Binding Data

How to create a column binding

Laying Out a Report

How to add a row or column

How to delete a row or column

How to bind a data set to a table

How to insert a linked image

How to insert an embedded image

How to insert images that are stored in a data source

Displaying Text

How to use a dynamic text element

Setting text flow direction for a report

Formatting Report Content

How to create a style

How to import styles

How to link a CSS file

How to apply a style

How to modify a style

How to delete a style

How to create a formatting rule

How to modify a formatting rule

How to delete a formatting rule

How to resize a column or row by dragging its boundary

How to specify a row height

How to specify a column width

Resizing margins, borders, and padding of elements

How to merge table or grid cells

Specifying alternate values for display

How to hide an element conditionally

Sorting and Grouping Data

Grouping report data

Open the report design

Save the report as a new file

Add the credit limit field to the data set

Add credit limit data to the report

Group customer data by credit limit

Display credit limit ranges in the group header

Display aggregate information

Format the report

Preview the report in the BIRT report viewer

Display credit limit ranges in the table of contents

Aggregating Data

How to display aggregate data

Writing Expressions

Filtering Data

How to filter the rows to retrieve from a JDBC data source

How to filter at the data set level

How to filter at the report element level

How to filter at the group level

Enabling the User to Filter Data 

How to update a filter condition dynamically when the report runs

Providing the user with a list of values

How to specify static report parameter values for users to select

How to format a report parameter value

Building a Report That Contains Subreports

Building a report containing side-by-side subreports

Create a new report

Build a data source

Build a data set for the customer report

Build a data set for the orders subreport

Build a data set for the payments subreport

Create the customer master report

Create the orders subreport

Link the orders subreport to the customers master report

Create the payments subreport

Link the payments subreport to the customers master report

Display only customers that have orders or payments

Display the subreports next to one another

View the outline of the report

Format the report

Using a Chart

Creating a standalone chart

Set up and query the data source

Add the chart to the report

Provide data for a chart

Enlarge the chart and preview the report

Change the chart title

Refine the chart appearance

Displaying Data in Charts

How to group categories on the x-axis

How to change chart preview preferences

Laying Out and Formatting a Chart

How to set a chart’s background color

How to modify the plot area

How to format an axis title

How to set the data type and format of an axis

Presenting Data in a Cross Tab

Creating a cross tab

Create a new report

Build a data source

Build a data set

Set up data for the cross tab

Add a cross tab to the report

Add grand totals

How to display or hide levels

How to display subtotals and grand totals

How to sort cross tab data

How to filter data at the cross tab level

Designing a Multipage Report

How to display text in the header and footer

How to specify a header or footer size

How to exclude header content from the first page

Building a Shared Report Development Framework

How to set a theme for a report design

How to drop a theme from a report design

How to add an element to a library

How to create a template report item

How to set up a template folder

How to publish a template

How to use a template report item

Localizing Text

How to assign a resource file to a report

How to assign an existing resource key to a label or text element

How to preview a report in a different locale

Using Scripting in a Report Design

Overview of BIRT scripting

Choosing between JavaScript and Java

Using both JavaScript and Java to write event handlers

Using named expressions

Using JavaScript to Write an Event Handler

Determining method execution sequence

Providing the ReportDesign.initialize code

Providing code for the methods you want to track

Providing the ReportDesign.afterFactory code

Using Java to Write an Event Handler

Scripting Reference







  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire