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Numerous tools work together to set you up with email. However, an excellent all-in-one graphical tool is Evolution, which provides similar functionality and the same look-and-feel of Microsoft Outlook. Evolution is likely to satisfy the needs of the regular Debian GNU/Linux user, and also provides access to Microsoft Exchange servers.

To delve into the more sophisticated, and sometimes quite more flexible, tools, Debian has many options. Fetchmail can retrieve email from multiple POP/IMAP servers and deliver it to your (possibly local) MTA. Exim, postfix, qmail, and sendmail are MTAs--they will dispatch email to users. Procmail can then sort incoming email into different mailboxes for an individual user. Spamassassin and clamav can be called on to filter out spam and viruses. You can store your email in the Maildir format, setting up a local IMAP server using courier-imap to serve the email to mail readers like mutt, evolution, and even the web-based email tool squirrelmail. For IMAP access to your mbox mail file use dovecot-imapd.


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