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Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Uses of Interface

Packages that use IUpdate
org.eclipse.debug.ui Provides a generic debugger user interface that clients may customize via standard workbench extension points. 

Provides a set of actions related to running and debugging applications. 


Application programming interfaces for Eclipse console specific actions. 

org.eclipse.ui.texteditor Provides a framework for text editors obeying to the desktop rules. 
org.eclipse.ui.texteditor.quickdiff Provides interfaces to for the org.eclipse.ui.editors.quickDiffReferenceProvider extension point and adds an action to enable quick diff display for an editor. 

Uses of IUpdate in org.eclipse.debug.ui

Methods in org.eclipse.debug.ui with parameters of type IUpdate
 void AbstractDebugView. add ( IUpdate updatable)
 void IDebugView. add ( IUpdate updatable)
          Adds the given IUpdate to this view's collection of updatable objects.
 void AbstractDebugView. remove ( IUpdate updatable)
 void IDebugView. remove ( IUpdate updatable)
          Removes the given IUpdate from this view's collection of updatable objects.

Uses of IUpdate in org.eclipse.debug.ui.actions

Classes in org.eclipse.debug.ui.actions that implement IUpdate
 class ToggleBreakpointAction
          Action to toggle a breakpoint in a vertical ruler of a workbench part containing a document.

Uses of IUpdate in org.eclipse.ui.console.actions

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.console.actions that implement IUpdate
 class TextViewerAction
          Common function for actions that operate on a text viewer.
 class TextViewerGotoLineAction
          Action to position a text viewer to a specific line.

Uses of IUpdate in org.eclipse.ui.texteditor

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.texteditor that implement IUpdate
 class AddMarkerAction
          Action for creating a marker of a specified type for the editor's input element based on the editor's selection.
 class AddTaskAction
          Creates a new task marker.
 class CaseAction
          Action that converts the current selection to lower case or upper case.
 class ChangeEncodingAction
          Action for changing the encoding of the editor's input element.
 class ContentAssistAction
          A content assist action which gets its target from its text editor.
 class ConvertLineDelimitersAction
          Deprecated. since 3.1. Line delimiter conversion has been modified to work on groups of files rather than being editor specific
 class DeleteLineAction
          An action to delete a whole line, the fraction of the line that is left from the cursor or the fraction that is right from the cursor.
 class FindNextAction
          An action which finds the next/previous occurrence of the last search or the current selection if present.
 class FindReplaceAction
          An action which opens a Find/Replace dialog.
 class GotoAnnotationAction
          Action for jumping to a particular annotation in the editor's text viewer.
 class GotoLineAction
          Action for jumping to a particular line in the editor's text viewer.
 class IncrementalFindAction
          An action which enters the incremental find mode like in emacs.
 class InsertLineAction
          This action implements smart return.
 class JoinLinesAction
          Action for joining two or more lines together by deleting the line delimiters and trimming the whitespace between them.
 class MarkAction
          An action to handle emacs-like marked regions.
 class MarkerRulerAction
          A ruler action which can add and remove markers which have a visual representation in the ruler.
 class MarkerRulerInfoAction
          Deprecated. use MarkerRulerAction instead
 class MoveLinesAction
          Action for moving selected lines in an editor.
 class RecenterAction
          An action to handle emacs-like recenter.
 class RevertToSavedAction
          Action for abandoning changes made in the text editor since the last save operation.
 class SaveAction
          Deprecated. As of 3.5, replaced by ActionFactory.SAVE
 class SelectAnnotationRulerAction
          A ruler action which can select the textual range of an annotation that has a visual representation in a vertical ruler.
 class SelectMarkerRulerAction
          A ruler action which can select the textual range of a marker that has a visual representation in a vertical ruler.
 class SelectMarkerRulerInfoAction
          Deprecated. As of 2.1, replaced by SelectMarkerRulerAction
 class ShiftAction
          Action for shifting code to the right or left by one indentation level.
 class ShowWhitespaceCharactersAction
          This action toggles the display of whitespace characters by attaching/detaching an WhitespaceCharacterPainter to the associated text editor.
 class TextEditorAction
          Skeleton of a standard text editor action.
 class TextOperationAction
          An action which gets a text operation target from its text editor.

Uses of IUpdate in org.eclipse.ui.texteditor.quickdiff

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.texteditor.quickdiff that implement IUpdate
 class QuickDiffToggleAction
          Action to toggle the line number bar's quick diff display.

Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Guidelines for using Eclipse APIs.

Copyright (c) Eclipse contributors and others 2000, 2008. All rights reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire