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Table of Contents

  1. Document Information

  2. Preface

  3. Who Should Use This Book

  4. How This Book Is Organized

  5. Related Books

  6. Documentation, Support, and Training

  7. Typographic Conventions

  8. Shell Prompts in Command Examples

  9. Designing a Package

  10. Where to Find Packaging Tasks

  11. What Are Packages?

  12. Package Components

  13. Considerations Before Building a Package

  14. Image Packaging System (IPS) Packages

  15. Packaging Commands, Files, and Scripts

  16. Building a Package

  17. The Process of Building a Package (Task Map)

  18. Package Environment Variables

  19. Creating a pkginfo File

  20. Organizing a Package's Contents

  21. Creating a prototype File

  22. Building a Package

  23. Enhancing the Functionality of a Package (Tasks)

  24. Creating Information Files and Installation Scripts (Task Map)

  25. Creating Information Files

  26. Creating Installation Scripts

  27. Creating Signed Packages

  28. Verifying and Transferring a Package

  29. Verifying and Transferring a Package (Task Map)

  30. Installing Software Packages

  31. Verifying the Integrity of a Package

  32. Displaying Additional Information About Installed Packages

  33. Removing a Package

  34. Transferring a Package to a Distribution Medium

  35. Case Studies of Package Creation

  36. Soliciting Input From the Administrator

  37. Creating a File at Installation and Saving It During Removal

  38. Defining Package Compatibilities and Dependencies

  39. Modifying a File by Using Standard Classes and Class Action Scripts

  40. Modifying a File by Using the sed Class and a postinstall Script

  41. Modifying a File by Using The build Class

  42. Modifying crontab Files During Installation

  43. Installing and Removing a Driver With Procedure Scripts

  44. Installing a Driver by Using the sed Class and Procedure Scripts

  45. Advanced Techniques for Creating Packages

  46. Specifying the Base Directory

  47. Accommodating Relocation

  48. Supporting Relocation in a Heterogeneous Environment

  49. Making Packages Remotely Installable

  50. Patching Packages

  51. Upgrading Packages

  52. Creating Class Archive Packages

  53. Glossary

  54. Index

  55. Index

  56. Index

  Published under the terms fo the Public Documentation License Version 1.01. Design by Interspire