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Eclipse BIRT Report Developer Guide
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How to create a formatting rule

Choose the Highlights tab in Property Editor. The Highlights page appears, as shown in Figure 7‑11. It is empty if you have not yet specified any formatting rules for the selected element.

Figure 7-11 Highlights page

Figure 7‑11
On New Highlight, create the rule for applying a particular format to the report element by completing the following steps:
There are two parts to the rule: If (condition) and Then (format). The New Highlight dialog helps you specify the condition and format parts of the rule by breaking them down to more specific parts.
In the first field, specify the first part of the conditional expression. Using the example rule, this part is order total:
If the order total values come directly from the selected element, from the drop-down list, choose Value of this data item.
If the order total values come from another data element, choose that element’s column binding name from the drop-down list.
In the second field, specify the second part of the conditional expression by selecting an option from the list. Using our example rule, this part is Greater than.
In the third field, specify the third part of the conditional expression. Using our example rule, this part is a value of 50000, as shown in Figure 7‑12.

Figure 7-12 Elements of the If expression in New Highlight

Specify the format part of your rule, which is “then set the font color to blue and the font style to bold,” by completing the following steps:

Figure 7-13 Elements of the Then expression in New Highlight

Alternatively, if you created a style named order_data_highlight, for example, that specifies the formats, you can select the style from the list of styles next to Apply Style.
The rule that you created appears in Highlight List, as shown in Figure 7‑14. The rule takes effect the next time that you run the report.

Figure 7-14 Highlight List

Figure 7‑14

(c) Copyright Actuate Corporation 2009

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire