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How to insert images that are stored in a data source

On the Binding page, in Data Set, choose the data set that contains the image field. BIRT creates a column binding for each field in the data set.
Choose Select Image Data. Select Data Binding displays the column bindings available to the image element, as shown in Figure 5‑5. The image element has access to all the column bindings defined for the table, its container.

Figure 5-6 Select Data Binding showing column bindings

Figure 5‑5
Select the column binding that references the image field by clicking the check box next to the column binding. Choose OK.
On New Image Item, under Enter dynamic image expression, an expression that refers to the selected column binding appears, as shown in Figure 5‑6.

Figure 5-7 New Image Item showing the dynamic image expression

Figure 5‑6

Choose Insert. The image element appears on the page in the layout editor. It shows an X. The actual images appear only when you preview the report.

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