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How to use a stored procedure to retrieve data from a JDBC data source

This procedure assumes you have already created the JDBC data source that this data set uses.

In Data Source Selection, select the JDBC data source to use.

Figure 3-3 Displaying stored procedures in a database

Figure 3‑3
In Available Items, navigate to the stored procedure. Select the stored procedure, and drag it to the text area. The stored procedure name appears at the insertion point. In the text area, type the required information to execute the stored procedure. For example, you should include any arguments that are passed to the stored procedure.
If you type the stored procedure without the braces, BIRT treats the statement as a regular RDBMS call, so execution depends on the RDBMS of your data source.
Choose Finish to save the data set. Edit Data Set displays the columns returned by the stored procedure, and provides options for editing the data set.

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