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How do I become a GIMP wizard?

Table of Contents

4. Concepts for the Intermediate
1. Plugins
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Using Plugins
1.3. Installing New Plugins
1.4. Writing Plugins
2. Using Script-Fu Scripts
2.1. Script-Fu?
2.2. Installing Script-Fus
2.3. Do's and Don'ts
2.4. Different Kinds Of Script-Fus
2.5. Standalone Scripts
2.6. Image-Dependent Scripts
5. Using GIMP as a Beginner
1. Files
1.1. Creating new Files
1.2. Opening Files
1.3. Saving Files
2. Drawing Simple Objects
2.1. Drawing a Straight Line
2.2. Creating a Basic Shape
3. Creating and Using Selections
3.1. Moving a Selection
3.2. Creating a Free Selection
4. Dialogs and Docking
4.1. Creating Dialogs
4.2. Removing Tabs
5. How to Set Your Tile Cache
6. Using GIMP as an Intermediate
1. Using the Quickmask
2. Creating New Layers
3. Paths
3.1. Stroking a Path
3.2. Transforming Paths
4. Working with Digital Camera Photos
4.1. Introduction
4.2. Improving Composition
4.3. Improving Colors
4.4. Adjusting Sharpness
4.5. Removing Unwanted Objects from an Image
4.6. Saving Your Results
5. Preparing your Images for the Web
5.1. Images with an Optimal Size/Quality Ratio
5.2. Reducing the File Size Even More
5.3. Saving Images with Transparency
6. Adding New Brushes
7. Using GIMP as an Expert
1. Text
1.1. Embellishing Text
1.2. Adding Fonts
1.3. Font Problems
2. Rendering a Grid
3. A Script-Fu Tutorial
3.1. Getting Acquainted With Scheme
3.2. Variables And Functions
3.3. Lists, Lists And More Lists
3.4. Your First Script-Fu Script
3.5. Giving Our Script Some Guts
3.6. Extending The Text Box Script
4. Creating Shortcuts to Menu Functions
5. The GIH dialog box
6. Creating a brush with variable size

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire